how to use widgetsmith

How To Use Widgetsmith to Make Widgets on An iPhone or iPad

Apple has allowed you to personalize your iPhone and iPad Home Screen since the debut of iOS and iPadOS 14. While iOS doesn’t have nearly as many full customization choices as Android, you can now make a few simple adjustments to make your Home Screen stand out, such as adding widgets.

One of the most well-known iOS apps for creating personalized iPhone widgets is Widgetsmith. This post will demonstrate how to use Widgetsmith on an iPhone or iPad to make your own widgets.

Getting Started with Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith is unique in that it is simple to use. The app keeps things simple by giving you access to pre-made, editable templates. It makes sense that it’s one of the top apps for designing unique iPhone widgets.

That makes it simple for anyone to experiment with fully featured customization programs like Scriptable, even those who aren’t tech knowledgeable. Widgetsmith enables you to develop a wide range of widgets. Photos, time, date, step-counting, health and activity, battery, calendar, reminders, astronomy, weather, air quality, and tides widgets are among the categories that are offered.

Unfortunately, some of Widgetsmith’s most incredible iPhone custom widgets, like those for weather, air quality, pollen, and tides, require a $1.99/month (or $19.99/year) membership. Additionally, the subscription unlocks new widget themes and disables in-app advertisements.

You might need to enable Widgetsmith access to your location, calendar, reminders, health, and images in order to use the app. To grant specific permission, open the app, go to Settings > App Privacy Permissions, and select Authorize.

how to use widgetsmith

These authorizations are necessary to make sure the program runs properly. Remember, if you don’t intend to use a feature that depends on such data, you don’t have to give Widgetsmith specific permission. For instance, you don’t need to give Widgetsmith access to your calendar if you’re not going to utilize the calendar widget.

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Widgetsmith Widget Creation Guide

Widgetsmith’s user-friendly UI makes it simple to create unique widgets. Here’s how to use Widgetsmith to create a unique widget:

  1. Open Widgetsmith after downloading it for nothing from the App Store.
  2. To choose the size of the widget you wish to make, tap Small #1, Medium #1, or Large #1. Four apps’ worth of square space is taken up by tiny widgets. While large is likewise a square, the medium widget looks to be a rectangle.
  3. To change the name of your widget, tap [Image size] #1. You will be able to readily distinguish between your custom widgets thanks to this. Since we’ll be utilizing the date widget as an example in this tutorial, we’ll call our widget Date. Feel free to name your widget after the size since the procedures are the same for other widget sizes.
  4. Then select Default Widget. You will be directed to the widget selection page by Widgetsmith. You can select any of the available styles and the type of widget you want to build on this page.
  5. You can tap to select a widget and a style. The Photos widget section is at the top of the page; scroll down for more categories.
  6. .To further customize your widget, choose a predefined aesthetic and tap the Customize Theme button. The widget’s artwork, font, tint, background, and border colors are all editable.
  7. Save to complete.
  8. If you want to Apply Changes to the Theme or Widget, Widgetsmith will ask you. Choose the option of your choice.
  9. Select Back after tapping Save. To complete, press Save on the widget renaming page.

how to use widgetsmith

With Widgetsmith, you may create custom widgets in this manner. The procedure is the same for medium and large widgets throughout the program.

If you want to make a new widget that is the same size as your custom widget, don’t alter it. You will be directly modifying your current widget if you do this. Instead, visit Widgetsmith and select Add [Widget Size] Widget to start over. After that, let’s look at how you may use your personalized iPhone widgets.

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How to Add a Widget on The Home Screen of An i Phone

The following step is to add your own widget to your home screen after it is complete. It’s easy to complete the process because iOS supports widgets. To add widgets to your iOS or iPad’s home screen, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your iPhone Home Screen and long-press on your wallpaper to launch Jiggle mode—alternatively, long-press on any app icon and select Edit Home Screen.
  2. Tap the plus (+) button at the top.
  3. Scroll down to the app list and select Widgetsmith. Alternatively, use the widget search bar to find it.
  4. Select the size of your custom widget. If you only have one widget under the selected size, Widgetsmith will automatically add the widget once you select the size. Otherwise, continue with the steps below.
  5. After selecting the size, tap and hold the blank widget grid and drag it to your Home Screen. Widgetsmith will add a blank widget grid on your Home Screen in Jiggle mode and fill it with any custom widget. However, you can choose what should be displayed after.
  6. While still in Jiggle mode, tap the custom Widgetsmith widget.
  7. Tap the widget name adjacent to the Widget on the popup. Widgetsmith will now display all your custom widgets that can fit in the grid.
  8. Select your preferred custom widget from the list and go back to your Home Screen. You’ll find your selected custom widget now occupying the widget grid. Use Jiggle mode to move your custom widgets wherever you want on your Home Screen

how to use widgetsmith

To further customize your iPhone, repeat these steps to add other widgets to your Home Screen. You may also utilize some of Apple’s built-in widgets to customize your iPhone Home Screen if that’s more your style. The only catch is that you need third-party apps to build custom widgets in iOS.

How to Use Widgetsmith’s Timed Widgets

Another amazing feature of Widgetsmith is Timed Widgets. A Timed Widget is a transient widget that will only appear on your iPhone’s Home Screen for a limited time.

It might last for an hour, two hours, three hours, and so forth. Your iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen will show the default widget outside of certain hours.

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These procedures should be followed to construct a Timed Widget:

  1. Launch Widgetsmith.
  2. Select one of your custom widgets.
  3. Tap Add a Timed Widget on the next page.
  4. Select the time you want your Timed Widget to show up by holding and moving the time selector.
  5. Tap on the blank widget grid.
  6. Next, select a widget from the premade options, then customize it by tapping Aesthetic / Theme.
  7. Go back once done, and tap Save.

how to use widgetsmith

Personalize Your iPhone Home Screen

Widgetsmith is one of the greatest programs for the task if you want to quickly design unique widgets. Yes, you can build a variety of widgets by yourself without any programming experience.

However, Scriptable ought to be one of your top options if you’re a techie who enjoys having greater power when creating custom widgets. It enables you to run scripts, enabling you to make more entertaining widgets.

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