New Mobile Media Real or Fake | Review and Awareness

New Mobile Media Real or Fake | Review and Awareness

Real or Fake | Complete Review of New Mobile Media

Review of New Mobile Media Today’s post will examine the New Mobile Media (NMM) website and app for online revenue generation and determine whether it is legitimate or a scam.

You probably have some questions regarding new mobile media, such as what it is, whether it is real or fake, whether new mobile media apps are safe, and how new mobile media sites operate. and numerous others.

To learn the answers to all of your inquiries concerning the New Mobile Media Site, please read this article in its entirety. After locating your questions, kindly share your experience and feedback to assist others.

New Mobile Media: What Is It?

You may have heard of the money-making website New Mobile Media. They assert that everyone may make a sizable income with their smartphone application. You must perform some investment tasks in it in order to receive a commission.

Here We are not discussing their qualities, but we are still determining whether New Mobile Media is a trustworthy or fraudulent website. is a link to a fraudulent website.

Note: The link provided above takes you to a review regarding a fraudulent new mobile media earning site.

We never advise our readers to use that app or visit that website since there is a great risk of getting caught in a trap.

Is New Mobile Media Scams?

Is the latest mobile media app secure? Not at all, no. There are numerous ones, such as

  • a poorly made app
  • No details on the founder,
  • No registration information was found,
  • no detailed work description,
  • numerous negative reviews online,
  • No proper contact information, no official contact information
  • Numerous people complain online
  • All certificates and evidence displayed in the app are bogus,
  • no active accounts on social media,
  • Everything displayed in the app is entirely false, and New Mobile Media offers a very lucrative plan.
  • (Common fraudster ruse used to ensnare victims).
  • And you must question why anyone would pay you to complete easy chores. And why are they
  • requesting money under the guise of a recharge if they intend to pay money?

This is not the first time that these guys have engaged in such a scam; in the past, they have defrauded millions of people under the guise of the o2obk, ORich, HPZ, Jazz, Power, and OMG Burse apps.

We also wrote about the aforementioned applications, but only a small number of people took our advice and refrained from investing in the scam application. These individuals and their data are secure now. And those who didn’t trust us lost their money and data. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a message on Instagram.

How New Mobile Media Apps Work:

These apps and websites are designed to trap people. They start by offering attractive programs to entice customers, then they present their consumers with a variety of plans and schemes.

Once users gain their trust, they begin recommending friends and making substantial contributions. The scammer then deletes the app using all of their funds.


we do not advise using the New Mobile Media App to make money online. Avoid it, and never give them your personal information.

We advise you to avoid using that application if you only want a fast overview of the New Mobile Media Earning Site.

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