AirPods Pro Not Connecting To iPhone? Here's The 10 Fix!

AirPods Pro Not Connecting To iPhone? Here’s The 10 Fix!

You are unable to connect your AirPods Pro to your iPhone and are unsure of the solution.

You are unable to use Bluetooth to connect your devices, no matter what you try.

What to do if your AirPods Pro won’t connect to your iPhone is explained in this article.

Do I Have Damaged Air Pods Pro?

We are unsure if you are experiencing a hardware or software issue at this time. Most of the time, a simple software error is to blame for your AirPods Pro not connecting to your iPhone. a charging case for AirPods elite Although the AirPods Pro is made to connect to your iPhone wirelessly, this doesn’t always happen. Starting with software troubleshooting procedures, the steps below will assist you in determining the nature of the issue you’re experiencing. If you discover that your AirPods Pro is damaged, we’ll teach you how to contact Apple at the end of the guide.

What to Do if Your Air Pods Pro Won’t Connect to Your iPhone

1. Using Your iPhone, Configure Air Pods

Before using your AirPods, they must be connected to your iPhone. As soon as you open the Charging Case, AirPods are made to quickly connect to your iPhone.

How Can I Configure Air Pods on My iPhone?

  • Activate the iPhone.
  • With Your Air Pods Inside the Charging Case, Open It Up.
  • Hold Your iPhone Close to The Charging Case.
  • Your iPhone Will Display a Setup Animation.
  • Click Connect.
  • Click Done.

2. Launch Your iPhone

Minor Software Bugs and Issues Can Occasionally Be Resolved by Restarting Your iPhone.

Without the Home Button, Restart an iPhone

How Can I Reboot My iPhone?

When the Slide to Power Off Slider Shows on The Display, Hold Down the Power Button (for I Phones without Face Id) or The Side Button and Either Volume Button (for I Phones with Face Id).

To Turn Off Your I IPhone, Swipe It from Left to Right on The Red Power Icon.

Once the Apple Logo Shows in The Middle of The Display, Press and Hold the Power Button (for I Phones without Face Id) or The Side Button (for I Phones with Face Id) Once More for Around 30 Seconds.

  • The Settings App on Your iPhone, Turn It Off (option 1)
  • Get Your iPhone’s Settings App Open.
  • Press General.
  • Click Shut Down After Scrolling to The Bottom.
  • The Red Power Icon Should Be Moved from Left to Right.
  • To Restart Your iPhone, Connect It to A Power Source with A Lightning Connector.

Using Assistive Touch, Turn Off Your iPhone.

  • View Our YouTube Video or Perform the Actions Listed Below!
  • Launch the Settings App.
  • Press General.
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • Click Assistive Touch.
  • Turn on The Assistive Touch Switch.
  • When the Assistive Touch Button Appears on The Screen, Tap It.
  • Device, Tap.
  • Press Restart.
  • When the Confirmation Message Comes, Tap Restart Once Again.

3. Restart Bluetooth After Turning It Off

Sometimes All that Is Required to Resolve Minor Communication Issues Between Your iPhone and Bluetooth Devices Is to Turn Bluetooth on And Off Again.

AirPods Pro Not Connecting To iPhone? Here's The 10 Fix!

How Do I Restart Bluetooth After Turning It Off?

There Are Three Methods for Switching Bluetooth on And Off:

  • Within the Settings App
  • Launch the Settings App.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • To Turn Bluetooth Off, Tap the Green Switch Next to It. Bluetooth Is Turned Off When The Switch Is Grey.
  • To Activate Bluetooth Once More, Tap the Switch One More. when The Switch Goes Green, You’ll Know Bluetooth Is Turned On.

At the Control Center

Swipe up From the Bottom of The Screen (for I Phones without Face Id) or Down from The Top Right Corner of The Screen to Access Control Center (i Phones with Face Id).

Take a Look at The Triangle-Shaped Bluetooth Icon, Which Resembles a Letter “b.” when The Icon Is Grey with A Black Backdrop, Bluetooth Is Off.

Tap the Bluetooth Symbol One Again to Activate Bluetooth Once More. when The Icon Is White with A Blue Backdrop, Bluetooth Is Active.

Use of Siri

Siri Can Be Accessed by Saying “hey Siri” or Pushing and Holding the Home Button (on iPhones without Face Id) or The Side Button (on iPhones with Face Id) until Siri Appears.

Say “Turn Off Bluetooth” to Turn Bluetooth Off.

Say “turn on Bluetooth” to Turn Bluetooth Back On.

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4. iOs Updates for iPhone

You Might Experience Issues if You’re I Phone Is Running an Old Version of I Os, but You Might Easily Remedy Them by Updating to The Most Recent Version of iOs.

