how to remove a tik tok filter

Tik Tok Filter – How to Remove a Tik Tok Filter

Many users are still learning how to make films on TikTok, which is a platform that is expanding daily. As a result, people frequently inquire as to how to remove filters from a TikTok video.

It’s very upsetting to upload a video with a particular filter applied just to discover after the fact that another one would have been preferable. But how can you fix the problem? Is that even conceivable? Unfortunately, the quick answer is no. You’re out of luck if you want to take a filter out of a TikTok video you’ve already released because it can’t be done.

However, in rare circumstances, you can take the filters off a video that is in your draughts. What is known about the procedure is listed below.

How to Remove Filters from A Tik Tok Draft

Filters on videos that have already been uploaded or shared by other users cannot be removed, however, you can edit your own videos once they have been recorded and saved as a draught. Note that it appears to only apply to filters and effects that you apply after the video has been filmed.

To Delete Filters from Your Tik Tok Draughts, Follow These Steps:

  1. Launch the TikTok app and open your profile.
  2. Tap on your drafts, and choose the video you want to edit.
  3. Tap the back button in the top left corner to go back to the editing options.
  4. In the ‘effects’ menu on the bottom left, you’ll find an undo button – this will remove any filters added to your video. If you’ve added several, you will have to tap the button multiple times.
  5. Tap ‘next’ to save the changes, and ‘none’ to proceed without adding filters.
  6. Save your draft

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How to Create a Tik Tok without Any Filters

You can also record your TikTok videos without using any of the pre-applied parameters, which is another thing you can do. This procedure entails a few extra steps in comparison to removing filters from a recorded video.

  1. Launch the app & open the camera.
  2. Tap on ‘filters’ on the right panel
  3. Under portrait, select ‘normal’
  4. Tap on the ‘effects’ icon to the left of the record button, click the circle icon with the line through it on the top left of the menu
  5. Disable ‘enhance’ mode

How to Remove Filters from Your List

While you can remove filters from films in your draughts, you can also conceal filters that you don’t like or don’t want to use, which will help your app be more focused on the features you need.

Here’s how To Remove Tik Tok Filters so You Can only Use the Ones You Like Rather than Having to Scroll Through Them All:

  1. Launch the app and press the plus icon to open the camera view.
  2. Tap the filters icon on the right side of the screen.
  3. Swipe the menu above the filter label and select Management to preview available filters.
  4. Click on the different filters to preview them and find the ones you like.
  5. If there are any filters you don’t need or want, tap on the checkmark to unselect it.
  6. Any unchecked filters will henceforth not be visible on your list.

When you want to quickly navigate your favorite or most-used filters without wasting time flicking through every single one, this is incredibly helpful.

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There you have it, then. Although you can’t really take filters out of a video that has already been posted, you can avoid making the same mistake twice by hiding them in your Filters tab.

In the future, it might be possible to delete filters from videos, but TikTok hasn’t indicated that they’re interested in adding this function, so we wouldn’t hold our breath.

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