Epub-What Exactly Is a File of Type Epub?

Most electronic books are stored in EPUB format. If you’ve ever wondered what an EPUB file is, how to open one on all your devices, or how to convert one to a different format that would work with your eReader, this article will answer all your questions.

When Do I Need to Use an Epub File?

Short for “electronic publication,” an EPUB file is a document saved in the Open eBook format. EPUB files can be downloaded to and read on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and computers. More eBook readers than any other file format are compatible with this freely available eBook standard.

The most recent EPUB version is 3.2. It’s up-to-date with HTML5, CSS3, and SVG, and it can play audio and video from within the code.

Epub Files: How To Read Them

EPUB files can be read on a wide variety of eReaders, including the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Kobo eReader, and Apple’s Books app. Books can be converted for use on the Amazon Kindle by utilising an EPUB converter, or they can be emailed directly to the Kindle and converted through the Send to Kindle app.

Free software like Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, Apple Books, EPUB File Reader, Stanza Desktop, Okular, and Sumatra PDF can be used to read these books on a computer. EPUB files may be read by a plethora of iPhone and Android apps. Add-ons and extensions for browsers like Firefox and Chrome make online reading as easy as reading a document. There are many EPUB readers available, such as EPUBReader for Firefox and Simple EPUB Reader for Chrome.


EPUB files can also be seen in Google Play Books via the web client, which can be accessed after uploading the file to a user’s Google account.

Because of the similarity between EPUB and ZIP file formats, you may simply rename an EPUB eBook by changing the. epub extension to.zip and then open it using any file compression programme, such as the open-source 7-Zip programme. The EPUB eBook’s HTML source code and accompanying graphics and styles should be contained therein. The format allows for the incorporation of image files such as GIFs, PNGs, JPGs, and SVGs.

The Process of Changing an EPUB File

There are various ways:

  • When it comes to software, Calibre is without a peer. It can change formats to or from those used by the Amazon Kindle and the vast majority of other eBook readers.
  • EPUB, FB2, HTML, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDF, PDB, RTF, TXT, and SNB are only few of the supported formats.
  • If you need to convert EPUB files online, consider using Zamzar. The website also allows you to export the book in different text forms like PDF, TXT, and FB2.
  • Converting a file to EPUB format online from another format such as AZW or PDF is possible with the help of the Online eBook Converter.

An alternative to utilising Calibre or other online file converters is to open the book in one of the other readers and then save or export the open file as another file format.

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Can’t Get It Opened Yet?

Misreading the file extension is one of the most prevalent causes of problems when attempting to open a file that has not been encountered before. When attempting to open or convert a file, it might be perplexing because different file formats utilise distinct file extensions yet often seem quite similar.

One such file type, the PUB file, uses the same three-letter extension as the EPUB file type, but is not associated with eBooks but rather Microsoft Publisher papers.


An EPM or EBM file can easily be mistaken for an EPUB file. The EBM file extension can refer to either the EXTRA! Basic Macro file format or the Embla Recording file format; none of these is an eBook format. Micro Focus software launches the former, while Embla RemLogic software operates the latter.

If you realise that the file you thought was an EPUB file is actually utilising a different extension, read it again to figure out what it is, and then look it up on Google or right here on Lifewire to learn how to open and/or convert it.

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Exactly What Windows Software Do I Need to Read Epub Files?

Calibre, a free PC programme, may be downloaded and opened right now. Click Add Books, then locate the files you want, and finally click Add to Library. Select the file you want to see, and click the View menu.

If I Have Adobe Reader, how Can I See an Epub File?

PDF files can only be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Digital Editions, another free tool from Adobe, allows you to read both PDF and EPUB files on your computer. Just get the software, fire it up, go to File > Add to Library > and pick the file or book you want to read.

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