how do you pin someone on snapchat

How to pin someone’s conversation on Snapchat and always have quick access to it

By keeping your finger on their chat and choosing “Chat Settings,” you can pin someone on Snapchat. When someone is pinned, they will constantly be visible at the top of your Snapchat Chat page.

Your Chat page is undoubtedly overrun with various talks if you use Snapchat frequently. Even if you are conversing with only friends, certain interactions are unquestionably more significant than others. By pinning your most significant Snapchat conversations, you can make sure that you always have rapid access to them. How? Read on.

How to Save a Snapchat Chat for Later

On Snapchat, pinning a discussion makes it such that it always shows up at the top of your Chat page. A pinned chat will always be there, even if you haven’t messaged each other in over a year.

  1. Open Snapchat and swipe right to open the Chat page.
  2. Find the person who you want to pin and hold your finger down on their chat.
  3.  When a pop-up menu appears, tap Chat Settings and then Pin Conversation.

how do you pin someone on snapchat

Their communication will be marked with a thumbtack emoji and moved to the top of the list. They won’t be informed in any way about it. Three discussions maximum can be pinned at once.

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Hold your finger down on someone once more, choose Chat Settings, and then click Unpin Conversation to remove their pin.

A person can only be pinned on the Chat page. It has no effect on how their Stories appear in chronological order or if they appear as a Recent contact when sending a Snap.

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