August 9, 2022

The ChapStick Challenge on Tik Tok Must Not Be Attempted by Morons

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The ChapStick Challenge on Tik Tok Must Not Be Attempted by Morons

On TikTok, it’s not unusual for a challenge or trend to go viral overnight while simultaneously being incredibly risky for those who attempt it. And despite the back-end staff’s best efforts to remove films that feature these challenges, some — like the most recent ChapStick Challenge — occasionally evade their attention.

As there appear to be numerous challenges out there that include the usage of the name brand lip balm ChapStick or other like items, the definition of this one is a little hazy. But the one that people are advising against includes hurting oneself with ChapStick. Though to be honest, none of these ChapStick Challenges should be tried by anyone. Please be aware that the text below may contain suicide-related comments that could be upsetting to some readers.

One Variation of The Tik Tok Chap Stick Challenge Is Extremely Risky.

One of the most extreme iterations of the ChapStick Challenge involves individuals applying the entire tube of ChapStick to their lips, according to comments on TikTok. They are then meant to commit suicide when the tube is empty. Once more, nobody should attempt this challenge or even make an off-camera attempt on the app.

The ChapStick Challenge on Tik Tok Must Not Be Attempted by Morons

The other way it has been described on TikTok is that someone should hurt oneself, use ChapStick or another type of lip balm to conceal the wound, and then inflict more damage on themself. The user in question could potentially suffer harm in each iteration of this challenge, hence nobody should attempt them.

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This Other Chap Stick Challenge Is Also a Bad Idea.

Another ChapStick challenge that is popular on TikTok involves having a friend or romantic partner kiss you while you are wearing several flavors of ChapStick or lip balm. The next step is for them to infer what the flavor or aroma is. However, because it also entails them voluntarily tasting the balm, it is not advised as a worthwhile challenge or fashion to follow.

The ChapStick Challenge on Tik Tok Must Not Be Attempted by Morons

Lip balms like ChapStick, according to the Illinois Poison Center, can be dangerous if used in high quantities. The balm is harmless in tiny doses, but when swallowed, it can cause nausea, vomiting, and loose stools. This ChapStick Challenge may not be as hazardous as some of the others because of that, but it still has the potential to be devastating.

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On Tik Tok, how Do You Report Videos?

If You Observe Someone in A Video Discussing Completing the Chap Stick Challenge or Even Attempting It on Camera, You Should Report the Video Immediately, Just Like with Other Risky Tik Tok Trends that Are Popular. Do This, Click Any Video’s White Arrow Share Button. After That, Click “report.”

Then You Can Choose a Justification. Although There Is No Assurance that Tik Tok Would Immediately Remove the Video, It Is Crucial to Notify These Uploads Because This Challenge Is so Risky.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or Text Home to The Crisis Text Line at 741741 if You or Someone You Know Is Having Suicidal Thoughts.

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