How to View Blocked Profiles on Facebook

How to View Blocked Profiles on Facebook

This article shows how to view a list of the Facebook accounts you have blocked from appearing in your news feed. This article shows how to view a list of the Facebook accounts you have blocked from appearing in your news feed.

If you’ve already blocked people before and want to see who’s on your blacklist, the following steps will help.

How to See Your Blocked List in a Browser

  1. Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of the page and select Settings & privacy.How to View Blocked Profiles on Facebook

  2. Select Settings.How to View Blocked Profiles on Facebook
  3. Once on the Settings page, select Blocking from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click Edit at the Block users menu option.
  5. This will open a separate prompt where you can click See your blocked list.
  6. While viewing your Blocked list, click Unblock to remove someone.How to View Blocked Profiles on Facebook

How to View Your Blocked List in the App

  1. Tap the hamburger menu. In iOS, this menu is at the bottom of the screen; on an Android device, it’s at the top.
  2. Select the Settings gear.How to View Blocked Profiles on Facebook

  3. Scroll down and tap the Blocking option.

Here you will see the list of Blocked People you have on your Facebook account. You can unblock users or add new users to the block list from here.
How to View Blocked Profiles on Facebook

How Long Before You Can Block an Account that Was Recently Unblocked?

You’ve attempted to give them another chance, but their online behavior has brought back the reasons you blocked them in the first place. You won’t be able to banish them back to your blocked list for a while if that has occurred. According to Facebook policies, users cannot re-block a freshly unblocked account until at least 48 hours have passed.

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Other Options Besides Blocking Users

It should be understood that blocking someone on social media is the “nuclear option.” When they look you up in their friend list, they’ll discover that they’ve either been blocked or unfriended, which might result in some awkward encounters offline. However, there are alternative less obtrusive methods for eliminating someone from your daily news stream.


You can utilize the snooze feature to temporarily block someone from your view if you are certain that they are simply having a bad day or need time to vent. You can do this by selecting Snooze (user name) for 30 days by touching or clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of one of the users’ postings. After you allow it, you won’t see their postings for a month, but you will continue to appear in their news stream and friend list.


Unfollowing is what you want to do if you want to continue effectively snoozing someone after the first 30 days. Start by selecting the three dots at the top right of one of the users’ posts by clicking or touching there. You can conceal someone’s posts from your news feed by unfollowing them, but you can still communicate with them. This can be readily undone.


You can entirely delete someone from your digital life if you’re done with their online pranks. Locate the offending party and go to their profile to begin the unfriending procedure. Click the blue Friends button located beneath their cover photo in the upper right corner. To end a friendship online, click Unfriend.

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How Can I Determine if Someone on Facebook Has Blocked Me?

If someone decides to block you for any reason, you should accept that choice and refrain from trying to circumvent the block. There are a few ways to check, though, if you want to make sure that you haven’t already been blocked.

How Can I Tell Whether a Facebook Account Has Been Deactivated?

Open your Friends list and look for the person’s name if they are there. Search for them directly if they aren’t already on your Friends list. In any scenario, their account has likely been deactivated if it isn’t there anymore.

On Facebook, Am I Able to Block Someone Who Has Already Blocked Me?

The typical ways cannot be used to block someone who has blocked you, however, it is still feasible. You must manually input the Facebook ID of a blocked account in your block list since you are unable to access their profile.

If I Become Blocked on Facebook, Can I Unblock Myself?

In short, no, unless the person who is blocking you decides to do it themselves, there is no method to unblock oneself. In general, it is not a good idea to try to get around a block after you are aware that you have been blocked.

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