In Settings, Click General.

How Can I Update My iPhone’s IOs?

Your iPhone Can Be Updated with I Os in Two Different Ways: Through the Settings App and Through iTunes.

  • In the Settings App, Update IOs
  • Open the Settings Application.
  • Press General.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Tap Install Now or Download and Install if An Update Is Available.

I Os Updates Through I Tunes (p Cs and Macs Running Mac Os 10.14 or Older)

Utilize a Lightning Cable to Link Your iPhone to A Pc.

Launch I Tunes.

In iTunes, Click the Phone Button in The Top Left Corner (see Image 3).

Check for Update by Clicking.

To Install an Update if One Is Available, Click Download.

IOs Update with Finder (macs Running Mac Os 10.15 or Newer)

  • Utilize a Charging Cord to Link Your iPhone to Your Mac.
  • Launch Finder.
  • Select Your iPhone from The Locations Menu.
  • On the General Tab, Click.
  • Check for Update by Clicking.
  • In the event that There Is an I Os Update, Click Download and Install.

5. The Air Pods Charging Case with A Charge

Although It Sounds Complicated, in Order to Charge Your Air Pods, the Charging Case Must First Be Charged.

AirPods Pro Not Connecting To iPhone? Here's The 10 Fix!

How Does the Air Pods Charging Case Charge?

  • Connect a Lightning Cable to Your Charging Case’s Lightning Port.
  • Connect the Lightning Cable’s Opposite End to A USB Port or Power Outlet.
  • Your Charging Case Could Need a Few Hours to Charge Completely.

6. Fill up Your Air Pods

You Can Make Sure Your Air Pods Have Ample Battery Life by Charging Them. the Charging Case Is Used to Recharge Air Pods.

How Do My Air Pods Get Charge?

  • Put the Charging Case with Your Air Pods Inside.
  • The Status Light Will Show how many charges Your Air Pods Have When They Are in The Charging Case.
  • Your Air Pods Will Be Fully Charged when The Status Indicator Turns Green.

7. Your Air Pods and Charging Case Should Be Cleaned

Your Air Pods or Charging Case’s Operation May Be Impacted and Hardware Issues May Result if Dirt, Dust, or Other Debris Get Inside of Them. for instance, Your Air Pods Could Not Charge Properly if Your Charging Case Has Trash.

  • Grab a Lint-Free, Soft Cloth. Use Tissues or Cloth that Won’t Shred Inside Your Devices Instead.
  • Use the Cloth to Gently Wipe Your Air Pods and Charging Case.
  • You Can Clean It out With A Brand-New Toothbrush or an anti-static brush if the debris is more compact.

8. Make Certain Your Air Pods Are Within Your iPhone’s Range

Your iPhone and AirPods won’t be able to connect if they are not close enough to each other. Bluetooth can only communicate with your iPhone and AirPods when they are close enough to one another.

How Can I Ensure that My Air Pods Are Within My iPhone’s Range?

  • Access the Home screen.
  • Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen (for iPhones without Face ID) or down from the top right corner to access the Control Center (iPhones with Face ID).
  • The audio output icon, which resembles a triangle with three circles coming out of it, should be tapped.
  • Your AirPods are out of range if they are not displayed here as an audio output source.

9. Verify that You Have Connected Your Air Pods to The Right Device

Your AirPods can be receiving audio output from another device if they are plugged into another one. The simultaneous audio output from two devices is not intended for use with AirPods.

How Can I Check That My Air Pods Are Plugged Into the Right Device?

  • Access the Home Screen.
  • Activate Control Center.
  • The Audio Output Button, Which Resembles a Tiny Triangle with Three Circles Emerging from It,
  • Should Be Tapped.
  • To Link Your iPhone to Your Air Pods, Tap Air Pods.
  • Air Pods Are out Of Range if They Are Not Listed.

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10. Reset Network Configuration

Your iPhone Maintains Information About How To Connect To A Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Device when You Connect to It for The First Time. Connectivity Problems Might Result if Something Changes in That Procedure.

Deep Software Issues, Particularly Those Involving Network Settings, Might Be Challenging to Locate. We’re Going to Reset All Network Settings and Offer Your iPhone a New Start Rather than Attempting to Identify the Problem.

What Is a Network Settings Reset?

  • Launch the Settings App.
  • Press General.
  • Tap Transfer or Reset I Phone After Scrolling Down.
  • Press Reset.
  • Select Reset Network Settings.
  • If Asked, Enter Your Passcode.
  • When the Reset Is Finished, Your iPhone Will Shut Off, Reset and Turn Itself Back On.

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