Look Up! This Week Is The Week Of The SuperMoon

Look Up! This Week Is The Week Of The SuperMoon

A supermoon that lit up the skies this week has made summer nights considerably brighter.

When a full moon is at perigee or the closest point in its 27-day orbit to Earth, it is given the prefix “super.”

According to NASA, the moon will shine brightly for most of the week even though it won’t be a full moon until 2:38 p.m. EDT on Wednesday when it will have reached perigee.

From early Tuesday morning to early Friday morning, the moon will seem full for nearly three days around this time, according to the agency.

Due to the moon’s proximity to Earth and light reflection, supermoons appear to be around 30% brighter and 14% larger than the dimmest, furthest moon.

Look Up! This Week Is The Week Of The SuperMoon

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the supermoon in July will appear to be the biggest and brightest of the year due to its low position in the sky and closer proximity to Earth than other supermoons.

According to the Maine Farmer‘s Almanac, the Algonquin tribes of the Northeast gave this supermoon the moniker “Buck Moon” because it happened at the time of year when male deer’s antlers are at their peak point of new development.

In a typical year, there are only three to four supermoons. According to NASA, this month’s full moon follows the June 14 Strawberry Supermoon (other media also classify May’s full moon as a supermoon).

A supermoon will still be visible this year while another, the final of 2022, will be visible on August 11.

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