How to Find Instagram Hashtags to Draw in Real Followers

How to Find Instagram Hashtags to Draw in Real Followers

You’re using Plann to make sure your Instagram feed is on point while publishing great photographs, clever captions, and hilarious posts. However, you continue to believe that no one is actually reading your fantastic content because it seems like nobody responds to your postings.

The good news is that you’re already on the right track to success if you’re already producing excellent shareable content! Hashtags are the last component of the Instagram jigsaw.

Usefulness of Hashtags

Hashtags serve as online billboards for your Instagram account. Consider them as your personal set of Google keywords that people can use to find you. They increase your online visibility to those who aren’t currently following you and provide you the chance to participate in larger online discussions.

Having said that, one of the largest problems and a common place for users to trip up is knowing where to locate Instagram hashtags to use. What number of hashtags should you use? Do you want to include them in the captions or the comments? And how do you know which ones to employ in order to get found by your target market?

Never fear; we’re here to guide you through the confusing world of hashtags so you can pick the ones that will help your content reach the correct audience.

On Instagram, How Many Hashtags Should You Use?

Instagram Allows Users to Include up To 30 Hashtags in Each Post, so We Strongly Advise Using Them All to Reach a Larger Audience. Although It May Seem Like a Lot, the More You Utilise, the More People Will See Your Articles!

Whether You Should Put These in Your Captions or The First Comment Isn’t Something that Can Be Said with Absolute Certainty. Although It May Look More Organised in Your First Comment, It Is Simpler to Plan Ahead in Your Caption.

Utilize Hashtag Collections to Change It Up.

Having Said That, Avoid Using the Same 30 Hashtags Repeatedly! Not only Is It Rumoured that The Instagram Algorithm Looks Negatively upon Doing So, but It Also Means You’re Probably Always Drawing in The Same Crowd.

It’s Crucial to Maintain Variety and Frequently Switch up Your Hashtags. What Is the Most Effective Method for Doing This? Tags Are Set!

To Reach Your Goal of 30 Hashtags, You Can Construct Smaller Collections in Plann from Which You Can Quickly Select Each Time You Publish. in Accordance with Your Strategy Themes (which You May Select in Plan’s “strategy” Section), We Advise Utilising 5–10 Hashtags per Set.

As a result, You Might Have a Hashtag Created for Your Posts About Thought Leadership, Inspiration, Education, and So Forth. for Instance, if You Run a Beauty Blog, You Might Have Your Own, Specific Strategy Prompts in Plann Set Up, Such as Acne Positivity, Natural Skincare, and Beauty Inspiration.

Within Those Categories, You Would Have Saved Targeted Hashtag Sets in Plann that You Could Quickly Copy and Paste Into Your Captions by Clicking a Button.

How to Choose the Best Hashtags for Instagram

So, how Exactly Do You Discover Hashtags to Include in Your Instagram Posts? Consider What Kind of Content Your Target Audience Is Most Likely to Be Looking for As a Good Place to Start.

Let’s Say You Market to Cat Owners and Cat Lovers Because You Sell Cat-Related Things. the #cats Are a Terrific Place to Start, but As We’ll Discuss in The Next Section, This Might Be a Bit Too Competitive. Therefore, You Should Look for Relevant Related Hashtags for That One.

You May Do This by Going to Your Instagram Feed and Using the Search Bar to Enter “cats.” This Will Provide a Dropdown Menu with Other Related Hashtags Along with The Number of Posts Where Each One Has Been Used.

How to Choose the Best Hashtags for Instagram

How to Find Instagram Hashtags to Draw in Real Followers

By Choosing One of The Hashtags in The List, You Can Expand the Scope of Your Search. the Top of The Screen Will Then Displays an Additional Set of Suggested Hashtags, as Seen in The Image Below. This Is a Fantastic Place to Start when Creating Your Hashtag Collections for Plann!

Checking out The Instagram Accounts of Other People in Your Field to See What Hashtags They’re Using and Repurposing Some of Them for Your Own Is Another Hashtag Research Method.

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Size Counts.

In a Way, Hashtags Are a Goldilocks Situation. You Should Use a Mix of Small- to Medium-Sized Competition Ones that Are Just Suitable Rather than Ones that Are Too Huge or Too Little. You Run the Danger of Your Content Being Lost in A Sea of Posts if You Choose Hashtags that Are Too Popular (think, Hundreds of Thousands of Mentions). But If You Use Hashtags that Are so Specialised and Specialised that They Have only A Few Mentions, It’s Doubtful that Anyone Will Be Looking for Them.

Enter the Term You Want to Use as A Hashtag Into Instagram’s Search Bar to Find out How Many Photographs Have Been Posted with That Precise Hashtag. After Then, Look at The Number Next to The Hashtag, as Seen in The Image Below. how many Images Currently Using This Hashtag Are Available on Instagram Is Shown by This Number.

How to Find Instagram Hashtags to Draw in Real Followers

What Is a Suitable Hashtag Density Size?

We Advise You to Look for Instagram Hashtags that Have Fewer than 500,000 Posts in Order to Draw in Actual Followers (Unless You Have a Bigger Following or A Really Engaged Audience, Then Definitely Try Working with Bigger Hashtags). Also, Don’t Be Afraid to Include Any with 20,000 Users or Less, as This Can Be the Sweet Spot for Extremely Active People.

