Know How To Convert HEIC To JPG

Know How To Convert HEIC To JPG

Photographers must deal with a range of image kinds, and new file formats occasionally develop with advantages that, while useful, may not be immediately apparent. When merely attempting to finish a project, this might result in frustration and hours squandered. This is especially true when using a new camera or device to save photos that can’t be accessed or modified using the standard workflow.

The iPhone and iPad’s default photo file format was changed from the popular JPG to a file format called HEIC after Apple released iOS 11 in September 2017. HEIC was initially made widely available by Apple, and it had an impact that is still being seen today.

Even though HEIC significantly reduces storage space requirements, managing the files might be challenging. The good news is that you can quickly convert HEIC files to JPG for use with your preferred programs for viewing and editing.

Here are several resources to convert HEIC to JPEG for an urgent fix to handle a folder full of HEIC photographs that can’t be utilized, coupled with the information that can help prevent this from being a continuing problem.

How Does HEIC Format Work?

High-Efficiency Image Container Is Known as Heic. Similar to How a Gif Can Be a Still Image or An Animation, It Can Hold a Single Image or A Series of Images in Its Role as A “container” Format. Apple and Many Other Smartphone and Camera Makers, Such as Samsung, Canon, and Sony, Support the Taking and Editing of Heic Format Photographs.

The Image Format Is Based on High-Efficiency Video Coding and Is Known as High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) (HEVC). Other Names for Hevc Are H.265 and Mpeg-H Part 2. Although the End-User Simply Needs to Be Aware of The File Type, All of These Acronyms Seem Perplexing. HEIC or HEIF File Extensions Indicate a High-Efficiency Image. a High-Efficiency Video File if It Is Hevc.

Although HEIC Is Still a Compressed Image Format, the Results Are Typically Far Better than Those of Older Lossy Formats Because It Stores 10 Bits of Data for Each Pixel.

Describe Jpeg Format.

The Majority of The Photographs You See on The Internet and In Social Media Are in The Jpeg Format, Which Is Older and More Widely Used. Although It Isn’t the Most Effective Method for Storing Photographs These Days, It Represented a Significant Improvement in Picture Quality for The Early Internet, Which Explains Why It Is Practically Universal.

Joint Photographic Experts Group, or Jpeg for Short, Is an Abbreviation that Was Developed During Debates Inside a Group of The Same Name. Jpeg Comes in A Variety of Forms, and While It Has Improved in Efficiency Over Time, It Still Falls Short of The Quality of More Recent Formats.

Jpeg Blurs Some Areas of A Photo and Compresses Both Brightness and Colour, Resulting in Blocks that Can Occasionally Be Seen as Artefacts. There Are Several Ways to Improve Image Quality in Order to Mitigate This Issue, However Doing so Results in Greater File Sizes. Another File Format Is Required if The Highest Quality Is Desired.

Know How To Convert HEIC To JPG

Which Format, Heic or Jpeg, Is Better?

The Heic System Is More Recent, and In Technology, More Recent Frequently Means Better. that Is True in This Instance. Further Data Compression Is Possible with Heic While Having Less of An Influence on The Image’s Original Quality. It Is Generally Acknowledged that A Picture that Has Been Compressed as A Heic File Will Be Closer to The Original Uncompressed Photograph than A Jpeg Compressed File that Has the Same File Size. the File Size Is Reduced by Almost Half.

When It Comes to Efficiency and Image Quality, HEIC Always Triumphs. Jpeg Can only Carry 8 Bits of Colour and Brightness Data per Pixel, Compared to HEIC’S 10 Bits.

However, There Are Other Factors to Take Into Account, Which Is Why HEIC and Jpeg Are Frequently Included in Hardware Solutions. the fact that HEIC Is Newer and So Has Less Software Support Is Its Single True Drawback. So, in order to Use a Heic Image File Everywhere, It Could Occasionally Be Necessary to Convert It To A Jpeg Format.

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HEIC: Where Can I Use It?

All of Apple’s Products, Including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Mac Book PCs, Can Handle Heic Photos.

Microsoft’s Free Heif Image Extensions Package for Windows 10 or Higher Can Be Used to Enable Heic Functionality, Which Is Not Included Into Windows by Default. Since HEIC Images Are Encoded and Decoded Using This Package, It Is Also Necessary To Install Hevc Video Extensions. This Software Is Available from Microsoft for 99 Cents. Windows Will Be Able to Read and Write Picture Files Encoded in HEIF After Installation, Including Images with The Heic and HEIF File Extensions.

To Allow Compatibility on Linux, a Heif Library (LIBHEIF) Can Be Installed.

