how to increase followers in instagram

How to Increase Followers in Instagram?

Want to know how to obtain more Instagram followers? There are others besides you! Gaining a following can be difficult, and getting seen on the platform might occasionally seem unattainable with over 1.4 billion users of the app.

However, you may quickly increase your Instagram following by adhering to best practices and employing specialist tools. You can use more than 30 strategies, techniques, and hacks in this post to figure out how to increase the number of genuine Instagram followers.

Ready? Let’s begin the list now.

The best ways to get more Instagram followers

1. Add New Content.

Instagram is part of the numbers game that is social media. The more content you produce, the more probable it is that you will gain traction, which is why it’s so crucial to post consistently and frequently.

Using an Instagram scheduling tool like Pallyy, you can schedule your material in advance to remain on top of your Instagram posting and make sure you still have time for a life outside of Instagram.

how to increase followers in instagram

You may quickly and simply plan content in batches to be published automatically at the times and dates you specify, so you aren’t stuck to your phone all the time.

You may post as many feed posts as you’d like each week by scheduling your material in this manner, and you’ll still have time to share Story articles and produce content for Reels.

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2. Hold a Contest on Instagram

Giveaways on Instagram are a fantastic method to attract followers, likes, and shares of your content. Making sure your followers understand what they must do in order to enter the offer is crucial when running giveaways. Here are some giveaways you can use if you’re eager to gain new followers:

  • Giveaways for “Like” and “Share” For a chance to win, followers must like and share your post.
  • Giveaways for Tag a Friend – To enter, followers must tag a buddy.
  • Follow-to-win competitions – Users who follow your account are automatically put into the drawing.

how to increase followers in instagram

In order to generate user material that you can reuse and distribute, you may also organize content-based giveaways like caption competitions and photo contests. Be sure to distribute your giveaway widely once you’ve decided on pricing and developed the content in order to garner as much interest as you can.

Pick a relevant hashtag for your giveaway so that it may be shared across all of your social media channels and seen by new Instagram users. Using a program like SweepWidget, you can even add a giveaway widget on your blog or website to promote more entries.

Check out our whole guide here or our article on IG giveaway ideas if you’re interested in learning more about managing Instagram giveaways.

3. Recognize Effective Material and Upload More of It.

It’s not necessary to rely solely on speculation when deciding what kind of material to produce. You can learn what your followers and other Instagram users want to see by using insightful analytics data.

You can view basic profile statistics immediately through the Instagram app if you have a business account, but if you want to learn more about the kind of posts that perform the best, it’s advisable to use an Instagram analytics tool like Pallyy or to increase followers in instagram

With the use of these tools, you can test everything from the best post types to the captions that engage your followers the most, helping to influence your continuing content strategy.

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4. Improve Your Biography and Profile.

The first thing a new user will see when they click on your profile is your Instagram bio. It’s crucial to get your bio perfect because what you write there and how appealing it is may determine whether someone clicks the “follow” button or scrolls through.

Tell users who you are and what your brand stands for in the brief area you have available in your bio. Emojis that are related to your brand can be added to your bio to make it more aesthetically appealing.

how to increase followers in instagram

While there is room for a link in the bio area, you should make it as orderly and concise as you can to ensure that readers are at ease clicking the link and aren’t diverted by lengthy, obscure URLs. To accomplish this, you might try using a program to shorten and optimize links in your bio.

5. Test Different Posting Times

When publishing on Instagram, timing is crucial. Finding the ideal posting time, though, might be difficult.

The truth is that the optimal time to post is absolutely distinct for everyone, despite the fact that there is a tonne of “studies” online that will assert to have the solution. Everything depends on the location and peak activity times of your followers.

However, you may determine the best posting times for your particular account by experimenting and examining your personal Instagram statistics. The ideal time to post feed posts, Stories and other types of content can be determined by tracking post-performance and doing testing using tools like Pallyy.

6. Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Social Media Websites.

Don’t be scared to introduce your Instagram to your existing Facebook or Twitter followers if you already have a following on those platforms. It’s important to regularly share links to your Instagram account, regardless of how modest your following may be.

You might think about offering incentives to your followers when you share your Instagram profile. You can achieve this by disseminating special discount coupons and holding promotions just for Instagram.

7. Add Well-Liked Hashtags to Your Postings.

If you want to make it simple for new people to find your profile, hashtags are a need. Utilizing trending and pertinent hashtags can increase the likelihood that your material will be seen by consumers in your target audience and get you featured on Explore.

However, it might be challenging to select the finest hashtags for marketing your content when there are so many options to increase followers in instagram

Thank goodness, there are resources out there to assist you in organizing your hashtag strategy. You can find hashtags that are popular and relevant to your niche by using tools like HashTagsForLikes. Additionally, you may use it to learn which hashtags your rivals are using, which can help you develop your own strategy.

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8. Ensure that Your Instagram Grid Looks Professional.

A new perspective follower is likely to browse down to your post grid when they land on your profile. The grid must be aesthetically beautiful, well-organized, and a true representation of your brand.

Many Instagram users put a lot of effort into organizing their grid such that all of the photos have similar color schemes and phototypes. Examples of what we mean are as follows:

how to increase followers in instagram

Every creator who wants to build a following should strive to be as consistent and user-friendly as the profiles above. These profiles have gone above and beyond to make sure that their grids are. However, it could be challenging to maintain your grid looking fantastic all the time if your content is more diversified.

You should be set to go if you follow the basic rule of thumb of avoiding placing any unedited posts in a prominent position on your grid and attempting to maintain some regularity.

9. Use Captions to Your Advantage

On Instagram, the Visual Components of A Post Take Precedence, but The Written Captions Also Have a Significant Impact on How Successful Your Posts Are.

Making your captions lengthy and engaging can inspire people to interact more with your post, increasing the number of users who see it. You may use your caption to enhance interaction in a number of ways, such as: Encouraging followers to tag a friend in your posts to boost interaction and get your content seen by more people.

Use emojis to make your captions more engaging and attention-grabbing Instagram captions can contain up to 2200 characters, so it’s worth experimenting with both longer and shorter captions to determine which one suits you the best.

10. Make Use of Instagram’s Geotagging Options

Always include a location tag when writing a post on a specific area. This will increase the likelihood that Instagram users looking for content in that category will find your post.

If you want to share the position of a well-known hiking trail, identify the location of your favorite shops, or inform IG users about events you’re going to, you can use a location tag for just about any post.

how to increase followers in instagram

By tagging your location, you can connect with users who might not otherwise notice your material, which may result in more followers. Additionally, if you own a business and want to connect with Instagram users in your neighborhood, be sure to tag the address of your store on each post so that people can find the goods or services you’ve featured there.

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Last Thoughts

You now have all the information you need to develop your Instagram following.

Instagram is undoubtedly a competitive market, but there is still space for new creators to build a sizable audience. Your follower count should increase quickly if you use the strategies in this post.

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