With Photo Funia, Quickly Produce Free, Festive Images

With Photo Funia, Quickly Produce Free, Festive Images.

For a blog post, your author media kit, or other marketing materials, you require a creative image.

If you can, you grit your teeth, pull out your credit card, and purchase a box of 10 images from those overpriced stock photo websites. Alternately, you can utilize a cornball stock image from one of the numerous websites that offer them for free.

Yes, Canva allows you to produce original work. However, if you’re impatient like I am, you don’t want to waste time navigating a site you don’t visit frequently, especially if you’re in a rush.

Welcome to PhotoFunia.com, my top-rated, 5-star, go-to website for making quirky effects from an existing digital photo, even if it’s simply your headshot or book cover.

It is ridiculously easy to use. The majority of visuals often referred to as effects, may be made without any technical knowledge within 60 seconds. You also don’t need to register for an account or keep track of a username and password.

Go to PhotoFunia.com by clicking here:

  • Stroll through the options
  • Add a photo,
  • Select your preferred image and do so.
  • Crop it,
  • Download it,
  • Save it to a folder

—it couldn’t be simpler.

I made this straightforward image in under a minute because I’m The Publicity HoundTM:

Select from more than 600 Pictures

For writers, this website is a gold mine because you can frequently find images that are relevant to the subject of your work.

If you create a post regarding photography, a Photography category with 37 photographs will be available.

Authors of romantic novels can choose from more than 21 pictures in the Valentine’s Day category and a lot more on the website.

Do you pen murder mysteries? The scene includes a zombie, a woman brandishing a rifle, several “Wanted” posters, and a slick “FBI ID.” All you need to do to create a fun graphic is insert a photo of your fictional FBI agent. At Pixabay.com, the best free stock photo website, you may get generic head images of both men and women. That’s what I did when I made the image that’s seen below.

With Photo Funia, Quickly Produce Free, Festive Images

There are 38 options in the Galleries category if you write and publish art books.

Publish a piece on famous people? from 24 pictures, pick one. This portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, a significant figure in my client Rick Lenz’s book “The Alexandrite,” was made by him because he writes Hollywood-inspired books.

writers of cookbooks place a cup of latte with your headshot inside. Alternately, put it on a wine bottle’s label.

You require a holiday-related image. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween pictures are available.

You can display your headshot and book cover on a massive Times Square billboard even if your fiction or nonfiction book is about a subject that has nothing to do with any of the images or categories. The nonfiction book Tradeshow Superheroes and Exhibiting Zombies: 66 Lists Making the Most of Your Tradeshow Marketing does just that, according to author Tim Patterson. A side of a red double-decker bus was also covered by him.

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Add Text, as Well

If all you require is a peculiar image that you may modify to suit your requirements but you don’t have a photo, you can use text instead.

Here is a picture I took for an article I wrote on my blog, Brand Your Business with a Gusher of Local Publicity.

With Photo Funia, Quickly Produce Free, Festive Images

Animate Your Pictures

The 13 animated photos are delightful and excellent for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Enter the word “animated” in the search box located in the upper left corner of the PhotoFunia webpage. You may see pictures of

A Snowstorm

a lady setting a burning picture on her body
a woman dancing on a TV set from the 1950s, among other things.
The Fourth of July-appropriate animated images of a woman holding a sparkler and a Santa Claus constructing a snow angel could be found elsewhere on the website.

The Banksy Shredder picture was just added to Photofunia. It is based on the prank that street artist Banksy pulled when he tore up his $1.4 million “Girl with the Balloon” photograph at a Sotheby auction.

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Go Over the Terms of Service.

I’m only allowed to link to PhotoFunia’s main page, according to their terms of service. The “Terms of Service” are, however, located at the bottom of the website’s page if you browse there. You are not allowed to make use of the photographs for profit. The images on the T-shirts, coffee mugs, book covers, and interiors you offer cannot be used, according to this rule.

When I emailed them to ask whether I could use the photographs for things like blog articles, email newsletters, and marketing materials, they responded positively.

A reader of mine named Kristi Lynn Glass generated the image of a clothing pin below using one of the PhotoFunia effects, so I also asked them if I may use it. Using Canva, she added the bottom green section. I agree, PhotoFunia. Consider how you might market your other offerings besides books by using this free photo-editing application.

Utilize the contact form located under Support at the bottom of the homepage if you have any inquiries about how to use an image or if you have an idea for an image you’d want them to produce. Before you hear back, it can take a few days.

Application options from PhotoFunia include:

  • Windows Phone iOS Android
  • Android 10
  • Sailfish OS and Firefox
  • Clicking on the Help section at the bottom will take you to those links.

Have fun with PhotoFunia right away! Before you go, take a moment to offer some ideas in the Comments on how you might like to use this enjoyable, free tool.

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