August 9, 2022

Know How To Get a Twic Card!

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Know How To Get a Twic Card!

Drivers who work at ports are encouraged to enrol for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card as part of Schneider’s safety measures.

What is a TWIC card?

A joint effort between the U.S. Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the TWIC programme positively identifies drivers and grants them entry to restricted areas of port facilities.

Are Twic Cards Required for Truck Drivers?

It truly depends on what you want to carry and where, but if you want to operate in the ports, getting one is a good idea. Depending on the location and load type, Schneider offers some Tanker, Intermodal, and Dedicated opportunities that demand it. Regardless, having a TWIC Card can help many drivers since it increases their access to better loads by expanding their alternatives for freight.

Eligibility of A Twic Card

If a driver meets the requirements, they may apply for a TWIC card.

  • U.S. national
  • a legitimate permanent resident
  • a non-immigrant alien or a naturalised citizen
  • a refugee or asylee with valid status

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Twic Card Prerequisites:

supplying details like fingerprints

taking a digital photo while seated

successfully pass a security threat assessment conducted by the TSA. Convictions, arrests, warrants, indictments, and other background data are taken into account when assessing the security danger.

Know How To Get a Twic Card!

Obtaining a Twic Card:

  1. Apply online or in person at a centre that accepts applications.
  2. On weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, call (855) 347-8371 or make an appointment online.
  3. A TWIC application centre can be used to:
  • provide the necessary evidence
  • take a fingerprinting (drivers who have already been fingerprinted for their hazmat endorsement, may use the same prints)
  • picture of your face
  • a valid U.S. passport, a valid driver’s licence, a birth certificate, or other legal identification
  • Pay a five-year non-refundable fee using a credit card, money order, business check, or certified/check. cashier’s
  • TWIC cards can be picked up at the application facility or mailed to you. Online application status checking is available.

What Is the Turnaround Time for A Twic Card?

The TSA makes an effort to respond to every application within 30-45 days.

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Cost of Twic Cards

Drivers are responsible for covering all expenses related to getting a TWIC card, which can cost up to $100. In certain work situations, Schneider pays drivers for obtaining a TWIC Card.

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