How to Activate Your Amazon Account to Sign up For Twitch Prime

How to activate your Amazon account to sign up for Twitch Prime

An Amazon Prime account comes with access to Twitch Prime, a premium service. Users receive one free monthly membership to a streamer of their choosing along with access to special rewards like Hearthstone card packs or Overwatch new hero skins. The procedures below can be used to sign up for Twitch Prime using your Amazon account.

Adding a Link to Your Amazon Account

1. Check out the Amazon Prime page.

2. Click the Sign in button to sign into your account if you haven’t already.

3. Your account page ought to be displayed. If not, pick Account from the drop-down menu by clicking Accounts & Lists in the top-right corner of the screen


4. Click the Twitch settings link in the Digital content and devices area near the top of the following page.

5. Click the Connect a Twitch account link on the following page.

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6. You are prompted to connect to Twitch if you haven’t previously.

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7. To connect the two accounts, log in and then click the Confirm button.

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