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Gametime App: What Does a Motorola Phone’s Gametime Mean?

On Motorola’s most recent Android handsets, you may find a unique gaming mode called Moto Gametime. Here is all the information you require.
When you launch a game on certain Motorola devices, the Gametime mode immediately activates. How does Gametime alter your device, though, and what is it? Let’s look at it.

What Is Moto Gametime?

When you play games, your computer undoubtedly has a special “game mode” that is activated and allows you to change your display settings, among other things. Many of these features are designed to optimize performance for games that are more computationally intensive than those that the majority of us play on our phones.
If you do play violent games on your smartphone, it’s likely through a cloud service with customized optimization settings.

Some settings on your Motorola phone will change when you start playing games. These, however, don’t display options like pixel density and rendering style. Instead, Gametime controls the other apps on your phone, improving the integration of some of them with your game while ensuring that others don’t distract you while you’re playing. These options can enhance your

gaming experience by bringing in buddies and by enabling other alerts.

What Does Gametime Do?

The five component settings and actions within Gametime are:

  • Social Media Settings
  • Screenshots
  • Blocking Notifications
  • Blocking Calls
  • Gametime Settings

When you initially launch Gametime, a condensed menu with the options that have the biggest impact on your gaming experience is displayed.

When you have Gametime set up how you want it, the app will automatically use your preferences each time you launch a game. However, you can always adjust your configuration by returning to the Gametime settings.

How to Use Gametime


A notification at the bottom of the screen on your Motorola smartphone lets you know that Gametime is active when you open a mobile game. Even before you have had a chance to set up your settings, this is true the first time you start a game on your phone.

In the dark space between the game display and the phone’s frame, just off-screen when Gametime is active, there is a hidden icon. To make the icon visible, tap in this area. It should show up as a circle, light blue plus icon with two dots next to it. To make it simpler to find the next time, hold this icon and drag it to a certain area of the screen. You can also tap it to access the Gametime interface. The interface explodes when the symbol is tapped, revealing icons for the five features mentioned above.

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Setting Social Media

Not all games use this Social Media icon, which resembles a speech bubble with a plus sign inside of it. You can connect social media apps to make the game open more quickly. Of course, having those apps installed is a need for this to work.

This makes sharing content or talking with friends easier if that is part of how you game.

As of this writing, the supported apps are:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Hangouts
  • Line
  • Discord

A Faster Screenshot Tool

When you tap the Gametime icon, a second icon with overlapping angles that often represents cropping emerges. In this instance, using the icon to snap screenshots inside the game is quicker. When you tap this icon, a quick screenshot of the entire game screen is taken and saved to a specific media file on your phone. This is crucial since, on more recent Motorola phones, taking screenshots requires a slow-moving gesture command, which makes it challenging to record quick movements like games.

Notifications Blocking

Everything in the full-screen visual user interface is a button or a notification center, which is one of its main drawbacks. It can be annoying to receive notifications while playing a game. But unexpected notifications can also draw you into other applications while you’re tapping the screen to play the game.

You can disable notifications from other applications while playing your game by pressing the bell in the crossing circle. When you use this button to enable or disable notifications, a text bubble at the bottom of the screen informs you of the settings as you flick the switch.

Block Calls


You don’t want to be playing a mobile game and unintentionally answer a call, much like with alerts. You might not want to receive any calls while playing if you’re truly into your game.

While you’re playing the game, the phone in the crossed circles blocks calls for you. You can adjust all of these parameters in the final Gametime feature if you’re concerned about missing an essential call.

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Gametime Settings

The well-known gear icon appears as the last icon in the exploding Gametime graphic menu. By tapping this icon, you can customize your gaming experience through a specific menu. For instance, using these settings, you can enable those who call you twice in a period of fifteen minutes to reach you or exclude certain numbers from call blocking. In this manner, the majority of calls will be blocked while you play, but you won’t miss anything crucial.

Protect Your Gametime!

Gametime is a handy addition to Motorola phones if you frequently play video games. By controlling notifications from the annoying outside world, it enables you to stay in the zone. Additionally, there are other ways to enhance your mobile gaming experience. You can attempt a variety of additional things to help your phone run more efficiently.

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