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What is the Attractiveness Scale on TikTok And How Do You Get It?

One of the fads that have taken over the world is the attractiveness scales on TikTok. Millions of views every day are generated by the beauty effects that rank TikTokers’ appearances from one to ten and compare them to the faces of celebrities.

The shapeshifting and the lightness scale effects are two of the most well-liked attraction effects on Tiktok. Users’ faces are ranked from one to ten for the fitness scale effect and from one to ten for the shapeshifting effect, which compares users’ faces to those of celebrities whose faces have already been pre-graded on a scale of one to ten.

Users are obsessed with these filters for a variety of reasons, including the millions of views and the gratifying sensation of receiving a ten or being compared to an attractive celebrity. Therefore, scroll down to learn more because this article will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is the Impact of The Attractiveness Scale?

The shapeshifting filter and the lightness scale filter are two of the most widely used beauty effects online, as we previously mentioned.

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Tik Tok Shape-Shifting Filter

TikTok is compared to celebrities who have been pre-ranked from one to 10 in Shapeshifting. Because there are male and female beauty charts, all sexes can utilize the filter.

attractiveness scale tiktok

The most gorgeous men on the list are Tom Cruise and Ian Somerhalder, with Daniel Kaluuya coming in at number six. When a man has a “square face, masculine features, and hunter-like eyes,” it is said that he is beautiful.

In terms of the most attractive women, Amy Schumer and Emma Watson are classified as tens, while Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr are placed as nines. “Extremely gorgeous – most people will think she is hot or breathtaking” is how the top level on the female chart is described. Almost no facial feature “defects,” simply variations that give a person a distinctive look. tall and symmetrical. All other bodily parts are excellent, and there are two or more of them. flawless teeth Good hygiene is maintained.

Tik Tok’s Filter for Fitness

A straightforward measure that appears over TikTokers’ heads and rates their attractiveness is the litness scale filter. Users are rated on a scale from one to ten, with one representing the lowest score and ten the highest.

How Do You Use the Tik Tok Appealing Scale?

Like with any other TikTok filter video, gaze at the camera before applying the filter and then searching for it.

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Here Is the Step-By-Step Process for Getting the Shapeshifting Filter.

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Tap on the ‘Create video’ button.
  3. Tap on ‘Effects’ in the lower-left corner. Next, tap on the magnifying glass and type in ‘Shapeshifting’ in the search bar.
  4. Tap on the first result, upload a photo from you and wait three seconds. The filter will match your face to your celebrity look-alike.

You can also use the ‘Discovery’ button on TikTok to find more TikTok videos with this filter.

Here Is the Step-By-Step Process of Getting the Litness Filter.

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Tap on the ‘Create video’ button.
  3. Tap on ‘Effects’ in the lower-left corner. Next, tap on the magnifying glass and type in ‘Litness scale’ in the search bar.
  4. Tap on the first result, look at the camera, and the filter will show how you rank from one to ten.

You can also use the ‘Discovery’ button on TikTok to find more TikTok videos with this filter.

How Realistic Is the Tik Tok Attractiveness Scale?

attractiveness scale tiktok

It’s debatable whether TikTok’s attractiveness scales are accurate. Although many people would agree with the “rankings” these filters provide, beauty is a very subjective concept that is influenced by a variety of factors.

Furthermore, while it’s always entertaining to follow TikTok trends, many of them might negatively affect users’ mental health by making them feel unworthy. Don’t damage your sentiments just to gain attention online.

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What Tik Tok Filter Gives You the Best Appearance?

Many users question which filters will make them “appear flawless” as the use of filters across all social media platforms has become a standard daily practice.

Here are several TikTok beauty filters.

  1. Shay beauty filter.
  2. Kira beauty.
  3. Pearl beauty.
  4. Faux freckles.
  5. Disposable beauty.
  6. Glow beauty.
  7. Beauty effect.
  8. Soft beauty.
  9. No filter.
  10. Green beauty.

A Conclusion

attractiveness scale tiktok

TikTok’s attractiveness filters and effects are entertaining for a variety of reasons. You have the potential to go viral with these trends, and getting compliments on how attractive you are just adding to the nice, fuzzy feeling.

Regardless of the results, you shouldn’t be dissatisfied because the goal of these filters is to create entertainment.

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