'Slap a Teacher' TikTok Challenge! Now schools are issuing warnings.

‘Slap a Teacher’ TikTok Challenge! Now schools are issuing warnings.

One More Month. Another Challenge on Tik Tok.

The most recent craze, the “slap your teacher” challenge, has schools and TikTok speaking out and some children being charged.

In a tweet, TikTok stated that the challenge was offensive to all teachers and that any related content will be removed right away since it violated the platform’s community standards.

Even though a basic search on the platform yields no results, schools still moved quickly to halt any prospective threats.

After the challenge started to trend on social media and several kids made news for attacking teachers, schools all around the country are informing teachers, parents, and students of the potential consequences.

After reportedly assaulting a 64-year-old crippled teacher as part of the challenge, an 18-year-old student in Louisiana was detained and charged with suspicion of battery of a school instructor, a felony, according to authorities, according to WDSU News.

The alleged assault was documented on camera. Consent of the viewer is advised.

According to CBS Boston, a middle school student in Braintree, Massachusetts is dealing with disciplinary action after they allegedly attacked a teacher as a result of being motivated by the challenge.

The event took place on Wednesday at East Middle School, and as a result, the school wrote to parents about it.

The Braintree Police Department has been contacted by USA TODAY to inquire about any charges that may have been brought against the student.

According to CBS Boston, the district informed parents that “the most current TikTok challenge involves ‘slap a teacher,’ and we had our first case in the district today.”

Please be advised that physically attacking a member of staff at a Braintree school will result in prompt contact with the police department and severe school-based sanctions, including expulsion.

Similar repercussions are in store for a South Carolina elementary school youngster who assaulted a teacher on October 1 in the Lancaster County School District.

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Teachers across the nation are worn out:

Through TikTok, “Devious licks” requests that pupils “smack a staff member.”

TikTok bans the “milk crate challenge” from their app due to worries about potentially harmful behaviors.

Unfortunately, the challenge for this month is to slap or assault a staff member from behind, according to a Facebook post from the Lancaster County School District Safety & Transportation page. Sadly, a primary kid hit a teacher in the back of the head in an attempt to assault her.

The message reiterates the warning that these challenges are not practical jokes and makes reference to the “devious licks” challenge from last month, in which kids were breaking into or stealing from the school.
Similar warnings against the challenge and alerts to instructors have been sent by other school districts across the country.

The California Teachers Association Wrote on Facebook, “educators Beware! “

The same “challenge” that has been going around on Twitter and TikTok is now encouraging students to “slap a staff member,” as if the widespread vandalism in our schools last month wasn’t enough.

There may be a range of fees and penalties for pupils who complete the challenge.

The National Association of School Resource Officers’ Mo Canady told USA TODAY that resource officers around the country are aware of the issue and that charges can change depending on how severely a kid assaults a teacher.

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“Adolescents don’t grasp the repercussions and the potential criminal charges when they see something like this and watch it play out on the social media globe,” he said.

Rebecca Pringle, president of the National Education Association, criticized TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook for contributing to these tendencies in a letter that was sent to The Wall Street Journal on Friday. Although schools ought to be a secure place, she claimed that recent online trends have encouraged “violence against our educators.”

Pringle urged the businesses to stop spreading false information and violent trends. She urged the businesses to change their algorithms so that “public safety comes before profits.”

It is up to the assault victims to file criminal complaints, according to Canady, and this challenge is different from last month’s “devious licks” challenge because there are actual victims.

The message must be that “it’s out and out bad, but beyond that, it can influence their future,” he said.

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