how does hinge work

How Does Hinge Work? | What Is It And How To Use It 2022 Guide

A location-based dating app called Hinge is made to be discarded. This indicates that it places a strong emphasis on helping people meet compatible mates for committed relationships rather than the casual hookups that some other dating apps might result in.

Three out of every four dates from Hinge will result in a second date, which may be at least partially attributable to the site’s thoughtful algorithm for better matches. Really nice chances, huh? But how precisely does this app operate, and how is it any different from other apps that are already available?

How Does Hinge Work?

Similar to most other well-known dating apps like Tinder and Bumble Hinge functions similarly. Using location-based services, the dating app Hinge connects you with other singles looking for dates.

The fundamental operating principles of many of these dating apps, such as liking someone, waiting till they like you back, and then only being allowed to message them after that, are comparable to Hinge. However, Hinge offers areas of that person’s profile you can like rather than just having a few photographs to look at it and then determine if you like that person or not.

how does hinge work

Users can peruse other users’ profiles on Hinge to use the service. The user has the option of liking one of the photographs posted by another user or their response to a “prompt,” such as “two truths and a lie.” They can now strike up a discussion if they’re liked back by the other individual.

The main distinction between this dating app and other well-known ones is that it allows users to initiate a discussion based on a profile question or photo. It is therefore considerably more individualized and focused as a result.

Hinge provides you with a lot more conversation starters to work with rather than just striking up a “generic” conversation with someone. Most dates result in a second date since you’ve broken the ice and are less likely to have the conversation go nowhere.

How to Use Your Hinge Profile

Making your own Hinge profile is not that difficult. There are a few requirements, though. You cannot use Hinge in the same sly manner as Tinder by posting a single photo of yourself without a bio. You must upload six photos (or videos) and three prompt responses to Hinge.

Additionally, because it is a location-based software and will typically only connect you with individuals in your neighborhood, you must be sure that your location is correctly set. Additional fundamental information and preferences are necessary. Let’s examine the specific steps you would take to create your profile.

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How Hinge Matching Works

how does hinge work

If a user has happened to like you already they will appear in the section called ‘likes you.’ This is where you can see a list of the users that have liked you and therefore be able to decide if the feeling is reciprocated. If they have left a comment, you will be able to see this as well.

You will only be able to see the latest person and every other profile that has liked you will be blurred. To see all of these profiles, you either need to action the latest profile showing (by matching or bypassing) or you need to upgrade to become a Preferred Member.

If you choose to also like one of these profiles, it will be added to the “Matches” section, where you can send an unlimited number of messages. You have a match now, congrats! By visiting the app’s Discover section, you can also like or reject users who may not yet have viewed your profile. This new match will also show up in the “matches” section if one of these profiles likes you back.

How to Use Hinge Messaging

Hinge is pretty basic in that once you match with someone, anyone may send a message, as many times as they like, in contrast to other dating apps that have attempted to take a novel approach to who can message who, like Bumble.

The big difference between Hinge and other dating apps is it allows you to at least send some sort of message before even matching.

how does hinge work

I’m talking about the fact that you can leave a comment with your like, essentially starting the conversation already. I highly recommend doing this as Hinge’s own website claims it will increase your chances of a match by 3 times, which is a lot.

The Operation Of The Hinge Algorithm

Recently, Hinge introduced a feature dubbed “Most Compatible.” The hinge will show you one profile each day that its algorithm has determined to be, well, the most compatible. How does the algorithm, though, know what you would prefer?

Hinge identifies profiles that you’d like and that would like you back based on your responses, preferences, and further app activity. Keep in mind that the aim of this app is to create a genuine connection.

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How the Paid ‘Preferred Members’ Model on Hinge Operates

Hinge is free, but you must pay to become a “Preferred Member” if you wish to upgrade. We’ll go into more detail about this below. Once you’ve downloaded Hinge, the app will ask you to sign up by tying your Facebook account or phone number to it. Once you have been granted the necessary rights, you can begin.

Hinge has joined the party, much like every other dating app that is available that offers a premium upgrade. Preferred Members is a monthly, quarterly, or biennially charged subscription.

Users that buy the upgrade can use features that are inaccessible to free users. We had previously seen these capabilities in other apps, so they are nothing new. But nonetheless, let’s go over what you’ll actually get for your money if you decide to upgrade.

How To Download Hinge

how does hinge work

The Google Play store and App Store both sell Hinge. You can download it by using the preceding links or conducting a search for “Hinge” in either store.

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Final Thoughts

The hinge will endure. The software is already immensely popular in the US and is starting to spread over the rest of the world. So if you haven’t already, get on board the bandwagon immediately.

Check out my complete eBook guide to Tinder, Tinder Hacked, if you’re new to online dating in general. Even if you have your heart set on utilizing Hinge, you will undoubtedly pick up ideas and strategies that apply to other platforms. If not, start matching!

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