how to cancel apple tv

Would You Like to Revoke Your Apple Tv+ and Other Apple Subscriptions?

Just because you have an Apple TV does not mean that you are instantly enrolled in the Apple TV+ service. Apple TV is a media player that can stream content on a variety of different goods and devices, much like a Roku or an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Apple TV+ is a streaming subscription service much in the same vein as HBO Max or Netflix.

You will be able to watch both well-known and unique programming on Apple TV+, such as “Black Bird,” starring Ray Liotta, and “WeCrashed,” with Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto. If you have multiple subscriptions to streaming services, you should consider canceling your Apple TV+ membership to reduce the likelihood of your monthly expenses spiraling out of control.

How to Cancel Apple Tv

According to Apple, you may gain access to Apple TV+ once you have signed up for the service by connecting your Apple TV to your television through the use of either an HDMI cable or Bluetooth. You also have the option of accessing the streaming service by downloading the Apple TV app onto your other Apple devices and using those to access the service.

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How to Cancel Apple Tv+ from An Internet Browser

The following steps must be taken in order to cancel your Apple TV+ membership via a web browser, according to Apple Support. how to revoke your internet-based Apple TV+ subscription.

  1. Go to
  2. You will see an account icon at the top of the page, click on it (if you do not see the account icon click sign in and login with your Apple ID).
  3. Choose settings.
  4. Scroll to “Subscriptions” and click “Manage.”
  5. Select “Cancel Subscription”.

how to cancel apple tv

You are able to terminate your Apple TV+ subscription through the management of your subscription on any of your Apple devices, as well as through a web browser.

How to Cancel Apple Tv+ from  iPhone,  iPad, or iPod Touch

You can terminate your Apple TV+ subscription using any Apple device or a web browser on your computer.

  1. Open your settings app.
  2. Tap on your name.
  3. Tap on subscriptions.
  4. Select the subscription you would like to cancel (in this case you would select Apple TV+).
  5. Tap “Cancel Subscription” (you may need to scroll down to find the “Cancel Subscription” button).

If you do not see a button labeled “Cancel Subscription” or a message indicating that your subscription has expired written in red writing, then your subscription has already been terminated.

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How to Cancel Apple Tv+ from A Mac

According to Apple Support, the following steps are what you need to take in order to cancel a subscription on your Mac without making use of a web browser.

  1. Open your App Store app.
  2. Click on your name (if you cannot find your name click “Sign In” and sign in).
  3. Click on your account settings.
  4. Scroll to “Subscriptions” and click “Manage.”
  5. Next to the subscription click “Edit.”
  6. Click “Cancel Subscription.”

If there is no “Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel option,”  your subscription is already canceled.

How to Cancel Apple Tv+ from A Windows Pc

If you want to cancel a subscription on your Windows PC, follow these steps, according to Apple Support.

  1. Open iTunes on your PC.
  2. From the iTunes’ menu bar at the top select “Account” and then “View My Account.”
  3. Click on “View Account.”
  4. Scroll to “Settings” and then next to “Subscriptions” click “Manage.”
  5. Select “Edit.”
  6. Click “Cancel Subscription.”

If there is no “Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel” option then your subscription is already canceled.

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What if I Can’t Find the Apple Subscription?

If you are unable to locate the subscription that you wish to cancel, you may try searching through your email for the receipt associated with that subscription. This is how it should be done, according to Apple Support.

  • In your email search for the words “receipt from Apple.”
  • On the subscription receipt, confirm which Apple ID was used.
  • If it is a family member’s Apple ID, ask them to cancel the subscription. You cannot cancel your family member’s subscription.
  • If the Apple ID used is one of yours, log in and follow the steps above to cancel the subscription.
  • If you cannot find a receipt, you may have bought the subscription from a different company. Check your credit card or bank statement to see what company billed you and then contact that company to cancel the subscription.