3 Reasons the Nvidia Shield Tv Pro Is Favorite Media Player Prime Day Deal

3 Reasons the Nvidia Shield Tv Pro Is Favorite Media Player Prime Day Deal

Since the initial Shield TV launched in 2015, I’ve been an Nvidia fanboy on Android. In fact, I’ve been using my 2015 Shield in my living room since it was released, and seven years later, the darn thing is still supported in some way. It is evident that Nvidia is devoted to supporting Android in a way that is unmatched.

However, I’m not here to discuss the Original Shield. I’m here to draw your attention to the Amazon Prime Day sale for the most recent version of the Shield TV Pro, a streaming device I’ve been using in my bedroom since the Tegra X1+ device launched in 2019. Thanks to that exceptional chip, the Shield TV Pro can upscale content like no other box on the market, which is the exact reason I volunteered to write this article, as the device is at an all-time low price of $170, making Prime Day the ideal day to pick up one of my

Here are my top three arguments for why I believe the 2019 Shield TV Pro to be the finest streaming device available for anyone that stream the bulk of their material, whether it be TV shows, movies, or video games. I am a huge admirer of the 2019 Shield TV Pro and its awesome AI upscaling.

The Upscaling of Nvidia’s Ai Is Unrivalled

Without a doubt, Nvidia’s AI upscaling in the 2019 Shield TV Pro is doing some magic. Get the most out of your screen now that 4K TVs are widely available and affordable.

However, many streaming providers, including Netflix, only make 4K material available to customers with the most expensive subscription plans. The Shield TV Pro comes to the rescue if you want to make the most out of streaming 1080p material on a 4K TV and get the sharpest picture possible without having to upgrade your plan to the 4K tier.

3 Reasons the Nvidia Shield Tv Pro Is Favorite Media Player Prime Day Deal

You could certainly buy an Amazon Omni TV, which has many Android-specific smart features identical to those on the Shield, but after reviewing the 65″ Omni recently, I can say that its upscaling isn’t quite as good as Nvidia’s, especially for 1080p material on a 4K screen.

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The Far-Off Rocks Are Included

The new remote that comes with the 2019 Shield TV Pro is a treat after dealing with the numerous drawbacks of Nvidia’s original Shield TV controller, including its absurd center touchscreen volume bar and terrible battery life.

Even though there aren’t many buttons, it has everything you could possibly need, including a circular d-pad for navigating Android with ease. You can also use this to enhance your efficiency by pulling up open apps at any time (to close them), just like you would on your phone.

The new remote uses AAA batteries and lasts for months, even with the accompanying backlighting on when using the controller, which is something I really like. Thanks to the brightness, you can readily see the controller at night.

You also get voice controls via Google Assistant, an IR blaster, and other features, so you can easily use the remote as a universal controller, such as for your soundbar. The controller is therefore highly adaptable even with a small number of buttons, making it ideal for installations in living rooms and bedrooms.

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Fantastic for Cable Cutters

Yes, you can stream as many videos and games as you want. All of the supported streaming services function flawlessly, especially when using Ethernet to connect the device for a steady connection with the more demanding streams (looking at you, Stadia).

However, you are not required to stream all of your content; you may also set up your own media servers, whether you only require a local installation of Kodi or a media network that is accessible from anywhere, such as a Plex configuration.

Additionally, I can attest that the more demanding end of local 1080p material may upscale to the point where it appears noticeably superior to upscaled 1080p streams. So, whether you’re really into piracy (you filthy buccaneer) or simply love to rip all of your Blu-rays, there is a significant benefit to loading the Shield TV Pro with your own content on an external drive.

The 2019 Shield TV Pro is the ideal media player for cord-cutters since it can accommodate all of your needs, whether you’re in camp for streaming or camp for local content.

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