Hi5 Social Media Platform: Know How To Use and Price

Hi5 Social Media Platform: Know How To Use and Pricing

The Hi5 service has been in operation for a long time. It predates contemporary social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Pinterest. But not many people are aware of it. It is not a particularly well-liked social network right now. However, it might still be intriguing for those who want to socialise, have fun, and flirt. You hardly ever find someone for a committed relationship here. However, you can widen your network of contacts. Then how does Hi5 operate?

Hi5’s Reputation and History

Hi5 was established by its founders in 2004. This website was reachable in the early 2000s. One of the most popular social networks at the time. This network offered roughly 200 games across various genres. Later, The Meet Group, Inc purchased this service. Hi5 has had the “Pets” feature ever since. The website, however, mostly serves as a standard social network.

Hi5 is no longer as well known as it once was. Additionally, it is not well-liked by users of social media dating services. In many aspects, it falls short of contemporary apps. However, there are approximately 100 million users who have registered. Additionally, you can still find a pair, just speak, and unwind while playing the thrilling game.

App, Website, Interface, and Registration

It’s obvious from the primary version that the app has received the majority of attention. The website for Hi5 uses a structure that is essentially dated. They don’t appear to have made an effort to keep up with evolving trends in website design. The location’s convenience and route are challenging.

There are no onscreen guidelines that can help you, and the UI can be highly confusing. You have to go through so many stages and click so many buttons before you can find what you’re looking for. However, if you become used to the dating website, you won’t have much trouble enjoying its best features.

Joining Procedure. Is It Simple Here?

Despite the site’s lack of convenience, the registration process is quick and simple. The account registration process will just take 3-5 minutes. For registration, you can use your email address, Google Account, or Facebook.

You must enter your email address and password when registering via email. You must validate your email. A confirmation page link will be sent to you. A confirmation code will also be included in the email. It must be entered on the website.

Additionally, you will be required to enter details like your full name, age, sex, country of citizenship, and ethnicity. You must upload images to the system. You can, however, omit this action and return to it later.

You can add your Facebook or Google contacts to the list of your friends after creating your profile. However, it is not necessary.

Are These Accounts Honest?

You can be sure that all users are actual, living people and that the profiles on the website are authentic. More than 100 million users from all around the world have registered on the website as of this writing. There are about 10,500,000 Americans. Additionally, visitors from South Africa and the UK are drawn to the website. 24,000 visitors visit this website daily.

The users of this website range in age from 18 to 35. There are roughly equal numbers of men and women. They represent a diverse group of individuals in terms of interests, nations, religions, and worldviews. The majority of users sign up for this site in order to communicate, make new friends, have fun, and possibly even meet in person.

You should carefully review the profiles and pay attention to the participant accounts in order to discover the person you’re looking for. Check out the pictures, self-promotional writing, and status updates that people upload. The profile usually makes it clear from a quick glance what the person wants and how good of a fit they are.

Versions for The Web and Mobile

The Hi5 service offers both a mobile application and a website. You can download the app for free and use it on both iOS and Android devices.

The design of the Hi5 app is superior. It is basic and appealing. Its user interface is simple, and all of its features are accessible and apparent. The placement of the tabs is also practical. The application’s navigation is easy to use and fun.

Live Camera is an additional feature of the application. Users can watch and post videos using this function. You can uncover intriguing videos that individuals have captured nearby on the “Live” page.

Hi5’s website is far less pleasurable to use in general than the Hi5 app.

Features Unique To

Hi5 shares many of the same characteristics as other dating websites. There are some further variations. Hi5’s inclusion of the following features sets it apart from competing services:

Pets. Pets is a video game. Users can purchase and sell each other’s “Pets” or user profiles in this game. It makes your profile more significant. Your popularity increases with the value of your profile.
Join Me. A game is Meet Me as well. The system presents you with images from various profiles using the roulette principle. You can click on someone if you like them. The computer adds you to the match list if the user you chose also likes you.

