Amazon Error Code CS11 Fix

what Is Amazon Error Code Cs11 ? how To Fix This Error On Android, iOS!

A problem with Amazon’s Error Code Cs11 – Have you ever wondered why you’re getting an error message? You’re stumped as to how to make it work again? You need not be concerned; you have arrived at the correct location. I’ll teach you how to repair Amazon issue cs11 in this post.

Digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are major areas of focus for Amazon, a major American multinational corporation. You may buy mobiles, books, clothing, accessories, watches, cameras, shoes, computers, e-gift cards, and much more.

Amazon Error Code CS11 [How to Troubleshoot]

In your quest for Prime Day bargains, you may have come across the Amazon error code cs11. A lovely picture of a dog with the error message “UH-OH Something went wrong on our end” may have appeared on your screen.

We are unable to pinpoint the root cause of this phenomenon. However, we can state that the high volume of traffic on its site and the server on which you may access the Prime Day discounts may be the cause of your encounter with this issue.

As Amazon is the source of the issue, you’ll need to be patient while they work to resolve it. If it doesn’t work, here are some further options for dealing with Amazon error number cs11.

Check Date and Time \sFor Android

Amazon Error Code CS11 Fix


  • Go to Settings on your device.
  • Scroll down and click on General Management.
  • Click on the date and time and check whether they are right.
  • You may either activate the Automatic date and time option or click on Use 24-hour format.

For iOS

  • Open settings app on your device.
  • Navigate to General, scroll down and click on Date & Time.
  • Click on Set Automatically.
  • Check Permissions

For Android

  • Open settings and click on Apps.
  • Scroll down and launch Amazon app.
  • Click on permissions and verify if all the choices are enabled.
  • If not, then just click allow.

For iOS

  • Open settings on your smartphone.
  • Scroll down till you discover the Amazon App.
  • Open it and activate all the settings.

Run a Test on the Server

Amazon Error Code CS11 Fix

It’s possible that a server outage may be to blame for this. Wait a bit and see whether the problem has been resolved after some time.

In addition, the Amazon app may have been corrupted during the installation process. If Amazon’s app is corrupted, certain of the program’s modules may not be able to be executed, resulting in the CS11 issue.

Run a Test on the Server

Temporary server outages may be to blame for this problem. It’s best to wait until the issue is resolved before checking back in.

In addition, the Amazon app may have been corrupted during the installation process. If the Amazon app is corrupted, certain of the program’s modules may not be able to be executed, resulting in the CS11 error.

Update your App:

Update your app to the most recent version before continuing. To see whether there is a new update, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Delete and reinstall the Amazon App:

The Amazon CS11 Error code might be caused by a faulty installation of the Amazon pp, as was previously explained. As a result, we can conclude that removing and reinstalling the app will likely fix the problem.

Add Amazon Exceptions to the Firewall or Disable Network Firewall
There is a potential that you are seeing the Amazon app CS11 error code if the network’s firewall is preventing the app’s access to its servers.

So, in this scenario, it would be advisable to provide an exception to the needed Amazon servers or removing the network firewall would fix the issue.


Below is an example of the procedure of deactivating a form of network firewall (PiHole) on a Windows PC. But before that, know that deactivating the network firewall may render the network susceptible and its associated devices to attackers.

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Select Windows and for Command Prompt or enter CND in the search box.

Amazon Error Code CS11 Fix


Right-click on the result and tap on Run as Administrator. Now, execute – pihole

Once the PiHole interface is invoked, execute – pihole deactivate

Once it is deactivated, launch the Amazon app. Now, add the Amazon domains to the exclusion list of PiHole.

Generally, the domains that are required to be added are –,, and

5. Then, enable back PiHole by entering the following on an elevated command prompt: pihole enable

So, that’s how you disable the network firewall or add Amazon exception servers or domains to the Firewall.

If none of the previous methods worked, you may attempt to utilize the browser version of the Amazon app or another platform app like the iOS version of the Amazon app.

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To accomplish this, follow the procedures outlined below:

Amazon Error Code CS11 Fix

For the iPhone and iPad:

When you open Apple’s App Store, type in “Amazon” to find the app.
Tap Uninstall on the Details page of the program.
Restart your device once it has been removed, and then reinstall the Amazon app.
So, you should now run the program once more to verify that the CS11 problem has been resolved.
It is available for Android at the following address:

You can access the Google Play Store by launching the app.
In the upper right corner, click on the Profile button.
Manage applications and devices by clicking on the Manage button.
Uninstall the Amazon App by searching for it and then tapping on the Uninstall button.

As a result

You’ll just have to wait a little longer while Amazon fixes the problem. To conclude, I hope that the information provided in this post has helped you resolve the Amazon problem code cs11.


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