Can You Explain What Bluetooth Is and What I Can Do with It?

Can You Explain What Bluetooth Is and What I Can Do with It?

It’s strange, but true, that sometimes all you know about something is that it exists and that you utilize it. Undoubtedly, Bluetooth is one among them. You won’t believe the story behind that peculiar name, either. Discover the answer by reading on to the end.

What is Bluetooth Exactly?

Bluetooth is a wireless networking standard that eliminates the need for devices to go through a middleman, such as a router, switch, or repeater, to exchange data. Sounds like the operation of a regular radio, but it’s not. Every day radio is a bit more of a fire hose method to communicating whereas Bluetooth is more like a super fine water jet. The signal from a radio station is amplified and broadcasted over the airways without any filtering. Bluetooth gives up some efficiency in exchange for pinpoint accuracy.

All communication between devices using it requires mutual consent from both parties. Link Management Protocols are used for this purpose (LMP). Suppose there are two people in a room full of people, and everyone is talking at once. That makes it tough to carry on a discussion. Now picture a tube running straight between them, allowing them to communicate without being overheard. Those two individuals have established a connection that shields their communication from any outside disturbances. Because of this, effective communication is ensured.

This dialogue is now secure within the tube’s protective cone of silence, which also stops others from overhearing it. LMP achieves this by encrypting the data and switching frequencies often. You’ve just made communication more reliable and safe.

Because of this, Bluetooth is truly revolutionary and beneficial. Bluetooth devices in the same room won’t communicate unless they’re designed to do so. No one else will understand a word that is being spoken.

Bluetooth Signal

In addition to being energy efficient, Bluetooth’s range of 30 feet means that its signal isn’t very powerful. This is why earpieces and other similarly compact gadgets may function for a long time on a single charge. A standard radio can drain multiple big batteries in a matter of hours.

The signal’s limited bandwidth makes it ideal for sending and receiving simple data types like text. We also put Bluetooth’s audio capabilities to the test frequently.


What Can Bluetooth Connect To?

A Bluetooth-enabled gadget can pair with any other Bluetooth gadget. In case you were wondering what else than headphones, mice, and keyboards may be utilized with Bluetooth, here are some ideas.

Apple’s iWatch and other fitness trackers like FitBit are examples of smartwatches that can sync with your phone wirelessly. This facilitates information sharing between your device and theirs for usage in various apps. The Fitbit app, for instance, receives all of its information by wirelessly syncing with your FitBit device.

Tethering your laptop to your phone for internet access is achievable through the use of Bluetooth. Next, connect your laptop to your phone through Bluetooth and utilize your phone’s cellular data connection to access the web. This can also be done via WiFi, but a Bluetooth connection will be more efficient and will allow your phone’s battery to survive longer.

Two devices can establish a Bluetooth connection and exchange data. Perhaps you’d want to transfer some files from your PC to your phone, to take to a meeting. If both devices have Bluetooth, you should be able to do this.

Printing: Many new printers are Bluetooth-equipped. Without a network connection, you can print from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Smart appliances, such as light bulbs and refrigerators, will be able to talk to each other using Bluetooth as part of the Internet of Things. You can count on that pattern to persist. Up to fifty Internet of Things devices may be present in each dwelling, according to some estimates.

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Why is it Called Bluetooth?

Can You Explain What Bluetooth Is and What I Can Do with It?

The name “Bluetooth” was never intended. That was simply a working title for the team that eventually developed Bluetooth. They planned to think of a catchier name for promotional purposes. Jim Kardash of Intel proposed the name Bluetooth when developers from Intel, Ericsson, and Nokia got together to create the technology.

King Harald Gormsson, better known as “Bluetooth” for short, was well-known for two things. In 958, under King Gormsson’s rule, Denmark and Norway were united. His teeth were bluish-gray in color as well.

Kardash linked the technology to the union of Denmark and Norway by combining, “…the PC and cellular sectors with a short-range wireless link.” Marketing has come up with the name RadioWire and PAN as viable substitutes. Since “PAN” (personal area network) was already in common use, they were unable to obtain a trademark for it. Trademarking RadioWire was too time-consuming, and by that point, Bluetooth had already been introduced. The name caught on and eventually became the trademark in everyone’s mind.


Bluetooth logo

The logo is a combination of two Younger Futhark runes, chosen because they fit the overall Scandinavian motif. Hagall, which looks like an asterisk, and Bjarkan, which looks like a B, are two examples of runes. As they were also the initials of King Gormsson, it was a perfect fit.

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The Future of Bluetooth

Over 30,000 companies are a part of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), which is constantly improving the Bluetooth standard. There are currently a plethora of Bluetooth implementations, each with its own set of advantages.

The current release is 5.1. With each successive release, Bluetooth gains speed and bandwidth, expanding the range of its possible applications. However, they are also working to enhance Bluetooth’s functionality and safety. As the number of connected objects increases, we can anticipate the widespread use of Bluetooth connectivity.

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