5 Top Instagram Followers Trackers [+Free Tracking Tool]

You can gain a huge number of Instagram followers over time. You may not have the following of Selena Gomez or Cristiano, both of whom have over 250 million followers. However, even the most casual Instagram user may find it challenging to keep track of who has followed and unfollowed them.

The main Instagram app does not make it easy to manage your followers or keep track of who follows and unfollows you. As a result, various apps have been created by developers to give an improved interface for managing your followers.

Many of these Instagram follower trackers have similar names and practically comparable functionalities. Some people are more interested in Instagram data. We have examined in further depth those tools that provide insight into your Instagram metrics.

The majority of the apps we look at here are straightforward (and free). They can make the lives of anyone with more than a few followers a lot easier.

16 Best Instagram Followers Trackers [+free Tracking Tool]:

1. Instagram Follower Analyzer for Android

Follower Analyzer offers you important statistics about your Instagram followers. You may see who has unfollowed you and who is not following you back, track new followers, identify mutual friends, and view fans. You can see which followers have never liked or commented on your posts and those who have always liked or commented on your friends’ posts. You may see your most liked and discussed status updates, as well as those who are frequently tagged in your posts.

An extra premium purchase enables multiple account sign-ins, an infinite profile analyzer, and the removal of advertisements.

2. Instagram Followers and Unfollowers Analytics (wow Making) Android

This tool makes it incredibly simple to follow and unfollow people. You can use their insta tracker to get a variety of analytics about your Instagram account. Ads and in-app purchases are available for the app’s more advanced features.

You may learn about your followers and unfollowers, uncover ghost followers, determine which of your followers are real and not bots, and see which of your posts are the most successful.

You can easily monitor and manage the popularity of your posts by observing how your audience reacts to your shared content.

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3. Instagram Followers! (component Studios)

Followers for Instagram can help you figure out who has followed and unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back, and who you aren’t following back.


The primary functions are free, but there are a few in-app charges, such as showing blocked Instagram followers, deleted comments and likes of your followers, a Perception upgrade pack, an Involvement upgrade pack, and a Monitoring upgrade pack.

It is simple to use, and you can follow and unfollow people from within the app. You can use it to identify and remove any fraudulent followers who have gotten onto your list.

4. Instagram Followers Insights (mono Mosaic) Android

This is another popular app, with over 150,000 people giving it a 5-star rating and an overall score of 4.5.

Although certain functions are free, you must pay extra for a variety of premium options.

The app allows you to:

  • Discover how many followers you have earned and lost.
  • Discover who has blocked you.
  • Unfollow those who have unfollowed you.
  • Keep track of your most devoted supporters.
  • Keep track of several Instagram accounts
  • Find your spies, possible spammers, and inactive users.
  • Thank you to all of your wonderful followers.
  • The app contains a lot of advertising.

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5. Instagram Followers Tools (cc Soft) for Android

Followers Tools for Instagram offers a lot of information to help you better manage your Instagram account. Like most of the apps discussed here, you can receive a basic level of functionality for free (albeit there are adverts) and then purchase further capabilities as an add-on.

You can follow, unfollow, block, and unblock your followers in the core app without restriction. You may also set it to auto-unfollow using a different list. You may also keep track of all of your new followers, new followers, lost followers / unfollowers, and lost follows/unfollows. You may also view who has blocked you as well as who has blocked you.

The program also displays a plethora of statistics, such as your total number of posts, likes, comments, followers, and follows, as well as trends.

One of the premium features is photo/video analysis. This provides information about your most and least favorite media items based on likes and/or comments.

Another premium feature focuses on user engagement. This provides information on who your most and least active fans are in terms of likes and/or comments. It also provides you with a list of ghost followers that you may simply unfollow.

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