Young Dolph Quotes-Young Dolph’s “bulletproof” Album Contains Some of The Best Lyrics Ever

New estimates place Young Dolph’s wealth at around $3 million. Adolph Thornton, Jr. is a famous American rap artist. He has become successful in the music industry thanks to his singing, rapping, songwriting, and producing. With the release of King Of Memphis in February 2016, he made his official entrance into the music industry. Soon after, he released a handful of studio albums and mixtapes featuring his original music. The life of Dolph the Destroyer has not been easy.

We had been talking about his introduction to the war. His fame had skyrocketed to the point where he was among the most recognizable performers in the world.

If you look at lists of the wealthiest people in the world, you’ll find his name on there. Now we know more about Young Dolph’s background and financial situation than ever before.

Young-Dolph Early Life

He entered the world on August 11, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois. Their son was born and given the name Adolph Thronton Jr. He has two pairs of identical twins in addition to his two sets of siblings. His family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, when he was just two years old.

Both his parents were addicted smokers. “Guess who raised me, considering how often my mother was out on the streets?” He used rap as a form of expression in a song titled “Preach.” Truth be told, he was thinking back to when his parents smoked in public. He has always had a strong affinity for music. When his grandmother passed away in 2008, he was a teenager, it hit him hard. He would often employ raps and songs as a means of articulating his inner turmoil at the time.

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Young-Dolph Personal Life

Young Dolph Quotes

Both Mr. and Mrs. Thornton, his parents, were successful entrepreneurs before he was born. He is one of four siblings, including two brothers and two sisters. The identities of his sibling(s) are unknown.

Dolph the Younger is single at this time. He’s been seeing Mia Jaye, an American girl who happens to reside nearby, for a very long time. Their union also produced two sons and a daughter.

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Young-Dolph Career

Dolph, even as a little child, had a passion for music. His loss of his grandmother in 2008 hit him hard. He sought solace in rap music, which he used to articulate his inner turmoil. Following the mixtape’s success, he decided to further explore the music industry. High-Class Street Music, A Time 2 Kill, Blue Magic, South Memphis Kingpin, and Felix Brothers are just a few of the various mixtapes and singles he’s put out throughout the years.

He appeared on O.T. Genasis’s top-charting track “Cut it,” which reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015. His first album, titled “King of Memphis,” came out that same year (2016). The majority of reviewers gave it rave reviews. Commercially, it was a smash hit, too, peaking at #49 on the Billboard 200.

His subsequent album, titled “Bulletproof,” was released in April of 2017 and peaked at number 36 on the US Billboard 200. There were songs like “100 Shots,” “But I’m Bulletproof,” and “I Pray for My Enemies” on it. Two more albums, “Tracking Numbers” and “Thinking Out Loud,” were released the same year. Whereas the former charted nowhere, the latter peaked at #16 on the US Billboard 200.

Young Dolph Quotes:-

  • “If it ain’t one thing, it’s a Muthafuckin ‘nother/We trapped together than that’s my muthafuckin’ brother/I pay her bills and buy her designer but I don’t love her/She just play her part when it’s time to smuggle”
  • “She said can she fuck me with my diamond chains?/If I ain’t in the bank, then I’m on the plane/’Bout to go get some money or go spend some money/They stopped me in the airport, had too many Benji’s on me /They don’t want you to live, they don’t want you to ball/Them pussies smile in your face, yeah, then they pray for you to fall”
  • “Foreigns all in the garage, remember my first menage/Yeah, Tori and Brittany, I’m shoppin’ for diamonds at Tiffany’s/No, I don’t get no sympathy, she blew my whistle like a referee/Broke Black nigga, remember me? until I found out that recipe”
  • “Call me water boy ’cause I’m drippin’ all this water/Met her down in Florida but I fucked that bitch in Charlotte/Born a dope boy, never wanted to go to college/Bad Puerto Rican, New York bitch, met her in Starlets/I shut down the party, I shut down the party/Went and parked the ‘Rari then I go jump on the Harley”

  • Just ’cause my money keep runnin’ like Forrest Gump/I got niggas to hate me like I’m Donald Trump/Where I’m from you don’t make it to see 21/That’s why all these young niggas ridin’ ’round with their gun/Front page newspaper, number one topic/Niggas mad at Dolph Obama just ’cause I’m the hottest”
  • “Bulletproof vest, Bently around my neck/I put the Dracos up, bought out the carbons and the techs/Tattoo on her thigh and it says slippery when wet/I just fucked this rich bitch, we had million-dollar sex/Can’t get shot by Cupid so I fucked her with my vest/Only thing can make me move is dead presidents”
  • “Half a mil on me right now and two hunnid of it on my wrist/You go hard in that trap, lil’ nigga you can shine like this/Bad bitches on my guest list, fuck niggas on my hit list/Drop top with a mixed bitch, pop, pop now we don’t miss”
  • “I send all my side bitches to go buy all my choppas/Put my trap house in the name, they do it with no problem/Got a fine OG bitch, she still likes to wear Prada/38 years old and she looks just like a model/She kept it so real that I put her in a Drizzop/Yeah, that boy went corporate but he straight up off the Blizzock”For More Updates Visit Our Website  enviro360