10 Best Editing Apps for Photos

By now, it should be obvious that producing excellent visual content is essential for marketers, especially on social media.

As of 2017, Instagram’s monthly active user base had doubled over the previous two years, indicating that many more people will be viewing and sharing images in 2018. In addition, visual content is 40X more likely than other forms to be shared on social media.

To put it another way, people prefer to be shown rather than told, and as a result, they share.
Because of this, it’s critical for marketers to understand how to produce engaging images for the social networks and blogs of their companies. And while investing time and money in photo editing software for your computer may be worthwhile, many of us capture images with our phones and could manage to modify them without transferring them to a desktop. That’s particularly true if you’re posting at the moment, as when you’re at an event.

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Thankfully, there are several excellent free and low-cost photo editing apps available for mobile devices; some of them even just cost a few dollars. The best apps, though, which ones?

Check out our concise list of apps below, which is divided into sections for apps available only for the iPhone, apps that work on both iOS and Android, and apps made specifically for editing photographs with faces.

1. Afterlight $0.99 | IOs | Android | Windows

When it comes to photo editing, there was a period when I was a little more traditional. I relied solely on Instagram’s capabilities, occasionally mixing them with the “enhance” option in the Photos app on my phone. Then I discovered Afterlight, a relatively basic tool with all the tools required to perform a fundamental photo modification.

It offers all the tools you require for lighting or colour corrections, including the ability to modify brightness, exposure, and rotation of a shot. Additionally, it has 74 filters, including a Fusion feature that enables you to combine different tools, filters, and textures to create a custom appearance. Frames into? With a whopping 128 options, Afterlight boasts seamless integration with Instagram.

However, the tools for brightness and shadows have to be my favourites. Some images benefit from a reduction in shadows and a boost in brightness for a clearer, more youthful appearance. However, turning them around can also provide the effect of darkness, which is what I did with this picture of tree decorations.

2. Vsco Cam Free | Android | IOs

VSCO Cam has developed into a very well-liked mobile picture editing app over the past few years. It does have a larger selection of editing tools than the majority of other editing software, but its main selling point is its filters.

In contrast to the overly saturated aesthetics of many Instagram filters, these filters have a softer, more genuine look that resembles real film. Additionally, it works well for last-minute photo editing. Upload the image to VSCO Cam, apply one of the amazing filters (I used C1 below), and you’re done. (Also, additional filters are available for purchase.)

The tropical environment was captured earlier using the VSCO photo editing tool.

after altering a photograph of a tropical landscape with the VSCO app

3. Free Photoshop Express for Android and IOs

Adobe Photoshop isn’t just for computers, despite what you might have heard. The majority of the features that consumers enjoy about Adobe’s well-liked photo editing tool are available in Adobe Photoshop Express, including settings for lighting, colour, and sharpness.

For mobile users who wish to upload a lot of photographs at once to Facebook or Instagram, Photoshop Express is especially helpful for creating photo collages, something the app’s makers probably emphasised. You can even use digital stickers to annotate your photo in the “Decorate” feature of the app before saving and publishing it directly to social media.

While the best elements of Photoshop are easily available in this photo editor, it does have some inherent mobile app limitations. You may only submit JPG files that are under 16 megapixels in size (MP).

But even on a smaller platform, what it can achieve is still very astounding. Try comparable Adobe photo-editing programmes like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Capture as well.

Here’s how Photoshop Express makes it easier for you to select various collage orientations for a number of photos:

The collage-making option on the mobile Adobe Photoshop Express app

4. Snapseed Free | Android | IOs

Another excellent tool for simple image editing is Snapseed. It includes all the standard adjusting features, including cropping, tuning, and straightening. Its sharpening tool is also among the greatest we’ve ever seen; unlike many other photo sharpening adjustments, it actually improves a photo’s detail without making it appear gritty.

The “Selective Adjust” feature on this instrument is what distinguishes it as being really special. It enables you to focus on a specific part of a picture and change its brightness, contrast, and saturation. Therefore, you might make the buds in a plant’s core more vibrant if you want people to concentrate on that particular area of your photograph.

Want more assistance using Snapseed? The app’s creator, Google, has up a help page with guidelines and advice.