Company Search

You enter the required data while signing up for Hi5. You may later add additional information in the About Me section of your profile. Your profile can be made public or private. Other users will be able to view all of your photos on an open profile, comment on your postings, and even upload images and leave messages on your wall.

Hi5 users have access to all the information you include in your profile and may search using it. This implies that if you want to find a partner for yourself, you should utilise all the filters and carefully read the profile of the person you are interested in.

You may also have tags, presents, and comments on your profile that you have gotten from other Hi5 members.

Here are some Hi5 attributes to take into account when seeking a partner:

  • You don’t need to pay for a subscription in order to view all of the information in another participant’s profile. Users can access it for nothing.
  • Just like you can see all of another user’s photos, all users can see your pictures. You only need to close the profile to modify this.
  • The profile information is typically not particularly detailed.

How Does Hi5 Function?

Hi5 functions in a manner that is comparable to that of a typical social network. You can add friends, import contacts from Google and Facebook, post status updates, make posts to your wall, upload images, and leave comments on other people’s postings on this website. The game “Pets” stands out as a distinctive aspect.

Both you and other users can purchase “Pets.” Your profile now costs more money. You can buy, sell, and own other players in this game just like they were on your squad. You exchange your gold for the “Pets.” Your popularity inside the service increases as your number of “Pets” increases. Your value rises by 10% if someone else decides to purchase you. But if you want to, you can do it.

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Hi5’s Searching Options and Filters

To discover a mate on the website, use these filters:

  • Age,
  • sex,
  • postal code (which aids in locating someone),
  • Relationship status; search status (in an active search, looking for someone),
  • the group’s membership.

The advanced search refers to parameters like your location, age, gender, or marital status. Instead of only using the gaming programme, members search for others who are interested in relationships using these filters.

You can locate someone with comparable interests by using the “Groups” filter. Additionally, a location and hobby filter are available here. Join the groups you enjoy, then interact with the other participants. You will meet interesting people thanks to it.

Hi5 Social Media Platform: Know How To Use and Price

Communicative Techniques

So you’ve made the decision to look for a match for Hi5. What tools are available for communication?

All users can send messages for free; there is a roulette-style matching option; you can search for other users for free using the appropriate filters;
The software includes a chat room.

Please be aware that only users with a premium account can communicate with popular users if you decide to do so. In the application, the algorithm organises profiles according to the most recent activity. Writing messages to people online is preferable.

Message and Add Friend buttons can be used to contact people you like. On the Hi5 service, you can also look for a partner using the Meet Me option.

You can send them Pets as a token of your sympathy in addition to messages, comments, and postings on their wall.

Alternatives to Hi5

A dating site is not all that Hi5 is. It is a sizable social networking site and gaming hub. Facebook is the first alternative that comes to mind. But there, familiar faces bump into each other and start talking. Hi5 users go there to make new friends. You might look for a nearby person to meet up with in person. This feature makes the service somewhat reminiscent of Tinder. Through the “Meet Me” and “Pets” roulette games, you can get to know one another. It is distinct from the majority of dating programmes due to the inclusion of Hi5 games.

Prices for Membership and Payment Methods

Hi5 is a paid application, just like many other dating websites. The costs are reasonable. You can use PayPal or a credit card to pay for your subscription. Once your payment information has been entered, your subscription will be automatically updated each month. Manual cancellation of your subscription is required. You must first cancel your subscription if you wish to erase your profile. The funds will continue to be deducted from your account if you don’t take this action.

Each sort of account can access a wide range of features (paid or free). Below, we’ll discuss them.

Free Features of Membership

The following activities are free at Hi5:

  • Create a profile; browse and read the profiles of other users; add users as friends; send as many messages as you’d like;
  • Purchase pets to enhance your profile’s worth.
  • Features of Premium Membership
  • Features of Premium Membership
  • As we can see, all you need is a free account to start interacting and getting to know others.

What Advantages Come with A Premium Subscription?

Have a peek at them now to find out who has viewed your profile;

  • Send famous persons (those with high profile value) greetings and invites;
  • send new users messages;
  • examine the transmitted message status (read or unread);
  • Priority email communication with the technical support staff.

