Samsung Adds One More OLED Video Game Monitor to Its Odyssey Lineup

Samsung Adds One More Oled Video Game Monitor to Its Odyssey Lineup

Samsung is releasing a new ultra-thin OLED gaming monitor soon. The Odyssey OLED G8, the newest curved gaming monitor from Samsung, will be unveiled at this year’s IFA in Berlin. The G8 will be Samsung’s first OLED display specifically designed for video games, joining the company’s other gaming displays in the Odyssey range.

With a 34-inch QHD resolution display that is also able to be as thin as 3.9mm (about 0.15 inches) at its narrowest point, the G8 claims to be both ultra-wide and ultra-slim. It also features a 1800R curve for a more immersive view, and it can show brilliant colors and stronger contrasts to produce images with more lifelike details.

However, the Odyssey OLED G8 is primarily a gaming monitor with the specs to back it up. With a maximum refresh rate of 175Hz and a response time of 0.1ms, according to Samsung, there is almost no latency between pressing buttons and seeing results on the screen. It also comes with a stand that can be tilted and raised, and it can project colors from the monitor’s back that change to match the colors displayed on the screen.

The Odyssey OLED G8 will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of this year, however, Samsung hasn’t yet announced a date (or a price). You shouldn’t anticipate that it will be on sale simultaneously everywhere because it has said that the launch schedule would differ by location.

Samsung’s Newest Odyssey Display Is Its First Oled Gaming Monitor

Samsung Adds One More OLED Video Game Monitor to Its Odyssey Lineup

Samsung debuted its new Odyssey OLED G8 gaming monitor Wednesday at this year’s IFA show in Berlin. The display is a 34-inch ultrawide unit with an OLED panel capable of a 0.1-millisecond response time and a 175Hz refresh rate.

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Samsung was able to reduce the display’s thickness to just 3.9mm at its thinnest point thanks to the adoption of OLED technology, which does away with the need for additional backlighting. Additional specifications include:

  • QHD (3,440×1,440) pixel resolution
  • 100% color volume and DCI-99.3% color gamut
  • 1 million to 1 static contrast ratio
  • VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black certification
  • AMD FreeSync support
  • 5W built-in speakers

Compared to Samsung’s insane Odyssey Ark and super-ultrawide Odyssey G9, both of which feature 1000R curves, the G8’s 1800R curvature is a little less extreme.

Samsung Adds One More OLED Video Game Monitor to Its Odyssey Lineup


The end result is a display that more closely resembles the curved ultrawide displays that the majority of gamers are probably accustomed to while also including all of the advantages of OLED technology’s brightness and color reproduction.

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The G8 has a tonne of smart features, just like the majority of Samsung’s previous gaming and office-focused displays. This time, that consists of an entertainment hub for access to streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, Samsung’s Gaming Hub, which supports game streaming services like Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and others, and a built-in IoT control center that enables users to communicate with gadgets on the Samsung SmartThings network.

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