August 9, 2022

Tiktok’s ‘door Kick Challenge’ Can Be Done only By Worst Morons

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Tiktok's 'door Kick Challenge' Can Be Done only By Worst Morons

Young people engage in the “door kicking” challenge, in which they kick someone’s door while they are listening to a Kesha song, then run away.

The joke first appeared in college dorms, but it has already expanded to nearby areas, endangering people’s safety.

According to Jennifer Pritchard, a spokeswoman for the Petaluma Police Department, “We don’t want students to get hurt, and we don’t want the community to overreact.”

Pritchard has been informing people about the sporadic door-kicking through school contacts and on social media.

“Homeowners called our dispatch center and asked for us to respond because they were furious that their property had been damaged.”

Two 911 calls came in over the Thanksgiving holiday from a northeast Petaluma area.

One of the doors was so violently shut that it needed hundreds of dollars worth of repairs.

The person who participated in the video challenge appears to have been young, according to surveillance footage from the home.

Tiktok's 'door Kick Challenge' Can Be Done only By Worst Morons

It’s simple to understand how this activity can be terrifying to a homeowner who thinks it’s a real home invasion, according to Pritchard. We want the community to understand that they should not retaliate violently, just as parents may instruct their children not to participate.

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In order to win a prize and publish the video, youngsters were encouraged to hit teachers or damage school property in prior TikTok tournaments.

On a bike ride with his father in Petaluma on Tuesday night, 13-year-old Lino Gomez-Fernandez said, “A soap dispenser was stolen from our school bathroom, so we see the effects.”

When a young person reads one of these dares, Gomez-Fernandez said, “It’s just common sense because kicking through a door is illegal, a crime, and you may get in trouble, get fined, or even go to jail.”

The adolescent and his father watch TikTok together.

They believe that parents who don’t keep an eye on what their kids see and do are to fault for the risky behavior that their kids engage in.

David Gomez-Rosado stated, “Those types of dares have always been with us, always dangerous, but they feel heightened because of social media. I’m not going to blame TikTok; it’s just a sign of the times.

Increased pressure has been placed on TikTok to stop challenges and hoaxes that could threaten its young users.

Management announced last month that it wants to take a more proactive approach.

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Before the trend spreads and someone is hurt, the Petaluma Police Department hopes that increasing public awareness will put a stop to door-kicking.

Pritchard stated, “You’re entering someone’s home and knocking on their door in a culture where home intrusions are frequent.” “That is not a good idea because it endangers everyone’s safety.”

Residents who have experienced door-kicking but have not yet reported it should contact the police.

They caution young people that what could seem like a lighthearted prank may have grave repercussions.

These are unlawful crimes, including vandalism, breaking and entering, and property destruction, all of which are punishable by law, warned Pritchard.

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