Gold serves as the Hi5 currency. It can be used to purchase gifts or pets. You must do some Hi5 chores in order to receive gold. Additionally, you may simply buy it. Users of premium accounts cannot purchase pets. But they also have access to other VIP alternatives.

How Much Does Hi5 Dating Cost?

  • The cost of using a premium account for one month is US$9.99. You must pay 9.99 USD in total.
  • If you purchase three months at once, the total cost will be $20.97.
  • You may also buy a subscription for six months. Only 4.99 USD are spent each month, totalling 29.94 USD for the duration.

In addition to a premium subscription, you can purchase gold alone. You could buy:

  • 2,500 Credits – $5.00;
  • 10,000 Credits – $10.00;
  • 25,000 Credits – $20.00;
  • 75,000 Credits – $50.00;
  • 200,000 Credits – $100.00;
  • 400,000 Credits – $200.00.

Is Hi5 Really Safe?

Hi5 is a totally secure website for users looking for love. Additionally, the business conducts legal business. It implies that all rights and duties are firmly governed by the law.

But ultimately, it’s up to you to keep yourself safe. Read the terms of use and privacy statement before using the service. The regulations are strictly enforced, and violators will be instantly blocked. The business adds that it does not accept any abusive behaviour.

Hi5 Social Media Platform: Know How To Use and Price

Technical Protection Aspects

Hi5 offers the following user protection strategies:

  • limits on age.
  • Hi5 prohibits the creation of profiles by minors.
  • requirements for accepting the service’s terms and conditions.
  • It is better to utilise another website if they do not suit you.
  • system for monitoring and moderating.
  • Both inappropriate content and obnoxious persons can be blocked by the moderators.
  • On-site report button You have the right to complain about a user who is acting inappropriately.
  • New members are subject to a sexual scandal screening.
  • They use technology to examine the data that clients send them.

Customer Service

There is a section on the website dedicated to queries, and many issues are related. Any problem will be fully described for you. Nevertheless, you can mail customer support if you still want your issue to be handled separately. Users of premium accounts are given preference for these requests.

A Lot of User Questions

A few queries you might have while using the site are answered below. We trust you will find this material useful.

Hi5 Photo Verification: How To Pass?

You simply need to validate your email address upon registration. Your images don’t need to be verified. You can also skip this step initially and upload photographs afterwards. However, be aware that the site security service keeps an eye on all the stuff you publish. As a result, the system will remove any offensive photos you upload.

How Do I Remove My Hi5 Account?

Yes, you have the option to permanently remove or temporarily disable your account.

You can locate the “Delete” option under “My Settings” if you want to delete your account. Along with the iOS and Android apps, you can accomplish this online. You must validate your email address by clicking this link: https://www.hi5.com/reactivate account.html in order to reinstate your account later.

How to View Your Hi5 Likes without Paying?

Only if you have a Premium profile can you see who has liked your profile and visited your page. This function is not accessible to free Hi5 users.

On Hi5, How Do You Block Someone?

On Hi5, you can block whomever you wish. Such users won’t be able to access your website or send you messages. Go to the profile and click the “Block User” button next to the user’s image to accomplish this.

How Do I End My Subscription to Hi5?

Your Premium subscription may be cancelled at any time. Additionally, you are always welcome to repay it. Please remember that if you desire to delete your profile, you must first deactivate your subscription. Otherwise, your cash will be deducted every month.

You can cancel your subscription by visiting the website or mobile app. To accomplish this, go to the «My Settings» area and select the «Cancel subscriptions» option.

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In this essay, we have told you as much as possible about the operating basis of the Dating site Hi5. As you can see, it has its perks and disadvantages. The good side of the service includes a vast customer base, a reliable security system, and a lot of free possibilities. On the other side, Hi5 may not be ideal for serious relationships. Instead, Hi5 is largely for enjoyment. In any event, it is up to you to determine what is most essential to you.

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