On Snapchat, How Long Does the Hourglass Last?

On Snapchat, How Long Does the Hourglass Last?

Snapchat is known for its use of sporadic symbols; in fact, some of these icons are so sporadic that it can be challenging to understand their purpose. But if you’re a dedicated Snapchat user, it’s critical to understand the importance of these icons. They contribute to revealing key information about your Snapchat activity, and more specifically, your Snapstreak.

One indicator that provides information about your use of Snapchat is the hourglass. Here is all the information you need to know about the Hourglass indicator, including how long it lasts and the reason it first appears.

What Does the Snapchat Hourglass Icon Represent?

The hourglass symbol functions as a countdown timer. This indicator was added by Snapchat so that users would be alerted when their Snapstreak with another user was close to expiring and that they needed to take action to keep the streak going.

The lit/fire icon, which indicates that you’re on your Snapstreak, will replace the hourglass icon, which effectively serves as a warning that your performance is falling and that you need to step up your Snapchat game. Remember that the amount of snaps you send, not any kind of textual exchange, determines the length of a Snapstreak.

Just before both of your Snapstreaks are ready to come to an end, an icon appears next to both your profile and the contact’s profile icon with whom you’ve been trading Snaps.

How Long Does Snapchat’s Hourglass Function?

If you don’t want a Snapstreak relationship with another user to terminate, the Hourglass icon’s arrival is unquestionably a bad thing. The duration of the icon and, by extension, your window of opportunity to sustain a Snapstreak, has been a topic of discussion.

On Snapchat, How Long Does the Hourglass Last?

According to some earlier Reddit discussions, the streak lasts for two to three hours, while according to another thread, the Hourglass icon can last for up to seven hours. The chronology for how long the hourglass icon is present and its timing are both somewhat ambiguous.

There are no two Snapstreaks alike, which is perhaps why the hourglass icon is whimsical in both its timeframe and design. If you have a Snapstreak that has lasted for several weeks or more, Snapchat may display a larger hourglass on your profile than if it has just been active for a few days. Depending on how long your Snapstreak has been, there is a window of opportunity.

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How Do I Get Rid of The Hourglass Icon on Snapchat?

A 24-hour window is used to calculate every given Snapstreak. This means that in order to avoid the Hourglass indicator, at least one Snap (not a chat) must be sent and received inside the 24-hour span by both users.

If no Snaps are exchanged, the lit/fire indicator will vanish at the tail end of the 24-hour span, the dreadful hourglass icon will emerge, and your countdown will start. Here are several tips to help you keep the Hourglass icon off of your Snapchat.

For the Love of Snap

Take a snapshot that is either blank or blacked out to at least keep the hourglass icon at bay if keeping up your Snap streak is more important than the type of Snap you are sending. Ensure that the other person is aware of your plans so that the meaningless snap won’t catch them off guard.

Follow a Schedule

Maintaining your Snapstreak can be as simple as sending a good morning greeting each morning. Make sure you send out one regular snap per day at a set time to ensure that your Snapstreak becomes a dependable auto-pilot.

Remind the Other Party.

Even if you’re doing your part, it’s still crucial that the user with whom you’re exchanging snaps knows that you’re committed to keeping your Snapstreak going. A Snapstreak depends on reciprocity. Make sure the user is equally dedicated to the process since if they forget to send you a snap in time, the streak will be permanently lost.

What Should You Do if The Hourglass Icon Still Shows up While You Have a Snapstreak Going?

In a few instances, the user’s sincerity in continuing their Snapstreak has been called into question when the hourglass sign first appears and then, finally, the lit/fire icon vanishes. It’s preferable to get in touch with Snapchat support in this situation and let them know about the issue.

The Snapstreak icon will reappear next to your profile and the hourglass icon will vanish after the issue is resolved by the Snapchat support team.

This concludes our discussion of the Snapchat Hourglass icon. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments. Be cautious and be safe!

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