Fakespot Analyzer App Helps and Protect Online Shoppers from Fake Reviews and Products

Fakespot Analyzer App Helps and Protect Online Shoppers from Fake Reviews and Products

The only mobile app in the entire globe has been made available by Fakespot to shield customers from false and unreliable reviews when they shop on websites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Fakespot is now accessible to Android and iOS users as Fakespot Pro, after previously only being made available as a desktop browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


The free Fakespot Pro app enables mobile online consumers to explore eCommerce websites with the help of Fakespot’s strong AI for consumer protection, giving them the ability to make knowledgeable purchases in real-time. Users automatically notice Fakespot’s clear review grades, which range from “A” to “F” and indicate the reviews’ credibility, when evaluating products.

The “Share” feature of their smartphone also allows them to access Fakespot analysis for customers who would rather use the store’s mobile app or another browser. Fakespotters are better able to make informed selections while purchasing online and are more likely to be satisfied with their purchases.

According to the National Retail Federation, online sales in the United States will reach $565 billion in 2020, sparking a rise in the number of online ratings and reviews, which up to 90% of online customers rely on. However, between 30 and 35 percent of online product reviews are bogus and untrustworthy, depending on the platform, giving consumers the false impression of overwhelmingly good ratings and satisfied customers.

In addition to wasting buyers’ time and money, fraudulent reviews can conceal defective or potentially harmful goods. In a recent notice warning 700 corporations, Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, stated that “fake reviews and other forms of deceptive endorsements defraud customers and undermine honest businesses.”

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“It is impossible to ignore the issue of bogus reviews. They lead to dangerous internet transactions when consumers are duped by dishonest sellers. Customers deserve so much more “Saoud Khalifah, the CEO and founder of Fakespot, remarked. “I created Fakespot to restore trust to the eCommerce experience and guard against scams after I was the victim of one myself.

Fakespot Analyzer App

Reviews influence our daily decisions, so it is crucial that they are trustworthy, open, and legitimate. Fakespot uses the most cutting-edge technologies created for consumer protection to provide consumers with the most reliable information for their shopping selections “.

Users may rely on Fakespot as insurance and an extra layer of safety while purchasing online, and retailers gain from higher customer retention, fewer abandoned shopping carts, and fewer refunds.

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Fakespot’s machine learning and natural language processing engines, which are supported by proprietary artificial intelligence technology, have been trained on more than 10 billion product reviews and can recognize both established and new forms of eCommerce fraud. Millions of users trust Fakespot, the only business that protects customers when they shop online.

Download Fakespot Pro Here for Android

Download Fakespot Pro Here for Here for IOs.


By removing false information and fraud, Fakespot aims to restore trust and transparency to the Internet, starting with e-commerce. Fakespot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly identify unauthorized third-party merchants and inaccurate product reviews, protecting consumers while also saving them time and money.

With the help of its unique technology, which examines billions of customer evaluations, it can immediately spot questionable behavior and then suggest preferable choices to customers. Visit https://www.fakespot.com for more details.

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