The Visibility of Instagram Hashtags in The Middle and Lesser Hashtag Categories Is Another Factor. the Top Posts Area of An Instagram Search Returns the Most Popular Images. as Seen in The Image Below, the Remaining Photographs Are Located in the Most Recent in Chronological Sequence.

“any Photo that Doesn’t Make It To The Top Will Soon Drop Down the Screen to Obscurity Within Seconds if The Hashtag Has Millions of Photos in It, Like #beach.”

Imagine You Captured a Picture of The Santorini Beach. if You Use the Hashtag #santorinigreece Instead of #beach, Which Has Less than 100,000 Photographs in It, Your Shot Would Have a Lot More of A Chance of Being in The Prominent Position of The Top 9.

Be More Detailed!

Now Let’s Use Those Hashtags in A Slightly More Smart Way. if You Were a Fashion Stylist, for Example, You Would Be Strongly Tempted to Use the Hashtag “fashion.” However, with Over 350,000,000 Instagram Users, You Now Know that Your Post Will only Be Visible for A Brief Period of Time on The Main Page for The Hashtag “fashion.” Instead, We Can Be More Strategic and Narrow Our Focus a Little in Accordance with Your Company and The Image You Are Posting.

There Are Slightly More than 2 Million Posts Under #fashionstylist. Much Improved. when You Post a Photo, It Gets a Lot of Likes, Letting Others Know You’re a Fashion Stylist.

How to Find Instagram Hashtags to Draw in Real Followers

However, We Can yet Improve. Consider Additional Keywords You Might Utilise for Your Company. for instance, if You Want to Share Some New Season Fashion Inspiration with Your Followers, You Should Use Hashtags #winterstyle or #springstyle, Depending on Where You Live.

You Are Considerably More Likely to Be Found There than On #fashion, Where Each of These Hashtags only Receives About 500,000 Hits on Instagram. You Can Also Really Focus On What Your Customers Want at This Time. Hurray! You Can Now Create Your List of Hashtags by Selecting Ones that Accurately Reflect Your Company and Your Product.

For Genuine Instagram Followers, Stay Away from Spamming Hashtags.

You Should Carefully Select Your Hashtags for Your Unique Business and Photographs to Make Sure You Draw in Real Followers and Your Target Market. Be Mindful of The Fact that Some Hashtags Draw Spammers and Particular Kinds of Photographs that You Might Not Want to Be Linked With. Checking Each Hashtag You Intend to Use to Confirm that You Are Content to Be Seen There Is the Simplest Approach to Avoid This.

How to Find Instagram Hashtags to Draw in Real Followers

Hashtags Like #instagood, #happy, #love, and #followme, to Mention a Few, Are the Main Offenders that Draw Spammers. if You Don’t Want to Receive a Tonne of Smiley Face[a] or “follow Me for Free Followers” Comments, Stay Away from These Hashtags.

The Hashtags to Stay Away from Can Be Easily Identified Because They Will Have Well Over 100,000,000 Postings on Them. You Can Locate the Smaller to Mid-Range Hashtags that Will Make You Stand out By Looking at How Many Photographs Have Been Shared Using a Particular Hashtag. This Not only Helps You Weed out The Spammy Ones.

Find Feature Account Hashtags on Instagram.

Another Kind of Hashtag to Watch out For Is One Created by Another Person Who Curates Images and Reposts Them on Their Instagram Profile. by Include Their Particular Hashtag in Your Shot, You Can Get It Reposted Along with A Link to Your Instagram Page if The Account Likes It.

Being Featured by One of These Instagram Accounts, Which Typically Have a Sizable Following, Is Kind of A Big Deal and Exposes You to A Whole New Audience.

Many people that Are Highlighted on A Curated Account Discover that Once They Are Discovered by A Bigger Audience, Their Likes, and Follower Count Soar.

The Following Is a List of Many Accounts on Which You Can Try Your Luck at Being Featured by Using Their Hashtag. Keep in Mind to First Check the Accounts to Make Sure Your Photo Style Fits Their Taste.

as A Result, You Have a Better Chance of Being Highlighted and Of Getting Others to Check out What You’re All About.

Add the Hashtag #zomato to Any Images of Food or Beverages.

Coffee Shots

When Posting Images of Your Coffee, Use the Hashtag #coffeeshots.

Life and Travel

On Instagram, Use the Hashtag #travelandlife.

The Guide to Glitter

Put the Hashtag #flashesofdelight on Any Images that Are Lovely, Pastel, and Feminine.

Weddings on Huffington Post

If You Have Wedding Images, Use the Hashtag #huff Post I Do.

Get up And Get Ready

On Pictures with Makeup, Use the Hashtag #wakeupandmakeup.

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Enhance Your Hashtags with Plan’s Recommend Sets

The Best Hashtags May Now Be Selected Based on The Content of Your Post and Related Hashtags in Your Business Thanks to Plann’s Suggested Hashtag Tool, Which Has Eliminated the Guesswork Involved in Identifying the Most Useful Hashtags.

A Veritable Gold Mine of Hashtags Is Available for You to Save, Search, and Browse.

We’d Love to See You Posting More Frequently with The Assurance that Plann Has the Resources You Need to Advance Your Career. Tell Your Team, Friends, and Anybody Else Struggling with Social Media’s Nitty-Gritty that We’re Here to Help!

Together, We Can Overcome This.

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