Know How To Save Instagram Story With Music In Gallery (Story Saver App)

Know How To Save Instagram Story With Music In Gallery (Story Saver App)

Along with its various features, the well-known photo-sharing website Instagram now provides story-sharing options. It is one of the most useful things that Instagram currently offers. You can easily add popular music, emojis, GIFs, and other media to your tales to make them more engaging. The best aspect is that the stories are only available for 24 hours.

Problems arise when saving images with music, though. The music on the image is not downloaded when you do so, but you can. You should be aware of how to save Instagram stories with music in the gallery if you want to download your tale exactly as it is.

You will discover 3 methods to download your narrative with music from your gallery in this step-by-step tutorial.

How Do I Save an Instagram Story with Music in The Gallery?

Please refer to the steps listed below to find out how to download the story after you have uploaded it.

1. By utilizing a different program.
2. You can also download the tales from the Archives once they have expired, or after 24 hours.
3. You can also download the narrative with music by sharing it as a post and using that to download it.


Using the application, If your Instagram account is public, you can install a different app and download the music from your story without checking in. You will need to add your account if you have a private one before you can download your tale with music. You can use Story Saver for Instagram Stories and IG.

Know How To Save Instagram Story With Music In Gallery (Story Saver App)

With Story Saver

If you use Story Saver, you may quickly download your story with music if you follow the instructions below. However, only public accounts are eligible for this application.

1. Open your browser and navigate to
2. Type the name of your account handle in the search field.
3. After that, you must click Download and confirm the captcha.
4. It will display the Instagram account’s recent stories.
5. Next to the story you want to download with music, click “save as video” to start the download.
6. A pop-up window requesting a download will appear.
7. After you click “download,” the narrative with music will appear in your gallery.

You must use the software from the Apple Store or Google Play store to access your Private Account.

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With Stories Ig:

Public Accounts can also be used with this technique. The highlights that are accessible on your Instagram handle can also be downloaded.

1. Open your browser and go to
2. Type the name of your Instagram handle in the search field.
3. The stories and highlights that are currently available can be seen here.
4. Next, select the tale or highlight you wish to preserve by clicking on saving the video.
5. A pop-up box requesting you to “download” will appear.
6. Select “download,” and the video will be available in your gallery.

Archiving Stories:

After you turn on the “archive tales option,” any stories that have expired will be downloaded automatically into your Android archives. Follow the instructions listed below to make this happen.

  •  Start the Instagram application.
  •  Select “private” from the options menu.
  •  Select “Story.”
  •  Next, turn on the “save to archive” option.

How to Save a Story from Instagram with Music in An Android Gallery?

These are the procedures to take if you want to save it with a video:

1. Launch Storysaver in Chrome.
2. Next, enter Instagram, select your story, and then select “copy link” from the three dots in the bottom      right corner.
3. Download it by pasting the link into Storysaver.

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How to Save a Story from Instagram to The iPhone Gallery with Music?

Below are the instructions for downloading the audiobook to your iPhone:

1. Open Safari on your iPhone.
2. Visit Storysaver now.
3. Paste the story’s link into the search box and then select “Download.”

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