battery percentage iphone 13

How to Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 13

The precise solution isn’t necessarily evident at first glance if you’re using an iPhone 13 (or an iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max). Fortunately, the iPhone 13 has two methods for easily determining the exact battery %. How? Read on.

How to Swipe to View I Phone Battery Percentage

Let’s face it: The iPhone 13’s top-notch makes the screen larger, but it also leaves less room for a status bar. If you activated the option, the battery % may always be shown there on the iPhone SE (or prior iPhones with home buttons).

The iPhone 13 family, in contrast, merely displays a battery icon in the corner. You must first launch Control Center in order to easily check a precise numerical %. Swipe from the battery icon in the top-right corner of the screen downward to accomplish this.

battery percentage iphone 13

The numerical battery % is displayed in the top-right screen corner when Control Center is active. How much of your battery’s entire capacity is still usable before it needs to be recharged?

battery percentage iphone 13

Swipe upward from anywhere on the screen to close Control Center once you’re finished viewing the percentage. You can carry out this quick battery check whenever you like.

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How to Use a Widget to View I Phone Battery Percentage

An additional method for rapidly determining how much battery life is left on your iPhone 13 is a “Batteries” widget that resides on your Today View or home screen.

battery percentage iphone 13

Hold your finger down on any app icon until a menu appears, then choose “Edit Home Screen” to add the Batteries widget. Afterward, tap the plus sign (“+”) that is located in the top-left corner of the screen.

battery percentage iphone 13

  • The “Batteries” widget should be chosen when the widget selection menu displays.
  • Drag the Batteries widget to a location on your Today View or a home screen page after clicking “Add Widget.”
  • Select “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen after you are finished.

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The widget prominently displays the battery percentage for your iPhone. Very helpful!
Additionally, the widget will show the remaining battery power for connected gadgets like AirPods or the Apple Watch, which is why it is called “Batteries.”

battery percentage iphone 13

If you decide against keeping the Batteries widget, simply press and hold any icon on the home screen once more to enter “jiggle mode,” then tap the minus button to make it vanish. Good fortune!

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