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Why Is Facebook Not Working? 9 Fixes for Common Issues

More than just a social network, Facebook. You can use it to market your business, keep up with the news stream, remain in touch with friends, and so much more. However, despite its widespread use, Facebook occasionally malfunctions, and it’s not always your fault.

We will assist you in determining the cause of Facebook’s malfunction in this article. We’ll walk you through a series of simple troubleshooting tasks and provide you with the appropriate fixes.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

You might be unable to access Facebook due to poor internet or Wi-Fi signal. Verify that your device is properly connected to the internet. Although it may seem obvious, make sure your router is turned on and that your Ethernet connection is hooked. Additionally, take a look at our user-friendly tutorial for configuring an internet connection.

2. Is Facebook Down?

You should first see if Facebook is down before restarting your wifi or iPhone. You and others may lose connectivity to Facebook due to server-wide difficulties, just like with any other service or website.

You can try signing into your Facebook account on another device, such as an iPad or Android smartphone, to see whether it’s functioning. In spite of this, checking DownDetector is a more tasteful solution.

3. Refresh Your Browser

Refresh your browser if you use the Facebook website rather than the app. This can resolve nearly all browser-related issues. Simply click the Reload or Refresh button while on your Facebook page to make changes. On most browsers, the button is located in the top-left corner.

facebook not working

4. Log Out and Restart the App

You can skip this step if you use the Facebook website rather than the app or Messenger. On your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Microsoft Surface tablet, sometimes all that is necessary to fix Facebook is to close and reopen the app.

An almost untraceable software bug is the root of many Facebook troubles. Therefore, log out of Facebook, close the app, reopen it, and log in again.

5. Clear Cache and Data

Over time, web browsers gather and store a lot of information. You eventually have a technical issue that prohibits you from accessing your Facebook account. Clearing the cache and data in your browser will solve the problem.

Depending on the browser and device you use, there are several procedures to delete data and cache. In comparison to Chrome or Firefox, Apple Safari will require various measures. Before moving on to the next troubleshooting step, make sure you read our comprehensive tutorial on how to clear the cache of any online browser, which we have fortunately put together.

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6. Restart Your Device

facebook not working

Mysterious things start to happen when your computer, Android, or iOS device is on for too long. The programs, services, and processes that are active in the background can result in a variety of bugs. Restarting your device periodically is a good idea because of this.

7. Update or Reinstall the Facebook App

Make sure the Facebook app is running at the most recent version. Search for any alerts that would suggest updating the app. If not, you’ll experience compatibility problems and Facebook will cease functioning properly. The program can either be updated via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, or you can uninstall it and reinstall it from scratch.

8. Flush the DNS Cache

You might have DNS issues when trying to connect to Facebook. When you insert a website address into your browser, the Domain Name Server gets a request from your computer and transforms it into the IP address of a particular server. The DNS cache on your device contains data on every website you visit. The next time you visit a website, it will load more quickly thanks to this.

However, a DNS cache bug could prevent you from reaching the Facebook website. You must flush the cache to resolve this issue. On Windows, follow these instructions:

1. Hold the Windows key + R to open the Run window. Type cmd and click on the OK button.

2. Type the following command in the Command Prompt console and press Enter

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9. Facebook Is Down for Maintenance

facebook not working

Facebook may be undergoing maintenance if the website isn’t functioning properly for you or if you have trouble logging into your account. All you can do is wait till you see a notice or notification regarding this.

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