Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Promises to Handle Whatever You Dish Out—What to Know

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Promises to Handle Whatever You Dish Out—what to Know

The newest Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro from Samsung is designed to thrive in challenging locations and severe circumstances. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is a tablet that Samsung promises can withstand the most demanding jobs. It was created for the mobile workforce. The new gadget promises “military-grade ruggedness” while remaining adaptable enough to withstand a variety of workplace scenarios.

The display is constructed of robust Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and Samsung claims it can withstand drops up to three feet when brand-new (nearly four feet when using the supplied protective cover). With an IP68 classification for water and dust protection, the tablet and integrated S Pen are both protected for up to 30 minutes in nearly four feet of fresh water. Additionally, it complies with MIL-STD-810H standards to survive even harsher circumstances including high elevations, high humidity, and cold or hot settings.

Despite its durability, the Active4 Pro is designed to function without a hitch in the majority of mobile work scenarios. Because of its portability and lightweight, you won’t miss any notifications, and the display can be adjusted so that gloves may be worn to read inputs. Additionally, businesses will be able to modify the tablet’s main programming to make it simpler to launch crucial apps.

Lightweight, Robust, and Work-Ready

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is not only durable enough to withstand even the most rigorous work settings, but it is also beautiful with a thin and light frame that measures 10.2mm thick1 and weighs 674g.

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Promises to Handle Whatever You Dish Out—What to Know

2 For use in the field, on the sales floor, or away from the office, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is incredibly portable.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro’s Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 provides superior scratch and damage resistance compared to other chemically toughened glass. Additionally, it can withstand down up to 1 m or, with the included protective cover, drops up to 1.2 m. 3 The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro and its built-in S Pen are IP68 rated4 for dust and water resistance as an additional measure of security. The gadget also complies with MIL-STD-810H5 standards, making it resistant to the worst conditions’ severe altitudes, temperatures, vibrations, and humidity.

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Working in The Field, on The Front Lines, or At a Desk, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Is Versatile.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro has a number of features that are specifically suited to the needs of front-line and field employees in order to make their tasks easier. Key mapping6 enables businesses to program device keys in accordance with their requirements to instantly access frequently used or business-critical apps with the touch of a button. Workers can use the gadget without endangering their health or safety because the touch sensitivity of the display can be adjusted for use with gloves.

Hearing device sounds in the field may be challenging, which may cause confusion or blunders. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro addresses this issue by significantly raising the maximum volume8, ensuring that workers can hear clearly even in a crowded hospital ward or a noisy construction site.

Additionally, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is compatible with a number of Samsung and third-party accessory options. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro’s wide range of accessories provides seamless integration with how businesses are operated, from ergonomically designed cases with straps or stands to charging cradles, attachable keyboard coverings, and wearable barcode scanners.

Designed to Support the Modern Mobile Enterprise of Today

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Promises to Handle Whatever You Dish Out—What to Know

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro boasts the most cutting-edge technology and industry-leading software from Samsung and is both tough on the exterior and smart on the inside. The octa-core powerful CPU keeps workers connected and extremely productive with quicker processing rates, and the intuitive One UI10 mobile experience provides a more personalized experience. Additionally, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro has optional microSD card11 expanded storage, allowing users to store all crucial files locally on their tablet.

Employees can rely on quick speeds and low latency to be connected when it counts most thanks to built-in Sub6 5G and Wi-Fi 6,12. In order for enterprises to employ their own dependable and scalable network, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is also prepared to handle CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service)13 for private network service.

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The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is an especially effective tool for retail organizations with to its mobile Knox Platform for POS (Point of Sale)14 and enhanced near-field communication (NFC) capabilities. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro makes it quicker and simpler for clients to check out whether it is mounted at a cash register or used as a portable point of sale, which helps keep customers satisfied. Additionally, the tablet may serve as an enterprise-grade barcode scanner for real-time inventory management and verification using Knox Capture15.

With a changeable battery and POGO16 fast-charging17, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro swiftly recharges your smartphone, so you never have to worry about running out of power when you need it. Additionally, the device may be constantly used at a kiosk or in a car without a charge thanks to No Battery Mode18, which also guards against battery health loss even in hot situations.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro can be quickly linked to an external display19 through Samsung DeX20 for occupations that require people to work in an office setting, or it can be used in Standalone Mode to simulate a desktop experience on the tablet.

With Integrated, Real-Time Security Protection, It’s Tough on The Inside

Security is more crucial than ever with the rise of mobile workforces. Samsung provides Knox Suite, an all-in-one platform that streamlines the configuration, security, management, and analysis of devices for IT teams, whether they are managing a single device or an entire fleet. With fully integrated hardware and software security, Samsung Knox, its defense-grade security platform, also safeguards the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro. The platform provides end-to-end and real-time security against the evolving risks affecting the modern workforce from the chip up.

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Promises to Handle Whatever You Dish Out—What to Know

By sharing threat intelligence identified by top security experts and partners, Samsung works closely with Android to ensure companies are safe over the long term and keeps up with constantly changing security problems. With support for up to five years of security updates and three OS upgrades, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is also made to last, both inside and out, so businesses can use their devices with confidence knowing they are always secure.

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A portion of Europe will be the first region to offer the new Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro, with availability in Asia, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East to follow later in 2022.

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