Now on Snapchat, You Can Pin Conversations and Friends to The Top of The Chat Screen.

Now on Snapchat, You Can Pin Conversations and Friends to The Top of The Chat Screen.

Even while Snapchat is a fantastic way to communicate with your friends, there is still space for development in terms of how easy and fluid the app should be to use.

Fortunately, Snapchat is constantly looking for methods to improve user experience. While they occasionally fall short (as anyone who dislikes the most recent upgrade can tell you), it’s still encouraging to see that they’re trying.

These days, Snapchat has a cool function that lets you pin people (or conversations with others) to the top of your feed. In this approach, you may quickly access the relevant messages without having to wade through a tonne of lesser-priority conversations from other people (no disrespect intended!).

Here’s how to accomplish it, which is also really simple.

Here’s how You Snapchat-Pin Someone.

For a variety of reasons, you might want to pin particular convos. You might be waiting for a particularly important message and want to make sure you don’t miss it, or you might just be extremely busy and don’t have the time to read through all of your contacts and conversations to find the messages that are most important to you. Whatever your reason, it only takes a couple of seconds to pin conversations to the top of your Friend’s screen.

The pinning feature is now only accessible on iOS, which is bad news (at least if you’re an Android user). We apologize to anyone sending or receiving Snaps from a device other than an iPhone, though we suppose you’ve grown accustomed to not having the newest updates by this point (not that it makes it OK, mind you!).

Now on Snapchat, You Can Pin Conversations and Friends to The Top of The Chat Screen.

On iOS, you can pin a friend’s name or a discussion by tapping and holding your finger while moving from the Camera screen to the Chat screen, then swiping right.

Then choose “Pin Conversation” from the “Chat Settings” menu, and done! When you pin a friend or conversation, Snapchat puts it at the top of your feed regardless of when the most recent activity occurred. Normally, Snapchat keeps friends and convos with who you interact frequently near the top of your screen.

When you pin a chat, no one is informed, so you can pin with abandon without worrying about what other people will think of the convos you think are most important — even though we assume most people probably wouldn’t care.

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It’s Also Quite Simple to Unpin a Chat if You Desire to Do so For Any Reason.

Simply tap the friend or chat, keep your finger down, select “Chat Settings,” and then choose “Unpin Conversation.”

Next to your pinned chats, Snapchat will display a red pushpin emoji by default, but you can change the emoji’s appearance as you choose.

To do this, tap “My Profile” > “Settings,” scroll down to “Manage” under “Additional Settings,” tap “Friend Emojis,” and then adjust the pushpin to whatever you like, as long as it’s reasonable. Currently, only a select few emojis can be used as custom emojis.

Although it may seem like a little, insignificant element, pinning discussions to the top of your feed makes surfing the app considerably quicker and more convenient. We firmly support this modest improvement to the Snapchat experience.

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