how to activate facebook dating

How to Activate and Use Facebook Dating

You may start finding matches by following the instructions in this article on how to activate and use the Facebook Dating app for iOS and Android. Before you get started, turn on Location Services for Facebook. Go to your Facebook app and tap, then Dating. Tap Get started, and continue through the questions. Make your selections and tap Next or you can tap Skip to move to the next question.

How to Make Facebook Dating Active

To use the dating app, you must have a functioning Facebook account and be at least 18 years old. However, Facebook doesn’t require you to create a new dating page because it makes suggestions for potential matches based on your current profile’s information and common interests.

Use Facebook Dating by Starting with These Steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap Menu (three lines) in the upper or lower-right corner. (Menu location varies by the mobile platform.)
  2. Tap Dating.
  3. Tap Get Started. Follow the prompts to set up your dating profile.
  4. After you share your location and choose a photo, your dating profile will be generated using information from your Facebook account.

how to activate facebook dating

What You Should Know About Facebook Dating

Furthermore, individuals who have Facebook Dating turned on will be given your profile recommendations. Similar to Bumble and Tinder, Facebook’s dating function prevents you from messaging other users unless both of you have expressed interest in one another.

You should complete your regular Facebook profile as much as possible as the dating feature pulls information from it. The Facebook mobile app already has the feature; there is no separate Facebook Dating app or Facebook Dating website.

Your regular Facebook profile does not display the images and other content you share with Facebook Dating. Your Facebook Messenger discussions are kept separate from those you have on Facebook Dating. After matching with someone on Facebook Dating, you can still view their dating profile even if you later become friends on Facebook.

One by one, the app will start recommending profiles. You can view your recommendations at any moment by visiting the Dating area of the Facebook app.

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When using Facebook Dating, you can do the following five things:

  • Tap the heart on a user’s profile to let them know you like them, or tap the X to pass. If they like you back, you can start a conversation.
  • If someone else likes your profile, you’ll receive a notification. Tap the heart on their profile to like them back so that you can send a direct message.
  • You can view your matches and conversations by tapping Matches at the top of the app.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your profile and tap Answer a Question to answer random questions that will help Facebook improve your match suggestions.
  • You can also add photos and share Instagram posts at the bottom of your profile page.

How to Adjust the Facebook Dating Settings

Changing a few settings will change how the Facebook Dating app works for you.

  1. Tap the gear on the screen where Facebook suggests profiles to access the settings.
  2. Under the Ideal Match tab, set your preferred criteria for potential matches.
  3. Under the General tab, you can control what shows up on your profile. To connect your Instagram account, tap More (three dots) next to Instagram.

how to activate facebook dating

Facebook Secret Crush Relationships

Through the secret crush feature, you can match your Facebook friends and Instagram followers. To do this, select Secret Crush from the list of suggested profiles on Facebook at the bottom of the screen.

The next step is to choose Facebook and Instagram buddies. They will receive a notification that someone has a crush on them if they have Facebook Dating set up, but they won’t know who it is. You will be matched if they also add you to their hidden crushes.

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How to Remove a Dating Profile on Facebook

However, removing your account will also remove you from Facebook Dating. It is possible to delete your Facebook Dating profile without also deleting your ordinary Facebook profile. From matches to chats, everything you have set up on the app will be gone, but Facebook will still keep track of technical details like your IP address and email address history.

Follow these steps to remove your dating profile:

  1. Tap the gear on the screen where Facebook suggests profiles to access the settings.
  2. Tap the General tab.
  3. Tap Delete Profile.
  4. Optionally, select a reason for quitting Facebook Dating, or tap Skip. Tap Next to finalize your Facebook Dating profile deletion.

how to activate facebook dating

Time to Step Away from The App

With that expressly designated option, you can take a break from Facebook Dating as opposed to permanently deleting it.

Take a Break enables you to suspend the account, saves all of your data, and makes it simple for you to resume using the app later. Simply turn the switch under General > Account > Take a Break.

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Safety for Facebook Dating

Always let a friend know where you’re going before meeting up with someone you know online. In order to let them know you are safe, it is also a good idea to text them or use Facebook Messenger. Under the General tab in the Facebook Dating settings, you can prevent a user from contacting you or viewing your profile.

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