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With Canva’s free online GIF creator, improve your creative game and create stunning animated GIFs from your designs, movies, and photographs.

Use GIFs to Communicate

GIFs are essentially everywhere, whether you’re using your chat apps or just perusing the internet. They provide a pleasant outlet for online expression of creativity, personality, and even criticism. Making animated GIFs is another excellent approach to captivate and astound your audience.

Use the fun GIF generator at Canva to participate! Before releasing them as a GIF file, upload your image or video files, add text, decorate with stickers, or utilize amusing templates. To let your imagination run wild, you may also add transitions, animations, amazing effects, and frames from the editor. Then, download your creation as a top-notch GIF and share it with the world for the benefit of your online community.

Converting Video to Gif Is Simple

gif maker

Use our GIF maker to extract scenes from a funny video, a popular TV show, or even your own material. Upload the video, then crop the clip. After that, create and edit the GIF; including captions, graphics, or animations. Finally, get the artwork in GIF format. The future? It might just be the upcoming reaction GIF to go viral.

Make a Statement with Amazing Animations.

With Canva’s animation feature, you can have fun with your designs and grab more attention by putting every page, text, and element in motion. With eye-catching motions that make your design flicker, pop, or skate around the screen, you can draw attention to key concepts. Use both free and paid animations to give your GIFs a captivating touch.

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Large Collection of Media Components

To enhance your design, look for static and animated stickers, images, and other graphic components. Layout your report with graphs and charts, and then add an animation effect to make it more appealing. You may make the ideal GIF and catch them in action with the help of our enormous selection of design components and features.

Any GIF can also have text added to it. Subtitles, captions, and commentaries can be made using the text tool in our online editor. You’re done once you alter the font, color, and animation of the words.

Drag and Drop Elements with Ease.

gif maker

Find a component you like. Utilize our simple drag-and-drop tool to add it to your layout. Your imagination is limitless with Canva. Your GIF can be used as a social media image or online advertisement to better engage your audience. Share your design with the world by downloading it.

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Can I Make a Gif Off of My Videos?

Absolutely! Any design, picture, or video can be turned into an animated GIF. You can use the web or an app to upload your video file to the GIF maker, or you can select one of our video templates and edit it however you like. When you are satisfied with your design, click the Download button, then select the GIF format option from the drop-down menu.

How Can I Change the Gif’s Size to Meet Various Social Media Platforms?

Choose a template that is ideal for your purpose before you submit your video or photograph. Our library has professionally created templates for YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and other platforms. However, you may use our premium Magic Resize service to undertake all the sizing work for any finished designs you want to turn into GIFs.

What More Customizability Choices Are Available for My Gif?

You can modify it to suit your demands and brand if you started with a template or even a blank canvas. Using our convenient drag-and-drop tool, you can choose an icon, sticker, or illustration from our library and use it in your design. Additionally, you may use the many text styles, fonts, frames, color schemes, and other features to give your GIF a distinctive look.

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