how to clean phone case

How to clean your phone case

Here’s how to maintain your fashionable phone case, which comes in clear, leather, and wood varieties. Did you realize that one of the dirtiest things you carry around is your phone? You use it constantly, put it in your handbag or pocket, set it down on a table for lunch, and touch it after touching a variety of surfaces. It should come as no surprise that phones and the cases that protect them can harbor a lot of bacteria. Fortunately, some of the more recent examples include antimicrobial coatings.

A UV-C sanitizer can also be used to eliminate any remaining germs and viruses. But these don’t get rid of dirt, dust, and filth in the cracks and crevices, not to mention those pesky fingerprints. Therefore, it’s crucial to occasionally quickly clean your phone case. But how can you wash the casing of your phone?

First things first, wash your hands so they are prepared to work, and remove your phone from its cover before you start. Afterward, depending on the kind of phone case you have, follow these instructions.

How to Clean a Clear Plastic or Tpu Phone Case

how to clean phone case

You can clean the silicone case to try and restore it to, if not exactly, its original form if it has begun to turn yellow, which commonly occurs with polymer casings after prolonged exposure to chemicals, light, and heat.

Simple Cleaning

how to clean phone case

Warm water and a few drops of dish soap should be combined. To clean the phone case with this solution, use a soft toothbrush (nothing with hard bristles), a soft brush, or a microfiber cloth, making sure to get inside and outside corners as well. Once finished, clean the case in warm water, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Before putting it back on your phone, let it sit for at least an hour to fully dry, especially if your phone is not waterproof.

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Removing Stains and Yellowing

how to clean phone case

Consider using a small amount of baking soda, the most effective cleaner ever created, if the stain is particularly nasty. Scrub the toothbrush case with warm water after wetting it. This may need to be repeated a few times. When you’re finished, make sure to thoroughly rinse the baking soda off before drying it with a soft cloth.

Rub alcohol or a cleaner like Whoosh! Sanitech, which is made to clean both phone displays and gadget bodies, is another option. By doing so, you can get rid of the yellowing and slow down the material’s degradation. Spray it on using a bottle, or brush rubbing alcohol onto the case using a delicate cloth. Use a clean, dry cloth to dry it after that. Wait about an hour before plugging your phone back in to let it dry. In addition to cleaning the casing, this will also get rid of any remaining bacteria.

Consider toothpaste (which works well to remove stains) and steel wool for particularly bad discoloration, then rinse and dry as usual. But be aware that using abrasive steel wool may cause scratches. You could be better off throwing away the case and buying a new one if it is particularly nasty.

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How to Clean a Leather Phone Case

how to clean phone case

Different are phone cases made of leather. Although they won’t yellow, they can accumulate dirt and grime more readily, especially if the surface is rough and has several grooves. They are thankfully a little bit simpler to clean. Real leather naturally ages and develops a lovely patina over time, adding to its sophisticated appeal.

Wipe down the case as necessary using warm water and a soft microfiber towel, such as one of the best microfiber cloths for phones and laptops we’ve featured. To keep it in excellent condition, perform this every few days or once every week. You may also think about putting some leather condition or mink oil to the case every few months to maintain it since leather absorbs moisture and can dry out and crack as it ages (albeit the distressed look is kind of “in” right now). Before using the solution all over the case, test it on a small patch of it to make sure it won’t stain it. One like the TriNova leather cleaner comes with a microfiber cloth and is packaged in a small, handy spray bottle. Additionally, it is safe to use on both leather and faux leather, both of which are frequently found in phone cases.

Leather tends to retain moisture, so you should always wipe it dry after being in contact with water, such as when walking in the rain or snow. If spots appear, gently massage the area with a towel or sponge that has been dampened to prevent rings from forming once the water droplets have dried.

Try adding a little mild detergent or even leather cleaning to a damp towel and rubbing in a circular motion if the stain or caked-on dirt was caused by four-wheeling in the desert. Just be careful to clean it off with warm water afterward, then wait an hour for it to dry and settle before reinstalling the case on your phone.

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How to Clean a Wood Phone Case

how to clean phone case

You’ll need to clean your phone differently if you choose to spend and purchase a more expensive wood case. Dusting the phone is crucial since it will get rid of dirt, dust, and other debris that could wind up harming the case, just like you would with any other piece of wood furniture in your home.

Like with leather cases, if it gets wet, be sure to dry it off right away while cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth (avoid using abrasive tissues, dishtowels, or paper towels). The Awesome Screen Cleaning Ball is a cool choice that has two sides: an ultrafine side and a terry microfiber side. Because of its circular shape, it works well for cleaning the phone’s screen as well as the back and front of the case in a circular motion. To get rid of stubborn stains, you may add a little water to the towel, but never spray liquid straight onto the case. The same as with the previous cases, give the case an hour or so to dry before reinstalling it on your phone.

What Not to Use to Clean Your Case

how to clean phone case

Never use any form of harsh chemicals on your phone case, the phone itself, or the screen, which is a crucial consideration when looking at how to clean your phone case. Sometimes all it takes to keep your phone case in excellent condition is some warm water and a soft towel.

However, if it’s extremely dirty and full of grime, you can utilize a solution that is secure and natural to get into those difficult-to-reach areas. Check out our advice on how to properly clean and disinfect your Android phone once you’re finished with the case.

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