Stacked and Vertical Monitors Are Turning Into the Next Big Thing

Stacked and Vertical Monitors Are Turning Into the Next Big Thing

The shape of monitors used to resemble a square, then they became wider, then they began to curve, and now they are getting taller. Stacking, double-height monitors, panels that lean more toward squareness, or screens with a light portrait orientation appear to be the latest trends in computer displays.

Instead of side-by-side like you would on a widescreen monitor, the notion is that you can view programs and windows above and below one another. What are they useful for, though? And is switching worthwhile? depends on your current task.

“In general, we do see a tiny market for double height displays, but it is fairly specialized and [covers] niche demands. We are watching this growth with interest. Other monitors that tilt 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical can produce the same effect “By email, Stefan Engel, VP & GM of Lenovo’s graphics division, informed Lifewire.

More Space

Any type of multiple monitors or widescreen system operates under the premise that having more space facilitates productivity. On a 13-inch laptop screen, you can spread out and view everything at once rather than switching between windows.

Professional photographer Mark Condon told Lifewire via email: “For professional photographers like myself, a dual display is essential for post-production—having one monitor showing a close-up of a photo edit and the other showing the editing tools is an efficient and fast way to perform complex retouches.”

Stacked and Vertical Monitors Are Turning Into the Next Big Thing

Condon stated, “Unless space constraints favor one position over the other, whether the screens are contiguous or stacked is unimportant. Once you get acclimated to the movement when using a computer, moving your eyes (and, to a lesser extent, your head) side to side rather than up and down delivers a comparable experience.

You never have to search for them because they never have to move. It is comparable to the keyboard’s keys. You don’t need to consider their location. According to Carl Mazzanti of IT consulting firm eMazzanti Technologies, “they boost efficiency for personnel who must reference various papers, online sites, and information displays simultaneously.”

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“For at least 15 years, eMazzanti Technologies has utilized huge screen monitors that are stacked and placed side by side. Our technicians’ desks have multiple huge screen monitors, which has upped productivity by as much as 20%.”


Stacked and Vertical Monitors Are Turning Into the Next Big Thing

The Geminis Stacked by Mobile Pixels is a pair of monitors stacked one on top of the other in a folding clamshell design. This enables you to adjust how the two screens are angled for comfort and reflection exclusion.

“Since the screens are angled, they offer a desirable option to provide twice the screen real estate while taking up less space, like the Geminos Stacked. It’s debatable whether this will increase productivity or convenience of use, but from a space perspective, it’s a fascinating product “explains Condon, whose website Shotkits reviews novel monitor configurations for photographers.

Samsung’s latest Odyssey Ark 4K, a 55-inch curved gaming panel that can be turned 90 degrees to go vertical, is another tall monitor. However, this vertical display has a curve that makes it seem to sort of tower over you, unlike other ones that don’t. This is what Samsung refers to as “cockpit mode,” and it can be useful for both standard desktop computer operations and flight simulator games.

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Test This out At Home.

Stacked and Vertical Monitors Are Turning Into the Next Big Thing

A dangerous and maybe costly choice is purchasing a new monitor only to see if you enjoy this kind of setup. However, it’s possible you can do it without spending any money.

Many monitors, perhaps even the ones you now own and use, can be turned into a vertical configuration. The computer will rotate the image on the screen once you have finished by just telling it what you’ve done.

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