Setting up A Keyboard and Mouse with Steam Deck

Setting up A Keyboard and Mouse with Steam Deck

Do you know that the Steam Deck can be used in Desktop mode by hooking up a mouse and keyboard? The Steam Deck is capable of a great deal more than just playing games from your Steam library. If you haven’t already, you can now. You might be wondering how you manage to do something like this, or how you managed to switch the Steam Deck to Desktop Mode in the first place.

If these are things you’re trying to learn, you need not worry. This helpful guide will show you how to connect a mouse and keyboard to your Steam Deck and enter Desktop Mode. We will also go through the advantages of Desktop Mode and the scenarios in which you may find it useful. However, it has a wide variety of applications, and we cannot possibly discuss them all here. Simpler, more common ones that are probably going to see greater use.

In Game Mode, you can also pair Bluetooth devices with the Steam Deck. Which will also be covered by the data shown here. Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s dive right in. This way, when you finally get your hands on a Steam Deck, you’ll be all set to make advantage of its many features. Unless you already do so.

Connect A Mouse & Keyboard To Your Steam Deck

You won’t have a hard time hooking up your keyboard and mouse to your Steam Deck.

However, before we get to that, we need to talk about why you should pair Bluetooth devices and switch your Steam Deck to Desktop Mode. The most glaring benefit is probably that you can treat the Steam Deck like any other computer. Since in essence, it is a personal computer. It’s only that there’s a unique packaging option for it. It’s powered by Linux, and in this configuration, everything looks and acts just like a desktop environment. complete with the appropriate desktop icons, a toolbar, and more.

If you’re just in the mood to browse the internet, you can switch to this mode and launch your browser. As an alternative, you can use it to open the terminal, which may be necessary for a variety of reasons. You’ll also use Desktop Mode to access the various programs you’ll need to get a few other things functioning in Gaming Mode. To name just a few examples, there’s the Xbox Game Pass software for cloud gaming, and there is a wide range of available emulators.

The truth is, you’ll need to experiment with Desktop Mode on your Steam Deck because it opens up so many possibilities.

How To Put your Steam Deck into Desktop Mode

Setting up A Keyboard and Mouse with Steam Deck

By pressing the Steam button on the Steam Deck’s left side, you can switch it to desktop mode. When you do this, a menu will appear on the left side of your screen. If you look around, you’ll find an option for “Power.”

Scroll all the way down to the facility option and select it using the d-pad, thumb sticks, or contact pad. Putting the Steam Deck to sleep, powering it down, powering it back up, and switching to Desktop are all options here. Simply select Switch to Desktop and you will be ready to go.

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How To Connect Your Mouse & Keyboard To Your Steam Deck

Having entered Desktop Mode, you may now connect your various add-ons. If you have a Steam Deck, you shouldn’t utilize any of these items. Every control method in Desktop Mode is fully functional as is. We assure you, that the Steam Deck is more than capable of handling the situation.

But in Desktop Mode, utilizing a mouse and keyboard makes moving about a lot easier. Even if you don’t intend to remain in Desktop Mode for an extended period of time, the usage of a mouse and keyboard will make any quick task you’re attempting far more manageable. Plus, it might not take too much longer. We found configuring the Xbox Game Pass software with the touch pads and digital keyboard to be more laborious and time-consuming than we would have liked.

Click the Bluetooth Icon on The Toolbar

The toolbar is located along the underside of the desktop. There should be a selection of icons on the right side of the toolbar. A bluetooth supporter status is a viable option. A window displaying Bluetooth preferences will appear upon clicking that. No names will appear in this box if you are using a Bluetooth device for the first time with your Steam Deck. Finding something to complement the Steam Deck is a must.

Click on Add New Device

At the Highest of The Bluetooth Menu, It’s Best to See a “+” Image. Scroll Over It and Click on On that So as To Add a Brand New System.

Put Your Mouse and Keyboard Into Pairing Mode

As quickly as you click Add New Device, the Steam Deck will start trying to find Bluetooth equipment. So now could be the time to place your mouse and keyboard into pairing mode. You might want to do that one after the other, although. So for the needs of this information, we’ll simply be referring to the mouse.

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Select Your Mouse from The Record

Now that the list is complete, you can use the appropriate touch pad to select the mouse by clicking on it. This will kick off the pairing process, during which you’ll need to provide evidence of your relationship. Wait a few seconds after verifying, and everything should be ready to go. Use a tool for the keyboard as an example of this method to use again.

Once this is done, you can use Desktop Mode just like you would on a regular computer. If you’re working on the Steam Deck and don’t have a flat surface to set your equipment on, this is obviously not a practical option. This makes using Desktop Mode more convenient for those rare instances when you actually need it.

Connecting A Mouse & Keyboard In Gaming Mode

Setting up A Keyboard and Mouse with Steam Deck

If you need to join a mouse and keyboard in Gaming Mode, that is doable to do. Though you’ll solely need to do that should you plan to play video games utilizing these peripherals? This is feasible as effectively because the Steam Deck may be hooked as much as an exterior show.

Tap the Three-Dot Menu Button

To join a mouse and keyboard to your Steam Deck in Gaming Mode, first faucet the three-dot button on the suitable facet. This will convey up a lot of system choices and settings.

Select Quick Settings

Scroll all the way down to the Quick Settings menu which appears just like the little cog. Then scroll to the suitable to focus on the short settings choices

Scroll all the way down to Bluetooth

Now, scroll all the way down to Bluetooth underneath the different part. Click this selection to toggle Bluetooth on. Now again out and go to the house display or just hit the Steam button.

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Hit the Steam button

Now with the Steam choices menu open, scroll all the way down to settings and click on it.

Select Bluetooth and add a brand new system

Find the Bluetooth option and click it to open the Bluetooth menu. From there, you can select the devices you wish to pair by browsing the list of systems that are “available to pair” and clicking on the one you want to connect with. It’s a good idea for every system, just like in Desktop Mode. It may include such things as keyboards, mouse, and headphones.

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