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Cannabis Free Cigarettes: 6 Alternatives of Cannabis Free Cigarettes in 2022!

CBD cigarettes fall between the midst of tobacco cigarettes and standard CBD pre-rolls. Although hemp-filled cigarettes don’t include tobacco or nicotine, they do contain enough CBD to provide users with a calming high that lasts for one to two hours.

Despite the fact that they don’t make you high, they do provide you with a peaceful feeling that will assist you to get through the day. Additionally, they mix in well with smokes so that you won’t stand out too much.

But which CBD cigarettes are the best on the market today? What should you be wary about before purchasing some?

6 Top CBD Cigarettes

We’ve divided our top recommendations into four categories to make it easier for you to choose the kind of hemp cigarettes you’re looking for, with options whether you want to focus on elements like price or taste as well as an overall “best” CBD cigarette for general reasons.

Redwood Reserves

If you’re looking for the finest CBD cigarettes but don’t have a particular aspect that’s most essential to you, Redwood Reserves is a terrific all-around alternative. Each of them provides a flavour that is terpene-rich and somewhat evocative of a conventional cigarette. They also each contain between 60 and 100 milligrammes of CBD, which has profoundly calming effects. Overall, they taste amazing, smoke well, and have great advantages.


Most Powerful Effects: Plain Jane

Plain Jane’s “Hemp Rolls,” commonly known as CBD hemp cigarettes, smoke nicely despite having a straightforward, plain form and containing roughly 72 milligrammes of CBD per stick.

Due to their excellent performance and flavour, which has enough terpenes to taste smoky/hempy, they make fantastic CBD cigarettes. The advantages are more evident than with other smokes, and they start to show up quickly and pleasantly, all for a fairly affordable price.

Best Tasting: Sugar (crème Vanilla)

The flavour of the smoke is elevated by Sugar’s hemp cigarettes. You have the option of vanilla or peppermint in addition to the standard hemp-based flavour, which is similar to most others’ baseline flavours.

cannabis free cigarettes

The vanilla in particular is great since it adds a dessert-like aroma while retaining the flavour’s base. Even though it tastes better than it smells, it still has a decent flavour.

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Best Value: Cbd American Shaman

If you’re looking for reasonably priced hemp cigarettes, CBD American Shaman’s Shaman Smokes are among the best possibilities.

Although essentially comparable to smoking cigarettes, they have a slight hemp flavour and each cigarette has 40 milligrammes of CBD. They function nicely and are reasonably priced, although the draw is a little tight and the throat hit is a little weak.

Best for Smokers: Oklahoma Smokes

Californian hemp that is organically grown and high in CBD and CBG is what goes into Oklahoma Smokes’ CBD cigarettes. While keeping some of the flavours of actual hemp, the cigarettes themselves provide a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience.

Because the throat hit is pleasurable and the overall experience is very comparable to smoking a cigarette, this is a wonderful choice if you want to switch over. The 50 mg potency also results in a considerable effect.

Neurogan Is the Most Organic

The benefits of Neurogan’s CBD cigarettes are spot-on and they are made from just organic ingredients. They contain 60 mg of CBD per full spectrum bud, and within minutes of smoking, they become incredibly calming.

cannabis free cigarettes

The test report just lists CBD, THC, and CBG, yet despite this, it still has a lot of impacts. Although the flavour is somewhat cigarette-like and the pricing is a bit high, they are nonetheless delightful.

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How the CBD Cigarettes Were Evaluated by Us

In the first stage of the selection process, we looked through as much data regarding the top 20 CBD cigarettes as we could find (and used what we already knew).

We evaluated customer feedback, lab findings (if they are available and what they indicate), how transparent organisations were about the source and quality of the hemp, dose, and cost in order to narrow the field of contenders down to 10. From there, we conducted practical testing.

The first-hand testing paid particular attention to each hemp cigarette’s effects, as well as how well they smoked and how much fun they were to use generally. Here are some of the considerations we made during the testing:

cannabis free cigarettes

  • Do you get the flavour notes you were promised?
  • Is the smoke noxious?
  • Is the cigarette burning uniformly?
  • Does it make you smell like an ashtray afterwards?

The majority of the effects were evaluated in the hour after one cigarette. We kept track of the effects’ type, their duration, and how rapidly they appeared.

All of these comments were totalled up, and additional smokes were tested as needed, to choose a winner for each category. This is the best strategy to set apart from the competitors, as evidenced by testing. Sugar’s Crème Vanilla, for example, tasted better than the competition yet had mild to moderate effects.

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If you don’t require a potent CBD experience, these are perfect, but if you do, there are other, preferable solutions. There isn’t a “great” CBD cigarette; there is just the finest CBD cigarette for you.

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