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Mike Rich is his online moniker for the time being. His birth date, April 5, 1982, was recorded at the Decatur Hospital in Decatur, Georgia.
He became a viral sensation thanks to his RICH’S KICKS channel. His reviews and unboxings of shoes, together with his personal vlogs about shopping and other topics, have earned him a sizable subscriber base on YouTube.
Mike’s place of birth is the USA. He has collaborated with fellow YouTube star ToNYD2WiLD on a few occasions.

Early Life

The 24th of July, 1949, was a good day for Michael Anthony Richards to be born in Culver City, California. His mother Phyllis is a librarian, and his father William Richards is an engineer. Michael was just two years old when his father was killed in a vehicle accident. After finishing high school in Thousand Oaks, Richards enrolled in CalArts, but ultimately earned his bachelor’s degree in drama from The Evergreen State College. This was in 1975. He also briefly performed an improv act with Ed Begley Jr. at this time.

He was drafted in 1970 and served in the Army for two years before being honorably discharged, all during the height of the Vietnam War.

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Acting Career

In 1979, he made his television debut on the inaugural Billy Crystal cable special. Larry David was a writer on the 1980 ABC sitcom “Fridays,” in which Richards appeared. Richards worked on “Miami Vice,” “Cheers,” and made numerous guest appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” throughout the 1980s. Richards made a cameo in Weird Al Yankovic’s cult classic “UHF” (1989).

Michael joined the ensemble of “Seinfeld” in 1989, taking on the role of Cosmo Kramer, originally written for Larry David, but ultimately played by Jerry Seinfeld. Although it had a rough start, the show soon became one of the most profitable shows of all time and a cultural phenomenon. Richards has more Emmys than anybody else in the cast, having won for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 1993, 1994, and 1997. After nine consecutive years at the top of the Nielsen ratings, “Seinfeld” concluded its run in 1998. Richards and the rest of the cast participated in interviews and audio commentaries for the “Seinfeld” DVD release in 2004.

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Mike Rich Quotes


It’s interesting when you find things wrong, usually, it means that there’s something in the set-up that’s incorrect. When the ending feels right, that usually means you’ve done most of your work leading up to that, so that you feel it.

“Write your first draft with your heart. Rewrite with your head.” ~ Mike Rich

“Anything we put on screen has gone through massive changes. That’s always part of the process.” ~ Mike Rich

“We were interviewing an author, and we started talking about how so many of them – Salinger, Shaw, Fitzgerald – were really an odd bunch. They put a barrier around themselves, and not many people got through it. This was the spark that I really latched onto – someone who could break through the barrier. Of course [FINDING FORRESTER] really began to take shape when I began to wonder, what if it was a young person?” ~ Mike Rich

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