Support for HEIC Is Also Included in Android Devices Running Version 10 or Higher. Although the majority of Operating Systems Support High-Efficiency Images or Can Easily Be Updated to Do So, There May Be an Issue if You Try to Post a Photo in Heic to Social Media or Open It on An App that Doesn’t Support This Image Type.

The iPhone Doesn’t Automatically Convert to Jpeg.

Know How To Convert HEIC To JPG

When Necessary, the iPhone Will Occasionally Convert Heic Images Into Jpeg Format Automatically. on A Smartphone with Limited Capacity and On I Cloud, Where It Costs More to Save Larger Files, HEIC Makes Sense Because It Is More Effective.

IOs Transform the Images Before Sending Them when It Detects that They Will Be Utilised Elsewhere. Specifically, Depending on Whether the Recipient Device Supports the Latest Media Format, Using AirDrop, Messages, or Apple Mail May Cause the Conversion to JPEG.

HEIC to JPEG Conversion for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The Sole Option Is to Convert Them All to The Considerably More Compatible JPEG Format, Despite the Larger File Size, if A Sizable Library of Heic Format Images Has Been Moved to An Incompatible System or If the Operating System Can Read the File but An App or Website Cannot. There Are Undoubtedly Hundreds of Ways to Accomplish This, but A Select Few Stand out As Being the Most Affordable and Practical.


Using a Mac Computer Makes the Process Far Easier Because Apple Recognises HEIC as A Standard. the Preview App Allows You to Open and Save Individual Photographs as JPEG Files. Simply Choose File>export, Choose JPEG in The Format Menu, Then Hit Save After Opening a Heic Image.

You May Also Right-Click on A Heic File and Select Quick Actions>convert Image Starting with Mac Os Monterey. Make Sure Jpeg Is Chosen as The Format in The Window that Appears, and Then Click Convert to JPEG.


The Photos App Can Be Used to Save Heic Photographs in JPEG Format if Windows Has Heif Image Extensions Set Up.

When Dealing with A Limited Number of Photos, These Options Are Inexpensive and Simple, but They Aren’t the Best Option if Dozens of Photos Need to Be Converted Because Each One Must First Be Opened. Installing a Programme that Can Batch-Process a Folder of Images without The User’s Continued Input Is Preferable.

It’s Difficult to Go Wrong with I Mazing’s Free Heic Converter for A More Reliable Option. the Programme, Which Is Accessible on Both Windows and MAC, Offers a Very Simple and Hassle-Free Way to Convert a Sizable Quantity of Heic Images to JPEG Format.

With a Drag-And-Drop Interface, a Slider to Change the Image Quality from The Usual 95, and A Convert Button that Opens a File Picker to Select Where the Converted Photographs Are Saved, the Procedure Is Fairly Simple. There Are No Advertisements or Monthly Payments, so If This Meets Your Needs, Stop Searching.


According to Ubuntu Handbook, the HEIF-Convert Programme for Linux Users Enables Batch Conversion via The Terminal. Run Sudo Apt Install Libheif-Examples in A Terminal Window to Install It.

How to Change the Image Format on Your iPhone from HEIC to JPEG

The Simplest Option Is to Simply Instruct the iPhone to Utilise that Format when Storing a Photo if Compatibility Is More Important to You than Storage and It Is Known in Advance that The Jpeg Image Format Will Be Required. Simply Scroll Down, Press the Camera Tab, Choose Formats, and Choose the Most Compatible Rather than High Efficiency to Accomplish This in The Settings App.

All Shots Will Thereafter Be Taken, Unless Shooting Raw or Pro Raw Images, in JPEG Format. on The iPhone, Live Photos Will Look Exactly the Same; But, Once Moving to Another Device, the New Format Becomes Clear. a Folder Containing a JPEG Image and An H.264 Video File (the Live Photo’s Motion Component) in An Apple Mov Container Will Be Sent by The iPhone. if only the Jpeg Is Desired, Live Photo, Raw, and Pro Raw Can All Be Turned Off in The Camera App.

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Although HEIC Sometimes Seems Like a Problematic Format, It Has Many Advantages Over JPEG. Even After Editing, Image Quality Is Increased with Fewer Artefacts. Additionally, the File Size Is Decreased, Which Is Crucial when Saving a Lot of Images.

Jpeg Was Created with The Intention of Saving Photos More Effectively so They Would Be Simpler to Save and Share Online. with Apple Promoting the Format and Other Important Companies Providing Support, HEIC Is Now Available to Increase that Efficiency Even Further. Working with HEIC Will Likely Be Necessary for Many Years to Come.

The Good News Is that Free Conversion Tools Are Available and Operating System Support Is Rather Simple to Ensure. to Completely Prevent the Problem, It Is Even Possible to Pick Which Format Is Saved in The iPhone. in The End, it’s generally best to accept the change and integrate HEIC into the workflow.

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