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5. Skrwt $0.99 | Android | IOs

Ever taken a straight-on photo of something, such as a doorway, a building, or your food, only to discover that the perspective was slightly off or tilted? You may change the perspective of your images with the SKRWT app to make the lines appear straight and square.

Check out what I did with a straightforward window shot.


Before image from the photo editing software SKRWT


after using the SKRWT photo editor

Although the “after” picture clearly demonstrates the difference symmetry can make, the “before” image initially doesn’t appear to be all that distorted. This programme is certainly worth the money if seeing photos with a small incline bothers you.

6. Live Collage Free | Android | IOs

Collages created using Photoshop Express can be excellent for comparing two images (like a before-and-after series) or highlighting several images from the same occasion or theme. But Live Collage, which has a huge selection of layouts, is our favourite picture collage tool. It offers a variety of photo arrangement options, both traditional and entertaining, with eye-catching backdrops. Additionally, you may include personalised text in a variety of sizes, colours, and fonts.

The software also offers simple photo editing tools if you’re short on time, making it a convenient one-stop shop.

Examples of collages made with the Live Collage photo editor Sample collage created using the Live Collage photo editing programme.

7. Instasize Free ($4.99/month for Premium) for IOs and Android

If you frequently switch between several applications to crop, adjust, and add effects to your photographs, Instasize provides a number of photo-editing options in one location. Instasize’s main functions are cropping and resizing, but it also has a good range of extra features, including the ability to adjust exposure and brightness, colour and warmth, shadows and highlights, contrast, sharpness, and saturation. Additionally, a variety of photo filters are available.

Along with powerful beauty tools, distinctive borders, a collage maker, and text-adding capabilities, the programme makes it simple for anyone, regardless of skill level, to add a creative and polished touch to their photographs.

8. Foodie Free | Android | IOs

If You’re Anything Like Me, You Have a Tonne of Food Pictures on Your Personal Social Media Accounts. It’s Not Surprising that Food-Focused Applications Are Emerging from Nowhere to Enhance Food Images.

Foodie, Praised by Bustle for “taking Food Photographs to Some Next Level Lovely,” Employs More than 30 Filters and Other Editing Tools to Transform What Could Otherwise Be a Mundane Snack Into an Eye-Pleasing Feast.

This Is What Happened when I Used the Cr2 Filter on A Picture of Chocolate Candy:

M&ms Following Editing in The Foodie Photo-Editing Programme

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9. Camera+ $2.99 | Exclusively for IOs

You Have to Question What Makes Camera+ so Unique Given that It Has the Most Expensive Pricing on The List. when It Was Originally Published, Lifehacker Dubbed It “the Best Camera App for iPhone,” While Time Said that The Camera+ App Was “like a High-Quality Slr Lens if The IPhone’s Regular Camera Is Like a Digital Point-And-Shoot.”

Sharpened Image of A Black Dog Created with The Camera+ Photo Editor

Although the Programme Has Many of The Standard Photo-Editing Features, Such as Colour Tints, Vintage Effects, and Crops, There Are a Few Hidden Jewels that Set It Apart. the First Feature Is Its Image Stabiliser, Which Enables You to Snap Images that Are as Sharp as Possible Before You Ever Press the Shutter. Additionally, It Allows You to Zoom in Up to 6 X, Which Can Significantly Improve the Quality of Your Photo if You’re Trying to Focus on A Distant Object.

The Clarity Filter, Which Gives Professional-Camera Clarity to Practically Any Photo, Is What Kevin Sintumuang of The Wall Street Journal Refers to As Its “secret Sauce.” I Have to Agree; Just Have a Look at How It Improved This Image of My Dog.

10. Mextures $0.99 | only For IOs 10

Mextures Is One of The More Sophisticated Tools on This List, and Layer-Based Editing Is Its Trump Card. This Gives Customers the Option to Move and Edit Each Adjustment Layer Independently, Giving Them Almost Endless Creative Freedom. for A Truly Distinctive Appearance, You Can Also Use Several Filters, Textures, and Blending Models on The Same Image. if You Come Across an Editing Technique You Truly Enjoy, You Can Either Save It for Later Use on Other Photographs or Even Share It with Your Friends.

Here’s What Happened When I Added Three Enhancements—waterfront Overlay, Bokeh Baby Overlay, and The Color Dodge Blending Mode—to a Straightforward Photo of Candlesticks Against a White Background.

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