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Oculus App- How to set up and use your Oculus Quest 2

Do away with the virtual craziness and dive right into the Oculus Quest 2 with our simple setup guide. You have successfully entered the realm of virtual reality if you have located a retailer selling an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. As a complete virtual reality system, the Oculus Quest 2 is the best option for the vast majority of consumers. With this headset on, you may interact with virtual worlds as if you were actually there, rather than just watching from afar.

Games that are too demanding for the Quest 2’s mobile chip can be played on a more powerful PC by purchasing an Oculus Link connection. The Quest 2’s adaptability means you can play demanding games like GOTY Half-Life: Alyx while tethered to a power source at home, or play less taxing games like Beat Saber while you’re on the road.

In only minutes after reading our Oculus Quest 2 tutorial, you may leave the comfort of your couch and venture into a wide variety of virtual worlds. Once you have your Oculus Quest 2 setup, make sure to check out our recommended games and our seven must-play games.

Download the Oculus app

You should get the Oculus app for iOS(opens in new tab) or Android before you even take the Oculus Quest 2 out of its packaging (opens in new tab). We require a Facebook login. Congratulations on making it this far without selling any of your personal information. Unfortunately, you’ll need to sign up for a Facebook account in order to utilize your Oculus device.

At the same time, make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile device for a trouble-free experience moving forward. After the initial setup, your phone isn’t necessary, but it is useful for things like push notifications, in-app purchases, and social media. Now that you have given Facebook access to your whole being and launched your app, you can start using it.

Unbox the Quest 2 and peripherals

The Quest 2 box can be retrieved by pulling the tab noted on the plastic outer seal. To remove the cardboard box, gently peel up and off the slipcover. With a slow lift of the lid, you’ll reveal your brand new white Oculus 2 headset, two controllers, a charger, and a glasses spacer, as well as some paperwork.

oculus app

The next step is to grab the controllers and detach the power tabs from each one. To turn on the headset, place it over your eyes and press the power button on the right side of the device until a large white O appears. Once your Quest 2 has started up, give the triggers on each controller a quick squeeze. This will pair them instantly with the headphones.

Both controllers are now visible within the Quest 2 console. Pretty neat, huh? Select your preferred language and establish a connection to your home Wi-Fi network using the controller held in your dominant hand as a pointer to allow your Quest 2 to download and install software upgrades. With only a partial charge, you’ll need to charge your headset by setting it up on a flat surface and plugging it in. You’ve worked hard, so kick back and relax with a drink.

 Oculus Quest 2 setup: Adjusting your fit

oculus app

A properly fitted pair of Quest 2 glasses, with the correct lens spacing to ensure maximum comfort and minimum blur, is essential for getting the most out of the experience. Sliding the headset over your head, you may grab the two symmetrical side straps that lay diagonally across the band’s base. To adjust the fit around your head, simply slide these.


Slide your fingers up to the top strap until the headband is snug. Adjusting this band’s tightness or slackness moves the headset’s weight from the crown of your head to the sides. After ensuring a comfortable fit on your face, the final tweak to make is the lens IPD, or the distance between each eye.


oculus app

Each lens may be physically adjusted from 58mm to 63mm or 68mm by adjusting the distance between your thumbs. You can experiment with different values until you discover the optimal combination of image and text clarity for your needs. Insert the provided glasses spacer if necessary, and you should be able to see clearly and comfortably. If not, then it’s time to start swimming.

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Oculus Quest 2 setup: Create your virtual playspace

It is now time to set up the protective perimeter for your Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality environment. A monochrome rendition of the real world will greet you. This is an example of passthrough, a technology that combines the physical and digital worlds. This section requires you to use your controller to outline a play area. You won’t have to worry about crashing into the wall or shattering your TV thanks to this virtual shield.

These limits will remain unchanged even if you move across the house while playing virtual reality. With this setup, you won’t have to constantly redraw your boundaries to accommodate your movement in and out of a certain area. Seeing a floating, empty playground after leaving a place borders on the unsettling.

As a precaution, Oculus disables recording throughout the boundary setup process. Watch how the procedure is demonstrated in detail in this official business video.

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Your Guardian system will display a red warning symbol near any potentially harmful impediments, such as furniture. If you have some room to move around, you can adjust the ground level by laying your controller on the ground and pressing the trigger button. In order to set a virtual boundary around your play area, you must press the confirm button and then use the trigger on your controller to create the boundary.

You can now safely wander aimlessly and completely lose yourself in the virtual world. A red barrier will overlay your game environment if you come too close to the edge, indicating how far you are from the edge. Once you’ve done this, you can press OK to truly enter a new universe.

Oculus Quest 2 setup: Navigate the virtual world

You have arrived at your Oculus home. This dashboard may be changed to resemble anything from a beachside cottage to a futuristic city loft.

The global menu appears to float in front of you while you explore this digital world. You can access any feature with just three clicks thanks to the streamlined six-icon user interface. You’ll have entry to the People tab, Content Library, Sharing, Notifications, and Preferences. We’ll delve into each part and describe its contents in detail.

oculus app

The clock, date, Wi-Fi signal strength, and battery life of your peripherals are all easily seen from the left side of the menu bar. If you look at the topmost tab, you’ll see a button that takes you to your account settings. It’s here that you can do things like edit your bio and your avatar and establish your privacy preferences.

It’s a square with nine dots in it, and it’s the second icon from the left. Since this is where all of your app data is stored, this is where you’ll be spending the most of your time. In this section, you’ll find your recently purchased items, as well as links to the Oculus store and your web browser. Apps can be filtered and sorted based on their name, their install date, and their size.

Going on, there will be more opportunities for interaction. If you’re familiar with MySpace, the “buddy” icon there represents the “Friends” area. You may throw events, have conversations, and check out what others are up to right here. At this point, Oculus will also display suggested friends. There is a bell symbol next to the Friends section that takes you to your Notifications. These notifications include downloads, invitations, and event reminders. These warnings will also be sent to your mobile device if you have enabled notifications.

The Notifications area is denoted with an obtuse arrow. The Sharing section is for those who have created content or are hosting a party. You may record memorable moments, Livestream them on Facebook, or cast them on your phone or Chromecast. A rotating Settings button closes the menu. The advanced settings menu is where you’ll configure things like storage, your virtual environment, and the way things are displayed.

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Oculus Quest 2 setup: Time to explore

You should now feel prepared to venture forth and discover the many wonders of virtual reality. The “wow” element creates a memorable occasion to share with friends and family. Check out our tutorial on how to cast your Oculus to your TV if you want them to view what you’re seeing.

oculus app

Wearing a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Quest 2 might trigger motion sickness, so be prepared. If it happens, just take an hour off and put down the headphones. One surefire method to permanently turn oneself against virtual reality is to force oneself to push through motion sickness.

The Quest store features a wide variety of options for single players. After you’ve gotten your feet under you, you should explore the growing online community for multiplayer games. You’ve entered an exciting area reminiscent of the dawn of the internet gaming era.

There’s nothing quite like collaborating with teammates from all around the world in a virtual space and standing shoulder to shoulder with them. The best Oculus Quest 2 accessories will help you get the most from your headset by improving its usability in a variety of ways, such as by making it more comfortable to wear or by providing an easier means of charging.

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