On Tik Tok, how To Unfollow Someone

On Tik Tok, How To Unfollow Someone

This article clarifies what it means to unfollow someone or more on TikTok and how to do it. We’ll also discuss ways to prevent others from following you. Both iOS and Android devices can use these instructions.

On Tik Tok, How Do I Unfollow Someone?

A single TikTok account can be unfollowed by visiting their page and clicking the person symbol.

You don’t let the other person know you’ve stopped following them.

  1. Visit the person’s profile page that you want to unfollow. Two options exist for doing that:

If you’re viewing one of their videos right now, click on their profile picture.
Find the user by username by opening the search box at the top of the Home or Discover page.

2. To unfollow someone immediately, select their personal symbol. If you’re following someone but              they aren’t following you, the icon will have a checkmark, and if you’re both following each other,            it will have two lines.

On-platform TikTok user profile unfollow button

How Can I Unfollow Multiple Users on Tik Tok at Once?

Unfollowing several people at once is a quick way to clean up your Home feed. View the list of users you are following on TikTok to unfollow users one at a time without having to go to their individual profile pages.

  • From the tabs at the bottom of the app, choose Profile.
  • Select Following from the drop-down menu next to your profile picture at the top.
  • A list of everyone you follow is located on this tab.
  • Tap Following next to each person you want to delete from the list as you scroll or search through it. If you aren’t currently following them, the button will change to Follow.

On Tik Tok, how To Unfollow Someone

How Can I Stop Following Everyone on Tik Tok?

There isn’t a TikTok-approved way to unfollow everyone at once, as helpful as it would be if you wanted a new start or a quick way to clean up the list of individuals you follow.

The second set of instructions listed above should be followed in order to unfollow everyone. Simply go down your list and click the button next to each user you no longer want to follow. You’ll discover you can delete numerous accounts quickly.

If getting rid of your list is your ultimate objective, setting aside time each day to work through it will help you do that. Making a new account is the only other option if you want to remove everyone from your follow list (although this is more of a workaround). Naturally, if you do so, all of your followers will be lost as well, and you’ll have to choose a new username.

Use bots sparingly when managing unfollows. It can violate your TikTok usage agreement and result in your account being suspended.

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What Happens When Someone Is Unfollowed?

Videos from TikTok users who follow you will appear on the following area of your Home tab. This makes it simple to get all the most recent videos from the individuals you’ve selected to follow. The accounts are then deleted from that section of the app or website after being unfollowed. They are still accessible via a search or you’re For You page.

However, there are a few variations. One benefit of the following someone is that it lets them know they are now on your list of people to follow. When you unfollow someone, they won’t receive a notification; the only way they can find out is to visit your profile or their list of followers.

You must both be following one another in order to start a private message exchange. So, the Message button on their profile will vanish if you both follow someone and then unfollow them.

When you unfollow someone, the remarks they’ve left on your videos, the remarks you’ve left on their videos, the videos you’ve liked, and the TikTok videos you’ve downloaded remain intact. These statements are true regardless of whether you are following someone or not, or even if you have followed them but no longer do.

On Tik Tok, how To Unfollow Someone

Can You Unfollow Someone on Tik Tok?

Removing someone you follow doesn’t guarantee they won’t add you back because anyone can follow you even if you don’t follow them. However, you may make this happen by crossing them off your list.

It’s not the same as unfollowing someone, but the process is the same: go to your profile, click Followers next to your image, and then click the three dots next to a user to access the Remove this follower option.

Remove this follower option in TikTok for Android Blocking someone is the only way to permanently stop someone from following you. The Block button may be found in the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of a person’s profile.

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Why Unfollowed Everyone on Tik Tok?

It’s probably a bug on TikTok’s end if your Following list has abruptly vanished. Check to see whether an update is available after closing and reopening the app.

When You Unfollow Someone on Tik Tok, Is There an Alert?

A TikTok user won’t know when someone stops following them unless their count decreases. TikTok doesn’t send a notification, so they won’t know for sure unless they see that your name isn’t on their list.

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