what is low data mode on iphone

How to Turn on Low Data Mode On Your I Phone

This article describes Low Data Mode’s effects and how to activate it for Wi-Fi and mobile data consumption. With iOS 13 or later, iPhones may use Low Data Mode.

How Do I Turn On Low Data Mode?

Here’s how to turn on Low Data Mode on your iPhone for Wi-Fi and Mobile Data.

Turn on Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi

  1. Open your Settings and select Wi-Fi.

  2. Tap the Info icon to the right of your connected network.

  3. Turn on the toggle for Low Data Mode.

what is low data mode on iphone

Turn on Low Data Mode for Mobile Data

  1. Open your Settings and select Cellular or Mobile Data depending on your plan.
  2. Tap Cellular Data Options or Mobile Data Options. If you have a Dual SIM, select a number instead.what is low data mode on iphone
  3. For 5G data, select Data Mode and turn on Low Data Mode.what is low data mode on iphone
  4. For 4G, LTE, or a Dual SIM, turn on Low Data Mode.

You might also take a look at the Smart Data Mode function on your iPhone 13 if you possess one.

Low Data Mode: What Is It?

When you utilize Low Data Mode on your iPhone, there are some constants even if data use reduction can vary by program.

  • The setting for Background App Refresh is disabled.
  • Automatic download and backup settings are disabled.
  • There may be a drop in the streaming quality of audio or video.
  • Depending on whether or not you are actively using an app, it may stop utilizing network data.

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Specifically App Changes

Turning on Low Data Mode will also cause some iOS apps and services to operate differently.

  • Automatic downloads, updates, and video auto-play are disabled in the App Store.
  • FaceTime: Lower bandwidth is supported by the bitrate.
  • iCloud: Automatic updates and backups for iCloud Photos are disabled, and upgrades have been put on hold.
  •  music: Automatic downloads and high-definition streaming are disabled for music.
  • News: Advanced article retrieval is disabled.
  • Podcasts: Only Wi-Fi is required for episode downloads, and there are few feed updates.

Should I Use Low Data Mode?

what is low data mode on iphone

Using Low Data Mode can help you use less data if you have a service plan that caps your data consumption rather than one that offers unlimited data, are traveling, or are in an area with slow internet access, such as some rural areas.

Depending on your service plan, visit Settings and choose Cellular or Mobile Data to check how much mobile data you’re consuming.

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How Do I Disable the Low Data Mode?

You may disable low data mode on your iPhone if you discover it is on when you don’t want it to be. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Info and press the Low Data Mode switch under the Wi-Fi section. To turn off the Low Data Mode switch for cellular, navigate to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Data Options > Data Mode.

How can I disable the iPad’s low data mode?

The methods for activating and deactivating low data mode are the same regardless of the fact that iOS and iPadOS are technically two different operating systems. You won’t have access to cellular alternatives if your iPad doesn’t have a data plan, though.

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