How to Delete Your Reddit Account Permanently - 2022 Update

How to Delete Your Reddit Account Permanently – 2022 Update

If you’re one of Reddit’s millions of regular users, keep reading to learn more about the site’s privacy and security concerns as well as how to cancel your account permanently if you decide that’s what’s best for you.

Controversy is nothing new on Reddit. Recall late 2016, just after President Trump was elected. In response to the deletion of a Hilary Clinton conspiracy subreddit, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman found that many of the most popular (and critical) comments were against him personally in the popular pro-Trump community r/The Donald.

Unbeknownst to Redditors, Huffman had the ability to alter any section of the website and included code that would instantly swap out his username for that of his critic, making the insult directed at them. Redditors quickly noticed and expressed their extreme displeasure that their data may be changed.

Huffman no longer has this authority, but this episode exposed the overreach of Reddit’s tech execs and possibly others.

Numerous flaws in Reddit have come to light in recent years, including a celebrity nude photo hack, disobedient content moderators, and the removal of a “warrant canary” in 2016 that indicated they had been ordered to turn over user data to a government agency.

Then, in 2018, there was an instance where Reddit subtly (almost secretively) reactivated user tracking and transmitted this information to outside parties.

Reddit users must manually opt out of tracking for advertising and customization purposes since it is enabled by default. Users are unlikely to choose not to participate in tracking if they are not made aware of it.

What to Know About Deleting vs. Deactivating

Users Cannot Temporarily Disable Their Accounts on Reddit. Your Reddit Account and All of Your Favourite Links Vanish the Moment You Remove It. Your Comments Will Still Remain Available if Not Individually Deleted Prior to Deactivating Your Accounts, but The Comment’s Author Will Be Indicated as [deleted].

How to Delete Your Reddit Account Permanently - 2022 Update

If you later change your mind, neither you nor anyone else will be allowed to register for Reddit using your old username. Additionally, there isn’t a tool that automatically downloads your Reddit data at this time. If you want to download your user data, you must get in touch with the business.

How to Deactivate Your Reddit Account in Steps

You can permanently delete your account by following these easy steps if you’ve decided Reddit is no longer for you.

  • Enter your Reddit login information.
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, click on your user symbol, and then choose “User Settings.”
  • Delete Reddit – User Settings Forever
  • To deactivate your account, scroll to the bottom of the page and click it.
  • Deactivate Account to Delete Reddit Account Permanently
  • Enter your log-in information once more and, if you so desire, a justification for canceling your Reddit account.
  • Click “Deactivate” after making sure you realize that accounts that have been deleted cannot be retrieved.

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Reason for Leaving Reddit: Permanent Deletion

This action cannot be undone, so you will be prompted to confirm your certainty. To deactivate, click.

  1. Are You Sure You Want to Delete Reddit Permanently?

How to Delete Your Reddit Account Permanently - 2022 Update

2. Your Reddit account has been terminated indefinitely.

Additional Techniques for Online Data Privacy

Newsworthy issues involving the privacy practices and regulations of many social media platforms have surfaced in recent years. For instance, the Cambridge Analytica incident that affected Facebook in 2018 resulted in the improper sharing of up to 87 million users’ data.

Your social media accounts might reveal a lot about you. Due to social media holiday announcements, there have been numerous instances of criminals breaking into homes they are aware are vacant.

Many social media users unknowingly share their precise location when posting using geotags. If your date of birth is displayed on your profile, this could reveal your address, giving criminals the information they need to steal your identity. The risk increases the more information about you is posted online.

Social networking is useful for a variety of things, including keeping in touch with friends and family and conducting business. There are several things you may take to keep secure if you are not ready or able to stop using social media.

Study the privacy rules of the social media platforms where you have accounts, and be wary of those that frequently disclose your personal information to outside parties.

Check your privacy settings as well. Limit who can view what you post to trusted relatives and friends if you haven’t already done so.

Don’t permit a social networking platform to post or access your location, in addition. Regularly check your privacy settings to be sure nothing has been altered without your knowledge.

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It is worthwhile to spend money on a VPN service that can protect your data from thieves, offer privacy, and get around geoblocking software if you want to stay safe online.

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