How to Use Creator Studio for Facebook

How to Use Creator Studio for Facebook

Creator Studio is an Instagram and Facebook dashboard for brands and content providers. On a high level, it streamlines content posting and performance analysis across accounts on both platforms.

Continue reading for a complete explanation of what you can and cannot do using Creator Studio, as well as several time-saving techniques.

What Exactly Is Creator Studio?

Creator Studio is Facebook’s free dashboard for managing Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts for social media marketers and content creators.

It combines social media analytics with scheduling and community management. It also assists qualified accounts in monetizing their content and managing influencer-brand collaborations.

Where to Find Creator Studio

Creator Studio is available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Simply go to while logged in to your Facebook account to access Creator Studio from your PC or Mac.

Anyone with access to a Facebook Page, regardless of role, can utilize Creator Studio (though some capabilities are only available to particular roles — more on that later).

Download the Creator Studio app for iOS or Android to utilize the dashboard on the go.

Features of Facebook Creator Studio

When you launch Creator Studio on your computer, you will be taken to the home screen.

This view contains six elements:

Put something up. A link to the post creation tool.
Recommendations. Recommendations tailored to the Pages you manage.
Monetization. A breakdown of your expected earnings (only available to eligible users).
Insights. A synopsis of your seven-day performance.
Posts from recently. View the engagement stats for the pieces you’ve published, scheduled, or drafted in the last 7 days.
Post a status update. A high-level overview of your posting activity in the previous 28 days.

You can customize your home screen by choosing which Pages to display. Use the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard to do so:

You may access all Creator Studio capabilities for Facebook via the menu on the left side of the screen:

Make a Post

Use the shortcut on your home screen or click the green Create Post icon in the top left corner of the screen to begin creating Facebook content:

Choose one of the following options:

Make a Post

Create an organic post, start a live broadcast, or post a job advertisement with this option.

You can use all of the elements provided in Facebook‘s native post builder to personalize your post, such as media files, feelings/activities, check-ins, and so on.

When you’re through writing your post, you may publish it right away, schedule it for later, or keep it as a draught. You can also make use of the Boost post option.

Make Post-Tests

Users can produce and test up to four variations of an organic video post with this option. Versions can feature altered post content, headlines, thumbnails, or video edits.

How does this function? Before posting to your Page, Facebook offers several versions of your post to different portions of your audience. A winner is chosen and automatically posted to your Page based on the answers.

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Include a Story

This option is self-explanatory: use it to make and share basic Facebook Stories.

Only photo and text Stories are supported at this time. You can add a button with a custom CTA to your Page regardless of its size.

Stories made with the tool will be shared right away. They cannot be planned or saved as draughts, unlike Facebook feed posts.

The video should be uploaded.

This option, as the name implies, can be used to produce a video post.

You will be able to change your post — and even the video itself — once you upload a video from your computer. A thumbnail, captions, surveys, and tracking can also be added.
When you’re finished, select one of the following publication options:

This stage includes a useful “Before You Publish” checklist. Use it to make your video more successful.

Several videos

This option allows you to bulk upload up to 50 films at a time, then adjust their names and descriptions.

Go Online

This option provides access to Facebook’s native Live Producer tool. Check out our Facebook Live guide for additional information.

Distribute videos across multiple pages.
Upload a video and cross-post it to multiple Facebook Pages using this feature.

Library of Content

The Content library is a collection of all the posts you’ve made to your Facebook Pages.

The Content library can be accessed in a variety of ways. Filters can be used to organize your posts by type, publication date, or features (e.g. description or video length).

A search bar is located next to the fitters and may be used to locate a certain post.

You can also view your posts by status using the tabs at the top of the screen: published, scheduled, draughts, expired, and expiring.

Finally, the menu on the right side of the screen can be used to quickly access Stories, Clips, Instant Articles, and other features.

However, the Stuff library is more than just a repository for your Facebook content. When you click on a specific post, you will be taken to a detailed breakdown of its performance.

Quick actions on your posts can also be performed directly from the Content library. To edit, enhance, or remove a post, click on the three dots that appear when you hover over it. It’s worth noting that the list of activities for photo and video posts differs.

Insights are where you can find all of the information regarding your Facebook performance. This is a crucial feature because Facebook has announced that Facebook Analytics will be phased out.

In Creator Studio, the Insights area is divided into four key categories:

Instant Articles Pages Videos Stories

You may access dashboards unique to each category from the menu on the right side of the screen, such as Audience insights on Pages and Retention insights in Videos.

You can explore insights from specific timeframes and export your data from each dashboard.

It’s difficult to track the performance of Facebook Stories in Insights. You must manually activate the feature, and even then, Facebook will only provide you with 28 days of insights.


This is where you may respond to comments and messages from your Facebook Pages and linked Instagram accounts.

The Inbox consolidates all of these interactions and allows you to respond to comments and messages right from the dashboard. It also assists you in managing your workload by categorizing chats as Done, Spam, Unread, or Follow up.

The activities listed above apply to Facebook comments, Instagram comments, and Instagram direct messages. On Facebook, additional functionalities for direct messages are available:

  • Coworkers are being assigned conversation threads.
  • Making profiles for users who connect with your brand
  • Conversations with labels, notes, and activities
  • Payment requests

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This area allows you to configure monetization techniques, track your earnings, and adjust payout settings.

Among the monetization tools available are:

  • Paid online events Instant Articles
  • Ads for on-demand Fan subscriptions in-stream
  • Stars in-stream advertisements for Live Brand Collabs Manager
  • When you first enter the Monetization section of Creator Studio, you will see a list of the monetization tools that are available to you.

You can configure them directly from your dashboard. Visit Facebook’s dedicated page to learn more about Creator Studio monetization capabilities.

Creative Instruments

There are two dashboards in this section:

  • A live dashboard is a resource hub and performance tracker for Facebook live streamers.
  • Sound library: A collection of royalty-free tunes and sounds for usage on Facebook and Instagram.

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