The Top 50 Tik Tok Hashtags to Use to Increase Views and Reach

The Top 50 Tik Tok Hashtags to Use to Increase Views and Reach

Making outstanding TikTok content is one thing; getting people to look at it is quite another. However, if you use TikTok hashtags to supplement your editing techniques, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the TikTokosphere (a cool new phrase that is not taking off at the rate I want it to).

If you’re reading this, you’re undoubtedly already aware that TikTok is the social media app that has taken the world’s smartphone users by storm. It has been downloaded over 2 billion times and is available in over 200 countries. TikTok is densely packed with material and users, so it requires some effort and thought to make your movies stand out.

Here’s how to master the fine art of the TikTok hashtag to ensure your TikTok marketing approach makes a splash in today’s raging white-water rapids.

What Exactly Are Tik Tok Hashtags?

A Hashtag Is Defined as A # Symbol Followed by Words, Acronyms, Phrases, Numbers, Or, in Some Cases, emojis. (consider #halloween, #dancemom, or #y2kstyle.)

In Essence, Hashtags Are a Method of Categorising Material in Order to Make It Easier for People to Locate — and For Social Media Algorithms to Understand.

Tik Tok Users Include Hashtags in Their Video Descriptions to Help Them Classify Their Material. Importantly, These Tags Are Clickable: If You Tap One, You Will Be Directed to A Search Page with Additional Content Labelled with That Hashtag. Finally, All of Your #studywithme Content in One Location.

Watch This Video to Learn More About How To Utilise Tik Tok Hashtags Strategically.


Why Do Tik Tok Hashtags Exist?

Hashtags Are Useful on Tik Tok Since They Can Broaden Your Reach Beyond Your Followers.

Hashtags Can Assist the Tik Tok Algorithm in Determining Who Is Most Likely to Be Interested in Seeing Your Work on Their for You Page (fyp).

They Can Also Help Readers Interested in A Particular Topic Find Your Material by Searching for A Specific Term or Tag. for example, if I Want to Watch Some Dinosaur Videos (and Who Wouldn’t? ), I Can Simply Search for #dinosaur Videos and Then Binge on Triceratops Stuff for The Rest of The Night.

Tik Tok Users Can Follow Specific Hashtags, so You May Appear in Their Feed Even if They Aren’t Actively Following Your Account.

Another Reason to Live the #hashtaglife? Hashtags Can Help You Develop an Online Community. to Immerse Yourself with The Movers and Shakers out There, Encourage Others to Use a Specific Branded Hashtag, or Find and Comment on Other Popular Material Labelled with Relevant Hashtags.

(wondering how Instagram’s Hashtags Work. We’ve Also Got You Covered There.)

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50 Most Popular Tik Tok Hashtags

Consider This an Excellent Starting Point, but Tik Tok Hashtag Trends Change Rapidly, so Keep an Eye on The Discover Page to See What’s Hot Right Now.

  1. #fyp
  2. #foryoupage
  3. #tiktokchallenge
  4. #duet
  5. #trending
  6. #comedy
  7. #savagechallenge
  8. #tiktoktrend
  9. #levelup
  10. #featureme
  11. #tiktokfamous
  12. #repost
  13. #viralvideos
  14. #viralpost
  15. #video
  16. #foryou
  17. #slowmo
  18. #new
  19. #funnyvideos
  20. #likeforfollow
  21. #artist
  22. #fitness
  23. #justforfun
  24. #couplegoals
  25. #beautyblogger
  26. #music
  27. #recipe
  28. #DIY
  29. #funny
  30. #relationship
  31. #tiktokcringe
  32. #tiktokdance
  33. #dancer
  34. #dancelove
  35. #dancechallenge
  36. #5mincraft
  37. #workout
  38. #motivation
  39. #lifestyle
  40. #junebugchallenge
  41. #canttouchthis
  42. #fashion
  43. #ootd
  44. #inspirational
  45. #goal
  46. #quotes
  47. #behindthescenes
  48. #weirdpets
  49. #memes
  50. #savagechallenge

Yes, Joining a Trending Conversation Can Be Beneficial, but A Good Rule of Thumb Is to Balance out Popular Hashtags (#fyp) with More Niche Ones (#tiktokwitches), so You’re Reaching a Nice Mix of Broad and Specialist Audiences.

The Top 50 Tik Tok Hashtags to Use to Increase Views and Reach

We Ran an Experiment to See if “for You Page” Hashtags Like #fyp Actually Bring You More Views, and The Results Were…Unimpressive. We Recommend Not Wasting Too Much Time on Those.

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What Are the Ideal Hashtags for Tik Tok Videos?

Of Course, You Can Just Go with Your Gut and Title Your TikTok Masterpiece with The Most Detailed Keywords that Come to Mind (#howtomakeapeanutbutterandbananasandwich). a Solid Hashtag Approach, on The Other Hand, Requires Less Guessing and More Research.

Take a Hint from Your Competitors.

We Don’t Want to Be Copied, but It’s Vital to Look at The Competition. Seeing the Hashtags They’re Using Can Provide You Some Insight Into What Others in your sector are doing and motivate you to attempt reaching out to new audiences or using search terms you hadn’t considered.

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