How to Deactivate Instagram

How to Turn Off or Delete Your Instagram Account?

If you’re bored with Instagram, you might want to think about turning off your account. When it comes to Instagram, you can either learn how to turn off your account or delete it totally. You can decide if you want to take a break or no longer use Instagram after reading this. Don’t delete your Instagram account if you don’t want to lose all of your material. You won’t be able to get it back.

Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

If You Switch Off Your Instagram Account for A Short Time, Your Profile, Pictures, Likes, and Comments Will Be Hidden until You Log Back in And Turn Your Account Back On. Turning Off Your Instagram Account Is a Great Way to Take a Break from It. You Could Also Just Mute a Few Friends if That’s the Main Reason You Want to Delete Your Account.

These Steps Will only Work for Instagram Users who Don’t Log in With a Facebook Account. if Your Instagram Account Is Linked to Facebook, You’ll Need to Delete Your Facebook Account from Your Instagram Account and Then Change the Password for Your Instagram Account. You’ll Need to Be Able to Get Into the Email Account That’s Linked to Your Instagram Account in Order to Do This. Once You Have Disconnected Your Instagram Account from Your Facebook Account and Changed Your Instagram Password, You Can Temporarily Stop Your Account by Following These Steps.

Note: Based on The Latest Version of Instagram’s User Experience, the Steps Below Are the Best Way to Turn Off Instagram. The steps Below Might Not Always or For Everyone to Work, Though. Even Though the Steps Below Worked for Us, It’s Still Not Clear if This Way Actually Deletes Your Instagram Account or Just Logs You Out. Another thing that Instagram’s Help Center Says Is that This Way Might Not Work “at This Time.”

Here’s how To Deactivate Your Instagram Account:

Step 1: Use a Computer Browser to Go to

Step 2: Select “profile” from The Menu on The Left.

Step 3: Click the “Edit Profile” Button at The Top of The Screen.

Step 4: Go to the Accounts Center to Read More.

Step 5: Click on Personal Information on The Settings Page of Your Account. Pick Account Management and Control from The Menu.

Step 6: Select “deactivation” or “delete” from The Menu that Shows. After That, Pick the Account You Want to Close.

Step 7: Click Turn Off Account on The Next Screen. Then Go to The Bottom of The Page and Click on Stay. Then You’ll Be Asked to Enter Your Password for Your Account.

Step 8: Pick a Reason from The List for Why You Want to Delete Your Instagram Account. Then Click on Keep Going.

Step 9: Click the “Deactivate Account” Button to Make Sure that Your Instagram Account Is No Longer Active.

Step 10: Anyone with A PC, an Internet Link, and A Web Browser Can Follow These Steps.

You Can Delete Your Instagram Account from Your Phone Using the Same Steps 1 Through 9 in The Accounts Center. There May Be Some Small Differences Between how The Android and iOS versions of Instagram Work, but These Steps Should Work for Both.

Startup The Instagram App on Your Phone, and Then:

Go to The Bottom Right of The Screen and Click on Your Profile Picture. Choose “Settings and Privacy” from The Menu that Looks Like Three Straight Lines. Going to Accounts Center > Personal Information >change Who Owns and Controls Your Account > Turning Off or Deleting.

After That, Pick the Account You Want to Close. To close Your Account, Click “Continue.” When asked, Type in Your Password and Then Click Continue. Pick a Reason for Removing and Click “Continue.”

You Can Choose “Don’t Reactivate Automatically” from The Drop-Down Menu or Set the Choice to Reactivate Automatically. Choose to Go On. Finally, Make Sure You Want to Delete Your Account by Clicking Deactivate Account.

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Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

If You’re Sure You Won’t Be Using Instagram Again, You Can Delete Your Account for Good. when You Delete Your Account, Everything that Was in It Will Be Gone, Including Your Profile, Photos, Videos, Comments, Likes, and Friends. Once the Process Is Done, There Is No Way to Get Them Back. You Also Won’t Be Able to Use the Same Username Again if Someone Else Signs up With It Before You Do.

Instagram Has a Help Page that Says There Are Two Ways to Delete Your Account: There Are Two Options: Follow the Steps We Already Listed Above for Deactivation and Just Pick “delete Account” Instead of “deactivate” when Asked, or Use the Other Way We described below.

Follow These Steps if You Are Sure You Want to Delete Your Account:

Step 1: Go to The Page Where You Can Delete Your Instagram Account. Sign in To Your Instagram Account if You Haven’t Already.

Step 2: In The Box Next to “Why Do You Want to Delete [your Username]?” Choose an Answer.

Step 3: To Finish, Type in Your Instagram Password.

Step 4: You Will Have Asked Instagram to Delete Your Account. Instagram Will Delete Your Account and All of Its Content After 30. Instagram Says the Process Could Take up To 90 Days to Finish.

Step 5: You Can Delete Your Account Through the Instagram Mobile App, Just Like You Can Disable Your Account.

On I Os, Here’s How To Do It: Choose “Profile” from The Menu, Then “Settings and Privacy,” Then “account,” Then “delete Account,” and Finally “delete Account.” Keep Deleting the Account. Then Do What It Says on The Screen.

Pick Delete [your Username] and Then Click OK.

On Android, Here’s How To Do It: Click on Your Profile Picture, Then Click on The Three Horizontal Lines Icon. Privacy and Settings > Accounts Center > Personal Information > Who Owns and Controls Your Account > Turning Off or Deleting.

After That, Pick the Account You Wish to Delete. Pick “delete Account” and then “continue.” Pick a Reason to Delete > Keep Going. Type in Your Password and Click “continue.” Then Click Delete Account to Make Sure You Want to Delete Your Account.

On Top of That, Instagram’s Help Page Says that The Steps for Android Can Also Be Used for iOS. but Some of The Steps Might Be a Little Different.


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